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visionary leadership

by: Jennifer bonilla

visionary leadership 111

Marketplace > Bunker Hill Community College > Busniess > 111 > visionary leadership
Jennifer bonilla
Bunker Hill Community College

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About this Document

principles of management
nancy whittenetti
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennifer bonilla on Tuesday September 27, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 111 at Bunker Hill Community College taught by nancy whittenetti in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see principles of management in Busniess at Bunker Hill Community College.

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Date Created: 09/27/16
In the article written by Andy Crouch entitled “Steve Jobs: the secular prophet, Crouch talks about How Steve Jobs changed the way we see an Apple, from “Eve’s apple, the symbol of fallen humankind, into religious icon for true believers in technology” and turning the logo into “a sign of promise and progress”. What I learned about this article published in the Wall street Journal is that like a manager Jobs knew there would be environmental factors that would affect his company but he, much like a manger made sure to keep his customers happy by creating new apple technologies more importantly hope, because that is what Steve Jobs made apple stand for “a sign of promise and progress”, and what is a company without its customers and customer service. Steve Jobs believed in that hope for his company and its vision, and with his death the hope for Apple didn’t go with him to the grave but rather it lived on until today through Apple’s present CEO Tim Cook. The Second article is entitled “Disney, Walton, Ford, Gates: Tales of When Legends Leave" by Joe Light and Scott Thrum and the authors talk about what happens when Legendary CEOs of successful companies step-down and the company is now in charge by a successor, a person with a different vision for the company to make it “better”. We have Walt Disney of the Disney Corporation, Sam Walton of Wal- Mart, Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Company and Bill Gates of Microsoft, and in some cases the companies went in a different direction and may have acquired some company shares along the way which is the case for Walt Disney after his 1966 death the company was run by his brother Roy Disney but he lacked that passion for the company culture and magic and they failed under Roy and it wasn’t under the leadership of Eisner that the company got back into focus plus buying Pixar Animation from Apple. Referring to these Visionaries including Steve Jobs of Apple the roles that these visionaries played was of course as CEOs but also In a way they did have managerial roles and they had to make sure everything was in order and customers were satisfied with their products and trying to stay ahead of the competition and making sure the cultural and environmental factors were at their advantage and working for them. I think that they share more similarities than differences, because they all were basically legendary CEOs of successful companies that at some point in their career because of health issues had to step down as heads of their companies and their successors had to take over and make the decisions to see which direction to take the company and depending on their company culture they succeed and also the way they handle their managerial duties. Jobs, Disney, Walton, Gates and Ford I believe Could they have reached such great heights if they had lived at times with different external environments, for which the outcomes would’ve been slightly different like less competion for Henry Ford and the car making industry and of course if they started their companies at the right time and the environmental factors were in place.


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