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Intro Sociology week 5 notes/remaking of the self

by: Alissa Cherry

Intro Sociology week 5 notes/remaking of the self 12881

Marketplace > Kansas State University > 12881 > Intro Sociology week 5 notes remaking of the self
Alissa Cherry
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

This talks about the making of the self and what the main ideas of the self is. We also talk about total intuitions.
Intro Sociology
Spencer Wood
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alissa Cherry on Wednesday September 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 12881 at Kansas State University taught by Spencer Wood in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views.


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Date Created: 09/28/16
What is the self? Erving Goffman The sociologist of everyday life -Broader than most students usually realize -Eight books, twenty-eight articles, and three collections of essays -The self, social interactions, social order, social inequality, calculation--All seen as interdependent through a complex portrait Four Main Ideas: 1 Self as Social a The self as a social product 2 Sustained Respectable Image a Maintaining a respectable image 2 Manipulation and Morality a Social life is both manipulative and moral (not separate, however) 2 Framing Activities a Events, actions, performances, and selves do not always speak for themselves but rather depend on framing for their meaning Production of Self Two Contradictory Positions -Self as entirely social vs the existence of an unsocialized self -Ability to manipulate suggests people are not entirely determined by society BUT, we can't choose freely the images of the self we would have others accept--we're constrained/bound to a specific role The social complexity of the self The self is the mask the individual wears in social situations, but it is also the human being behind the mask who decides which mask to wear Front stage--the mask I show you Back stage--people don't know much about the back stage/you don't show much of it September 23rd The self as socially determined  The self must be expressed though a "workable definition of himself" oThat is, one that is closely attuned to one that others can grant him The effectiveness of the individual's management of impressions depend on the project agreement of others Asylums and the confined self  Individuals engage in dramatic techniques in social processes to produce the self oWhat is required for this to happen successfully? oSufficient resources  What if people are lacking in institutional supports and claims to normal identities?  Three year study at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in DC oSociological version of he structure of the self  Total institutions oReveals the dependence upon social arrangements of the self o Social Arrangements which regulate, under one roof and according to one rational plan, all spheres of individuals' lives o Deprive people of their social roles Mortification of the Self/Killing of the self  Role Dispossession -in everyday life people can schedule their lives so they can do specific roles/membership disrupts role separation  Programming and Identity Trimming -intake/asking people questions/searching in an individual  Dispossession of name, property, and "identity kit" -know longer have unique characteristics  Imposition of degrading postures, stances, and deference patterns -repeating orders over and over again/body is put in deference to the system  Contaminative exposure -outside the institution, people can hold themselves however they want, inside the institution there is not private spaces, it has been eradicated  Disruption of usual relation of individual actor and his acts - an individual is allowed to remove themselves from the disrespectful acts of other people Results in  Restrictions on Self Determination, Autonomy, and Freedom of Action  The completely mortified person has access to none of the resources, freedoms, and territories necessary for sustaining a viable self


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