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COMM 3200 Week Five Notes

by: Liana Sandell

COMM 3200 Week Five Notes COMM 3200

Liana Sandell

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About this Document

Notes cover discussion video, and notes for exam one
Interpersonal Communication
Dr. Amanda Denes
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Liana Sandell on Wednesday September 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 3200 at University of Connecticut taught by Dr. Amanda Denes in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Interpersonal Communication in Communications at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/28/16
Discussion Video in class 1. Sex appeal starts in the face 2. the golden ratio (most attractive structure) 3. some features are more important than others in attractablitily masculinity and femininity have to do a lot with a face being “sexy” 4. a. change in face is caused by sex hormones (testosterone for males, estrogen for females) 5. symmetry is more attractive (everything will be perfectly balanced) a. effected by when we are a fetus b. 8/10 prefer semetrical face c. women more attractive when ovulating 6. there is a part of the brain that is intensely active when looking at brain 7. study where participants are asked to see if body was male or female (no face just sillouette) a. all humans use waist to determine (hourglass figure) b. most attractive bodies are the most extreme (confusing because if women looked this way, no babies) 8. brain judges bodies by how it moves (maybe not about health and fertility but easier to process and thats why its more attractive) a. treadmill experiment b. two groups one told that they will use the walk to see how effective and another knowing that they will be judged for sexiness 9. how does the matching up process work (dr. kendrik) a. stripped away differences by dressing in gender neutral differences b. number on head (if you accept it you pair up) c. if does not accept, move on d. trying to get the highest number e. we try to start high, in not accepted we work our way down f. you tend to pair up with people who are the same number as you (high numbers hold back got more offers, low numbers didn't get any offers g. ask girl with number 3 to talk about what she is doing h. ask now to match up with the most attractive individual no numbers) 1. each person found a partner close to what they were rated 10. more than sex appeal to attract 11. hatsa of tanzanea a. is there connection between mens voice and appeal (men with lowest voice had most children) b. sound is a critical domain in which interpersonal interaction takes place 12. people are focused not on what your saying but how it sounds 13. David Feinberg a. what can you tell from a voice? (can you tell attractiveness) b. rate voices for sex appeal (men chose voices that were higher pitched because they were younger, women chose lower and more masculine voices) Class notes September 28, 2016 Chapter Three Attraction CT’d Other peoples qualities 1. physical attractiveness (what do we find attractive in our sciety 2. symmetrical traits a. women who had more asymmetrical hands are more likely to be jealous than those individuals who have symmetrical hands 3. boils down to rewards and costs (what qualities are rewarding? Physical attraction 1. height is attractive to both sexes 2. for men a strong jawline, broad shoulders, and hip to waist ratio 3. women (soft jawline and hourglass figure) 4. men and women admire physical fitness 5. people make judgements about peoples inner characteristics based upon their outward appearance 6. halo effect Interpersonal communication skills 1. warmth and kindness (tend to be rated as much more attractive than those who are abrasive) 2. sociability and competence a. socialibilty refers to ones ability to communicate easily among a group of people b. people who are extroverted and expressive are often received as highly sociably c. competence is determined by one’s level of composure and knowledge 3. Women are attracted to a certain degree of power and assertiveness a. also want a man that is altruistic b. why? evolution? Hard to get phenomenon 1. does this work a. must be moderate (if too hard to get we will not be interested because they are TOO out of our league 2. works when portrayed/perceived as moderately selective versus very selective or nonselective 3. we want a challenge 4. especially if they are easy for us to attain but difficult for others to attain Proximity and Mere Exposure 1. more time spent with someone, the more you tend to like them (mere exposure) 2. more closely people lived to one another, more likely they will be friends (festinger) 3. Where we work, where we go to school where we live plays a significant role in who we like 4. where you chose to live or chose to be impacts the type of people you will have relationships with as well as the relationships you will have 5. predictability will win Similarity— birds of a feather 1. demographically: age, religion, education 2. personality: dominating, submissive, nurturing a. greater marital happiness when there are two similar personalities b. similar personalities get along better most times 3. attitudinal: opinions, beliefs, and evaluations 4. tend to like those who are of a similar status because they reinforce our identity Similarity in Physical Attractiveness physical attractiveness: level is the same 1. 2. same level of overall attractiveness a. the matching hypothesis (the idea that you are in relationships with people who are as attractive as you) b. the experiment from in class video (match with numbers on head, match by looks) 3. comes down to the ideal and realism Opposites attract 1. commentary in nature 2. complementary persoanlity behaviors a. dominant in certain situations while the partner is submissive 3. in resources 4. if you have opposite views or beliefs this will be a hardship (example, religious views) Environmental features (set the scene and can affect your mood) 1. lighting, mood, intimate setting 2. reinforced affect model a. certain environments can define and then redefine our moods 3. excitation transfer a. you may transfer physical reactions to the person even though it might not be about the person b. you fall and someone catches you, have fast heart beat and look at person who saved you and think that those feelings are for them c. this may be why relationships that start out high risk likely die down in the future Social Networks 1. approval most of the time promotes attraction a. if someone approves you may find yourself more attracted to them 2. what happens when friends, parents and etc do not approve? a. romeo and juliette idea (you are more attracted because it is exciting and rebellious)


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