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HY 314 week 6 notes

by: Victoria Miller

HY 314 week 6 notes HY 314

Victoria Miller

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About this Document

This set of notes only contains one lecture from 9/28 since we had an exam on Monday. In this set of notes, we discussed 1836-1844, including the presidential elections of Martian Van Buren, Willia...
Coming of the Civil War
Dr. Lawrence Kohl
Class Notes
history, civilwar, texas, The University of Alabama
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Victoria Miller on Wednesday September 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HY 314 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Lawrence Kohl in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Coming of the Civil War in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 09/28/16
Week 6 Notes 9/28/16 1836-1844  Election of 1836 o Andrew Jackson basically selects his successor, Martin Van Buren o Whigs don’t have one clear candidate so they put up several different ones who will be popular in different parts of the country  One slaveholder from TN  Daniel Webster from New England  William Henry Harrison who’s popular in the West  Idea was to prevent Van Buren from getting majority of electoral votes and send the decision to the House of Representatives  Doesn’t work and Van Buren wins o Economic hardships dog Van Buren’s presidency  Whigs blame Andrew Jackson’s policies  Election of 1840 o Whigs nominate William Henry Harrison  Intelligent, dignified man  Fought Indians at Tippecanoe  Log cabin/hard cider campaign  Democrats tried to make him out as a backwoods hick but the Whigs latched onto it and turned it around to show that he represented the common man o Whigs were seen as kind of elitist o Made the people think he was one of them  Created excitement and party loyalty but the issues were the core of what people voted on o Every time (since 1830s) there has been economic downturn, the sitting president has been turned out  People blamed Jacksonian policies for economic condition o 80% of electorate turned out to vote th  Pretty much holds up through the 19 century  Competitive nature of politics  Football analogy  all people care about is who’s going to win  At this time, Democrats and Whigs were very evenly balanced and elections were very close o When elections are close, people are more likely to vote  Politics was entertaining, didn’t have shit to do like football or other fun stuff o Whigs do really well, but Harrison didn’t wear a coat at his inauguration, caught a cold and died  Probably had typhoid but I like the story about not wearing a coat more  John Tyler became president  Constitution isn’t clear if they’re just the acting president or actually the president  He declared that he was THE president  Only reason he was vice president in the first place was to balance the ticket because he was a southerner  No president had ever died in office before so nobody really cared/worried about who Tyler was/what his ideals were  Jet wheels’ analogy o All of a sudden he was somebody; 0  500 mph  Tyler had joined the Whig party in 1830s purely out of hatred for Andrew Jackson and his handling of the Nullification Crisis o Against Jackson didn’t mean for the Whigs  Whig efforts  Henry Clay steps up thinking he’s going to get things done now that the Whigs control Congress and the White House  Make an effort to create a new 3 National Bank of the United States o Tyler vetoes it  Whigs were formed because of Jackson’s use of the veto so they were shocked o Revise the bill and submit it again  Tyler vetoes again  Whigs are now in an all-out war with their own president  Tyler’s whole cabinet resigns (except Daniel Webster but he does, too, later)  Whigs try to raise the tariff and Tyler vetoes it o No love between the Whigs and John Tyler o Whigs already gearing up for the 1844 election so they could replace Tyler with a real Whig, Henry Clay o Daniel Webster  At the time, he was just so commanding and impressive as a person  Webster-Ashburn Treaty, 1842  Clarifies border of Maine and New Brunswick and the future border of the state of Minnesota  Texas o Tyler wanted more of the presidency so he needed something to be known for that would rally support behind him, he chose to take on the annexation of Texas o Frontier area and far from Mexico City  Mexico tries to attract Americans to come settle in Texas  Idea is that they will provide civilization and order  Settlers want Mexican government to provide for them but they don’t so the settlers decide to revolt with the goal of independence in order to be annexed by the US o Rise up and eventually gain independence from Santa Anna  1836, ask US to annex them o Acquisition of Texas will exacerbate the abolitionist and slavery problem  Worry over how much territory Texas really was and how many states it would become, all being slave states  Spread slavery and gain power in the Senate for the slave states o So Texas goes on being an independent republic for a few years o Tyler revives the issues because he believes sectional issues have died down by now


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