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French 201 Week #5 Class Notes

by: Kathleen Sparks

French 201 Week #5 Class Notes FR 201

Marketplace > Purdue University > French > FR 201 > French 201 Week 5 Class Notes
Kathleen Sparks
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

These notes consist of all three lectures from Week 5. There are both French and English translations of the notes, as well as all vocabulary discussed in the cultural sections and any other part o...
French 201
Lang Wang
Class Notes
french, Purdue, english
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathleen Sparks on Tuesday September 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FR 201 at Purdue University taught by Lang Wang in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see French 201 in French at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/27/16
Week #5 Expressions typiques pour poser des Typical Expressions for posing questions : questions:  Pardon, Monsieur, pourriez-vous  Pardon, Mister, would you know how me dire comment… ? to say…?  Excusez-moi, Madame, mais est-ce  Excuse me, Misses, but do you que vous savez… ? know…?  J’aimerais savoir…  D  Est-ce que tu peux m’indiquer… ?  I would like to know…  Est-ce que tu sais… ?  Can you show me…?  Dis-moi, est-ce que… ?  Do you know…?  **en replace quantité (beaucoup  Tell me, what…? de) replace le partial article  **“en” replaces quantity (some of) Les pronoms interrogatifs replaces the partial article  Questions sur les gens : Qui Interrogative Pronouns: o Qui aime bien la cuisine  Questions for people: Who française ? o Who likes good French cuisine? o Avec qui est-ce que tu vas à o With whom did you go out last la soirée ? night? o Chez qui est-ce que nous o D allons diner ? o Who’s house are we going for  Question sur les choses : diner? o Sujet : Qu’est-ce que o D  Qu’est-ce qui se  Questions for things: passe ? o Subject: What o Objet : Que, Qu’est-ce que  What’s going on?  Que lis-tu? o Object: What, What  Qu’est-ce que tu lis?  What did you read?  Avec quoi mangeons-  What did you read? nous?  With what do we eat?  **Quoi utilise avant de préposition  **”what” is used after preposition  **Qu’est-ce utilise sans inversion  **”Qu’est-ce que” is used without et que verbe et sujet inversion inversion and “que” is used with  Quel, Quels, Quelle, Quelles subject/verb inversion  Mas/Sing, Mas/Plur, Fem/Sing, o **Accepter avec nombre et Fem/Plur (what) gendre o Agrees with number and o Quel vol est-ce que vous gender prenez ? o What flight do you take? o Quelle est votre nationalité ? o What is your nationality? o Quels sont vos horaires de o What are you working hours? travaille ?  Lequel, Laquelle  Masculine, Feminine (which one) o Lequel de ces libres est le o Which of the library books is tien ? yours? Week #5 o Laquelle de ces jeunes filles o Which of the young girls is s’appelle Julie ? named Julie? Vocabulaire Vocabulary  Par contre  On the contrary  Croquer  To crunch  Savourer  To savor  Grignoter  Snack  Quoi que le soit  Whatever  Progéniture  Children  Virgule  Comma  Entre  Between  Les crèche  Day care  Au lieu de  Instead of  Chagrin  To my sadness  Un cours magistral  Lecture  Facultatif  Optional  Les frais d’inscription  Registration  Se spécialiser  To major in  Une matière  Subject, course  Assister à un cours  To attend a class  Se débrouiller  To get along  Sécher un cours  To skip class  Tricher  To cheat  Passer un examen  To take an exam  Réussir à un examen  To pass an exam  La litanie  Long, boring repititions  Entrouvrir  Ajar, cracked door  Réussir à  To succeed  Rater  To succeed  Echouer à  To succeed  Recettes  Recipies  Soutien  Support  Fournir  To offer  Fort taux de chômage  High unemployment rate  Graduat  Graduate  Sous-graduat  Undergraduate  La vie associative  Fraternities and sororities  « Qui peuvent leur manquer »  “who lack” Week #5  Repérer  To locate  Dérocheurs  School drop outs  Echéances  Deadlines  Planifiez  To plan  S’entraider  To help each other  Le buts  Objective, goal


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