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Animal Diversity Week Six Notes (TEST)

by: Alivia Hunt

Animal Diversity Week Six Notes (TEST) BIOS 1000

Marketplace > Ohio University > BIOS 1000 > Animal Diversity Week Six Notes TEST
Alivia Hunt

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About this Document

Summary of the notes from that week test prep information
Animal Diversity
Patrick Hassett
Class Notes
animals, diversity, test
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alivia Hunt on Tuesday September 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIOS 1000 at Ohio University taught by Patrick Hassett in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views.


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Date Created: 09/27/16
ANTHRO 2020 March 16, 2016 Early Woodlands (3000 – 1800 BP): Bridge-top mounds, small hamlets Sedentism- sedentary populations versus moving populations Small mounds located in the middle of a flood terrace Middle Woodland (1800 – 1300 BP) Hopewell Complex- name of a farmer who had a Hopewell mound on his farm (Morticai Hopewell)  There are enormous mounds, but in this tradition you re seeing very large mound centers, with walls and enclosed. There are a number of them in the Scioto Valley.  They seem to be places where people meet annually. Temporary leaders for each meeting  Find pits of blades without any wear one them  Animal bones, carvings that look like alligators, here in the Ohio Valley and Illinois Fort Ancient  Actually Late Woodland, but they were originally thought to be from the Middle Woodland  Mounds and pits throughout, pits were there to fill with water.  Argues that there would be a village in the middle of it. Newark Earthworks  Enormous site that stretches very far.  The great Newark road, is this roadway that heads off towards Chillicothe and continues all the way there. Maize  It really takes off in the Ohio Valley (1500-1200 years ago) Bow and Arrow  Using sticks and refining the point for easier hunting for smaller or larger animals  Late Woodland (1300 – 900 BP) Monks Mound  Socially complex people in north America Cahokia  Sports similar to lacrosse (found sticks and rocks shaped like balls)  Very elaborate culture Late Prehistoric (900BP – Contact): Biggest genocide that happened that we never talk about. ANTHRO 2020 March 16, 2016  Population becomes slim when a major drought occurs  Increase in violence  Maize begin to fail growing  East Coast tribes are pushed westward  Populations scatter or become really dense near watersides  Alivia Hunt Ohio University University Appeal 18 April 2016 University Appeal Attending a university is probably one of the highest achievements that can be reached for people of all ages. Not only does it show your interest in a specific goal for your future life, it shows that you worked hard in the years prior to applying and being accepted, and that you have a dedication to learning and furthering yourself. My name is Alivia Hunt, and I am writing today to convey my reasoning for my GPA falling below standard, and the plans that I have to correct this. Learning, although I have a strong dedication to it, has always been difficult for me. My success in high school and thus far at the university level can all be attributed to the staff members and programs at both that were specifically designed for those who struggled. This has helped me in so many ways, yet I continue to struggle for two major reasons that I have recently solved, but not in enough time to bring my GPA to the desired goal. The biggest struggle for me was choosing a major, which I believe is somewhat part of the reason I am appealing my GPA today. I just recently declared a Biological Sciences Pre-Medicine major, and I cannot be more excited. I am working on preparing for medical school so I can learn the trade of pediatric anesthesiology! However, previous to this semester, I found it difficult to find any interest in the courses that I was taking because of my inability to see myself using any of the information that I was being taught, and I began to fall behind. This is never an excuse, but I find that this is something that contributed heavily to my current GPA. The other thing that did not help was my inability to pay for my textbooks, and that I am too stubborn to ask for help. Of course, this was my fault. I know that if I am having an issue with anything, that the professors here at Ohio University will do all that they can to make sure that I succeed, no matter the circumstance. Today, as I am writing this appeal, I have a game plan that is going to make it possible for me to raise my GPA to over a 2.0, and hopefully make it possible for me to reset the bad that has been done to my GPA so that I can graduate with a stellar GPA and be accepted into amazing medical schools. My plan for next semester is very specific, and starts with the most logical thing to do: retake classes I have failed. I am starting by retaking my Marketing 2020 and University College 1000 classes in order to do better and replace my less than successful grades in those classes. This way, I am removing the grades that are continually holding down my GPA so that I am not succeeding. Next, I plan on meeting with a tutor at least twice a week in classes that I know I am going to have trouble in. These two classes would be Biology and Chemistry, both of which are required for my major. I plan on meeting with the same tutor on a weekly basis for both of the above classes to ensure my success. I also plan on attending all SI sessions so that I can make sure that I am doing all I can to understand the material needed for classes. I have found it most beneficial when I have a full schedule that I can be more successful, which is why I am still continuing to work throughout the week. Currently, I am looking for a job that will give me a consistent schedule, that way my week is complete and rarely has changes. Overall, there are some big changes that are coming for me not only in my school life, but in my mentality. I know that I have what it takes to be successful; I just need the opportunity to prove myself to everyone around me, including those of you reading this appeal. I have an understanding of how I came to be in the place that I am, but more importantly I have a great plan to make sure that I will be successful in all that I do here by using the amazing amount of resources that are offered here at the university. I would feel nothing but regret if I was unable to return to OU, as this university has given me everything and more that I could hope for in any university that I took interest in. If I am granted a second chance at being the student that I know I can be, I will shine and make everyone proud of all that I can do. I hope that this appeal has given you a glimpse into my plans and my dedication to this university, and that you will consider giving me a second chance at being the best bobcat that I can be. Thank you.


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