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The rise of Islam

by: Myrissa Webb

The rise of Islam HIST 1010

Marketplace > Auburn University > HIST 1010 > The rise of Islam
Myrissa Webb
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Lecture on 9/26/16
World history 1
Dr. Bohannan
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Myrissa Webb on Tuesday September 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1010 at Auburn University taught by Dr. Bohannan in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 09/27/16
The rise of Islam The birthplace of Islam was the Arabiam peninsula. It was populated more on the peripherary. The center was desert and sparsely populated. They were in depth in traversing the desert. They had a significant number of merchants. Bedouin tribes were sheep and goat hearders that were seminomadic. Muhammed. He was six years old when he lost his parents and was raaised by his uncle. His uncle was a merchan and taught him to be a merchant. They travelled a lot. This meant Muhammed was exposed to the religion of the Jews and Christians, polytheism. He was always spirtually inclined person. When he was 40, he went to the forest to meditate and pray and there he reveled the holy book, Qu'ran (Karan). This launched a new religion. He went back to his home city, Mecca and preached. It was not popular; they were hostile towards Muhammed. Mecca alread had a religious tradition that attracted a lot of tourism and money so he was not accepted. He was forced to flee Mecca and settled in Medina. His ideas gained a lot of attraction. He became a leader in the city. Not just religiously, but Militarily. There was a rival between Mecca and Medina. Mecca would attack Medina's caravans. Muhammed puts together a military response to Mecca. HE was good at it. Even though he had no previous training HE was able to thwart the destruction of Medina by Mecca. HE returns to Mecca and starts converting the city. HE converts a big chunk of the Arabian Peninsula. Doctrines. It is very straight forward doctrinally. There are 5 beliefs 1) The oneness of God. It is monotheistic. 2) Muhammed was a prophet. He was the las and greatest (some others were Abraham, Moses, and Jesus) 3) Qu’ran is the word of God given by the angel Gabriele 4) Belief in angels 5) Life after death. People who live good lives got to a paradise and if not go to Hell. The 5 pillars (the 5 things that a good Muslim does) are 1) Profession fo faith, 2) Daily prayer (5 times daily) 3) Charity (having been orphaned Muhammed was sensitive to the poor), 4) Fasting during Ramadan (is the holy month based on the Lunar calendar, 5) Pilgrimage of Hajj The Mosque is where there is the call to prayer. The Shariah is a code of conduct, very important. When Muhammed died there was question on who would succeed him. The people who did were know as the Caliphs. Among the Caliphs was Abu Bakr. He kept it together. Without Muhammed's leadership things were falling apart. Abu Bakr is critical in the early history of Islam. Sunnis vs. Shi'ites. Ali was the son in law of Muhammed. His claims would be challenged by Mu'awiyah. The Umayyad dynasty supported him and he ends up on top. Supporters of My'awiyah would be the Sunnis. Supporters of Ali would be the Shi'ites. The majority of Muslims in the world is Sunnis. What is created more often Arab political control instead of Islam control. The Umayyad ruled for one century. They ruled from Damascus. They are replaced by Abbasid. They move the capital to Baghdad and this is known as a golden age. The Tales of the Arabian nights was written during this time


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