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GOVT 2306 Class Notes Week 3

by: Sarah Westermann

GOVT 2306 Class Notes Week 3 GOVT 2306

Marketplace > University of Texas at Dallas > GOVT 2306 > GOVT 2306 Class Notes Week 3
Sarah Westermann

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About this Document

Lecture on former and current Texas constitutions. Comparisons between American and Texas Constitutions.
State and Local Government
Kevin Kearn
Class Notes
constitution, Government
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Westermann on Tuesday September 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GOVT 2306 at University of Texas at Dallas taught by Kevin Kearn in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views.


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Date Created: 09/27/16
September 6. 2016  First Texas Constitution: Coahuila y Tejas o Mexican constitution implemented in Texas territory o State religion of Mexico/Texas is Catholicism o Curtails slavery o Reduces American immigration  Because their ideals conflicted with Mexico’s  Didn’t want slavery in Mexico  Texas fights war with Mexico to free itself o Texas becomes an independent country and creates its own constitution  US originally didn’t accept Texas into the country because they didn’t want an imbalance of free and slave states  This would have caused a greater imbalance in the Senate than in the House of Representatives  Upon entering the Union, Texas could have broken up into five separate states (when populations reached a certain level) o Slave states would have dominated in politics  Texas Independent Constitution of 1836 o Slavery becomes legal  Slave culture booms in Texas after it is admitted into the Union o Texas constitution bans Catholic priests and ministers from holding political office  Fear that catholic religious leaders would not promote the common good but the good of the Pope, Vatican, etc.  Texans (many Americans) distrustful of Catholic hierarchy o Life, liberty, and property appear in this constitution but not the Coahuila y Tejas of 1827 constitution  Mirror’s John Locke’s philosophies  1845 - Texas becomes a state  1861 - Texas joins the confederacy  Constitution of 1861 o Constitution when Texas was under the confederacy o Made it illegal to free slaves o Other than the slavery, it is relatively the same as the Constitution of 1845  Reconstruction o Slavery is made illegal o Freedmen - should they vote? Should they be able to hold property? o How quickly should Southern states be allowed back in the Union? o What do we do with Robert E Lee? Other Confederate leaders? o Core Question: How do you put the country back together at the same time as holding rebellion leaders accountable?  Reconstruction Constitutions o 1866  Andrew Johnson is president (from Tennessee)  Radical Republicans are distrustful of him  Slavery is abolished  Lincolnian vision for reconstruction (middle ground)  If 10% of a state’s population voted for the 13th amendment, they would be allowed back in  Doesn’t address the problems of the freedmen o 1868  Radical Republicans (abolitionists)  Angry at both Lincoln and Johnson  Andrew Johnson gets impeached o (1868-1876)  Ulysses S Grant is elected  Congress runs the show during his presidency o 1869  Gives freedmen voting rights, freedmen’s bureau - help give freed former slaves convocations, jobs, could also hold office  Confederates not allowed to hold public office  Edmund Davis in Texas  Texans say he has too much power o 1876  End of reconstruction  People become tired of reconstruction  This Texas constitution is a direct reaction to Davis (‘69 Constitution)  Segregationists have a big problem with him and the ‘69 constitution  ‘76 constitution is the one we are currently living on  Southern reaction to reconstruction  Government has very little problem  Popular control of the government  500 amendments  Sets the stage for segregation September 8, 2016  American Constitution o One of the shortest constitutions in the world  7 articles  26 amendments o One of the shortest constitutions in the world  Wants more federal authority (less democracy) o Checks on democracy  Electoral college  Acts as a filter/ last resort  People can become unreasonable with passion  Supreme Court Judges  President nominates  State legislators elect  (Used to be) no direct election of senators  State legislators voted o Fear of democracy  Texas Constitution o Decidedly longer than American Constitution  16-17 articles  500 amendments o Religion (God) mentioned in Texas Constitution Preamble o 1st article is Bill of Rights  Placement of Bill of Rights highlights the importance the Texas government places on it  Most important o Texas Executive - Pleural Executive o Split up into 6 Agencies  Governor  Lieutenant Governor  Comptroller  Secretary of State - only one NOT elected by the people  Commissioner  Attorney General o Judiciary Branch  2 Supreme Courts  Civil  Criminal o State control over education o Much easier to amend Texas constitution than the American one o Fear is government authority


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