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RELS 2001 Week 6 Day 1 Notes

by: Zenia Mason

RELS 2001 Week 6 Day 1 Notes Rels 2001

Marketplace > Georgia State University > Religious Studies > Rels 2001 > RELS 2001 Week 6 Day 1 Notes
Zenia Mason
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About this Document

These notes cover Evangelicalism and Purity Balls. These are the first set of notes for week 6.
Mr. Pedro E. Alvarado
Class Notes
Rels, Religious, Religious Studies, intro, to, religion, 2001, Evangelicalism, Purity, balls, christianity





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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zenia Mason on Wednesday September 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Rels 2001 at Georgia State University taught by Mr. Pedro E. Alvarado in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see INTRO TO WORLD RELIGIONS in Religious Studies at Georgia State University.

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Date Created: 09/28/16
Evangelicalism and Purity Balls RISE OF EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANITY • Second Great Awakening o 1790s-1840s § expansion westward § rural, uneducated § Civil War rhetoric o Outdoor, tent revivals o Charismatic leader o Sudden Conversions-Getting “saved” or “born again” o Baptism and Methodists EVANGELICALISM IN 20 CENTURY • Context o Education, religious diversity, urbanization, and technology all increase o Perception of a cultural divide between secular and religious • Response o Resistance to cultural Changes-Gender, science, music, race o Use of Bible verses-inerrant, literal o Rapid growth of the movement CHRISTIANITY TODAY • 2.75 billion Christians worldwide • 1.1 billion Roman Catholics • 900 million E.O • 600 milliion protestants o 40-50% evangelical (Baptists, Presbyterian) o 80-100 million evangelicals in USA PURITY BALL • Who are the participants? o Father, daughter, and the community • What are they doing? o Celebrating daughters’ purity, and covenant between God, the daughter, and the father. Also father and daughter • What are the responses/critiques from the outside community and how do the practitioners respond? o The daughters should have a choice for their purity o One response was that a daughter could be doing it for herself, and not for the likes of others, therefore she would honor the pledge, and not become subjected to break it. The covenant creates a larger concern if pledged and breaks the pledge, the daughter will have great guilt and insecurity of feeling less than. Another critique being shielding from the education of sex education with the covenant can cause those who do break it to have more susceptibility to pregnancy because no education on contraception. • How does the Purity Ball fulfil the four functions of ritual? o The covenant connects father and daughter with God o They are participating in a ritual that is widely accepted by their community o The religious dancing at the ball as part of the ritual is the body being used as an instrument for religion • What kind of ritual is the Purity Ball? o Life cycle ritual • Randy and Lisa Wilson o Why did they begin this ritual? o Sacred Text § These scriptures are contradicting to the matter of purity § Psalms 45- Script is taken out of context; he uses this which is about a daughter about to be married and give up her virginity, on the subject of purity § Isaiah 62 § 1 Peter 3 2 • Elements of the ritual, beliefs, and roles 3


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