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REL 1020 Baha'i

by: jschric

REL 1020 Baha'i REL 1020


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About this Document

Bahai, 9/22. Test 2
World Religions
Brett Patterson
Class Notes
into to world religions, Clemson, rel, 1020
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by jschric on Wednesday September 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to REL 1020 at Clemson University taught by Brett Patterson in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see World Religions in Religion at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 09/28/16
Bahai The  Bab • One  of  the  newest  religions,  Growing  out  of  Islamic  context  in  Iran • Two  Founders ○ Bab ○ Baha'u'llah • 1844:  the  Bab  (Siyyid  Ali -­‐Muhammad)  announces  the  coming  of  "One  Whom   God  Will  Make  Manifest"  (prophet  for  all  humanity):  within  Shi'ite  Muslims • Persion  government  persecuted  followers  and  kill  Bab  in  1850 Baha'u'llah • Mirza  Husayn-­‐Ali ○ Among  governing  class ○ Takes  over  from  Bab  and  runs  with  the  torch • Persian  government  imprisons  him  in  1852 • During  imprisonment:  has  vision  that  he  is  the  prophet  Bab  fortold:  the   Baha'u'llah • Persia  exiles  Mirza  to  Baghdad -­‐start  of  lifetime  of  imprisonment ○ Followers  (baha'is)  affirm  his  authority History  of  Baha'is • 1860s:  Baha'is  flee  Baghad,  through  Turkey  to  'Akka,  Palestine,  prison  city  of   Ottoman  Empire:  Baha'u'llah  continues  to  write  (the  Tables)  and  teach  through   hardships  (including  death  of  his  son) • Baha'i  followers  claim  he  was  the  only  prophet  to  write  his  own  scripture   ○ Preserved  today  in  Bahai  World  Center  in  Haifa,  Israel • Died:  1892,  leaving  faith  to  hBaha,  who  is  released  in  1908  after   Young  Turk  revolt • Abdu'l-­‐Baha  travels  around  the  world,  promoting  unity,  inc12  trip  ­‐ to  America  (racial  unity),  spoke  to  NAACP Teachings • Inherits  from  islam  belief  in  one  god • Progressive  Revelation ○ All  world's  religions  are  evolutionary  chain  in  God's  plan,  thus,  one   religion  God  reveals  in  historical  stages,  religions  appear  to  conflict  on   social  level  (not  spiritual),  Bahai  faith  not  last  (one  thousand  years  until   next  manifestation) § Manifestations  of  God:  Abraham,  Krishna,  Buddha,  Zoroaster,   Moses,  Jesus,  Muhammad,  the  Bab,  The  Baha'u'llah • Global  Unity religion  God  reveals  in  historical  stages,  religions  appear  to  conflict  on   social  level  (not  spiritual),  Bahai  faith  not  last  (one  thousand  years  until   next  manifestation) § Manifestations  of  God:  Abraham,  Krishna,  Buddha,  Zoroaster,   Moses,  Jesus,  Muhammad,  the  Bab,  The  Baha'u'llah • Global  Unity ○ Claim  that  all  religions  are  linked  and  that  Baha'u'llah  is  realization  of  all   messianic  expectations  (Jewish  messiah,  return  of  Christ,  fifth   manisfestation  of  Buddha  etc)   ○ Baha'u'llah  is  literally  the  reincarnation  of  christ/messiah/etc,  thus   connecting  all  religions ○ Conflicts  are  based  on  misunderstanding • Dual  Function  of  Religion ○ Spiritual  Laws  (prayer,  fasting,  sexual  morality  etc) ○ Social  Laws  (global  language,  world  govt,  reduction  of  araments,   elimination  of  sexism  and  racism  etc) • Goal/Mission: ○ To  lay  the  foundation  for  a  global  community  rooted  in  a  shared  religious   worldview  and  governance ○ **nine  tipped  star,  center  of  circle  is  earth,  each  point  has  different   religious  symbol Becoming  Bahai 1. Belief  in  Baha'u'llah  and  acceptance  of  progressive  revelation  (accept  all  other   Manifestations  of  God)   2. Declaration:  sign  card  to  request  membership  and  assigned  a  number 3. Lifelong  journey  of  spiritual  transformation  (study  scripture)  and  socialization   (serve  in  their  Administrative  Order  or  Local  Spiritual  Assembly)   Social  Order  (Governance) • Patiently  wait  for  decay  of  "old  world  order"  as  lay  foundation  for  a  new  one:   discard  ignorance,  prejudice,  and  partisan  politics  for  education,  unity  in   diversity,  and  universal  peace  (participation  in  racial  unity  efforts) ○ Efforts:  education  and  building  own  institutions  (local/national/global) • Baha'u'llah's  plan  of  governance ○ Administrative  Order  balances  top -­‐down  authority  and  bottom-­‐up   empowerment ○ No  clergy ○ Authority  resides  in  series  of  elected  assemblies  (from  9  person  Local   Spiritual  Assemblies  to  Regional  Bahai  Councils  to  National  Spiritual   Assemblies  (Wilmette,  Illinois -­‐-­‐USA)  to  Universal  House  of  Justice  (BWC  in   Haifa,  Israel)) Daily  Devotion • Prayer • Fasting • Reading  the  Writings Assemblies  (Wilmette,  Illinois -­‐-­‐USA)  to  Universal  House  of  Justice  (BWC  in   Haifa,  Israel)) Daily  Devotion • Prayer • Fasting • Reading  the  Writings • Pilgrimage • Financial  Contributions Worship • New  calendar  with  each  manisfestation:  19  months  (named  after  attributes  of   God)  each  with  19  5  days  inserted  for  solar  cycle • Nineteen-­‐Day  Feast:  first  of  each  month  with  devotional,  administrative,  and   social  parts  (closed  to  non -­‐members) • Series  of  Holy  Days  and  Special  Events  (open  to  non -­‐members)


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