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Dr. Dennis WK 6 Criminology Lecture Notes

by: Allysa Kongshaug

Dr. Dennis WK 6 Criminology Lecture Notes SOC 442

Marketplace > Minnesota State University - Mankato > Sociology > SOC 442 > Dr Dennis WK 6 Criminology Lecture Notes
Allysa Kongshaug
Minnesota State University, Mankato
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About this Document

The notes are on rape, sexual assault, robbery, assault, and kidnapping. The notes are split in two and represent the two days of class, each are titled appropriately.
Jeffery Dennis
Class Notes
sociology, criminology




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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allysa Kongshaug on Wednesday September 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 442 at Minnesota State University - Mankato taught by Jeffery Dennis in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Criminology in Sociology at Minnesota State University - Mankato.

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Date Created: 09/28/16
Dr. Dennis-Monday & Wednesday Week 6 Criminology Notes WK 6a: Rape and Sexual Assault  Crimes Against the Person o Pt. 1 Violent  Homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault o Pt. 2 Violent  Simple assault, kidnapping  Rape or Sexual Assault o Penetration or sexual touching o Nonconsensual; w/ force  UCR o Forcible rape o “The carnal knowledge of a women forcibly and against her will.” o 2013 change:  penetration is any act, offender, or victim History of Rape  middle English o rappen; “to steal”  “Rape of the Lock” o Alexander Pope; 1712  About stealing a lock of women’s hair  “Rape of the Sabine Women” o Nicolas Poussin; 1634-35  Military Rape o Conquered women and children o Prisoners of war o Kings; as a final humiliation o Humiliate/signify dominance o Still practiced but not legal  Bride Abduction o Still common in the Balkans o Steal women you want; once they’re in your house, you are engaged/married to them o “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”; 1954  Traditional Common Law Before 1700 o Male rape is NOT recognized o Unmarried women  Father is the victim  Rapist is punished o Married women  Husband is the victim  Rapist and wife are punished Offender and Victims  Definitions of Rape o M. Offender, F. Offender; 33% vaginal penetration 18% any penetration o Any Offender; 8% vaginal penetration 41% any penetration  Minnesota Criminal Sexual Behavior o 1 degree: penetration w/ force, or victim does not give consent o 2 nddegree: sexual touching and above conditions rd o 3 dthree: penetration w/ coercion, or other power moves o 4 degree: sexual touching and above conditions o 5 degree: other nonconsensual sexual contact  Rape/Sexual Assault Victimization Reported to the Police o Male victim; 1% completed 2% attempted o Female victim; 9% completed 4% attempted  Rape Victimization by Sexual Orientation by Victimization Survey o Heterosexual men; 3% o Gay men; 18%  Rape Culture o Belief that:  Sexual contact is essential to demonstrate masculinity  Saying “no” is not a refusal  A date is a sexual contract  An initial refusal can be changed through sexual prowess  Victim/Offender Relationship o Partner; w/o force 7% w/ force 6% o Relative; w/o force 7% w/ force 13% o Friend; w/o force 60% w/ 48% o Stranger; w/o force 27% w/ force 33%  Characteristic of Rape-Prone Colleges o Younger students o Intense drinking o Off-campus residential spaces o Male privilege o Racism o homophobia WK 6b: Robbery, Assault, and Kidnapping Robbery  Robbery o Removal of property by immediate force, threat, or intimidation o How does this differ from:  Larceny  Embezzlement  Weapon used in robbery o 49% none o 24% gun o 11% knife o 16% other  Victim Selection o 65% prefer criminals, especially drug dealers o seen using money o same race o disagree about which gender is better o like elderly and intoxicated  MN statues for robbery o Simple o Aggravated, 2 nddegree: implied use of deadly weapon o Aggravated, 1 degree: use of deadly weapon  Increase risk of injury o Try and overpower o Calling for help o Threatening them or insulting them o Fumbling/searching for money  Decrease risk of injury o Treat it like a business transaction o Calm o Have money ready Assault  Assault o Deliberate, nonconsensual, and nonsexual touching o Goal of pain or humiliation o Assault and battery:  Simple assault  Aggravated assault  Weapon used in assault o Aggravated:  27% none  19% gun  36% other  19% knife o Simple:  27% none  9% other  MN statues for assault o 1 degree: great bodily harm o 2 nddegree: use of dangerous weapon rd o 3 dthree: substantial bodily harm o 4 degree: various protected categories and bias motives o 5 degree: minor bodily harm Kidnapping  Kidnapping o Removal/restraint  Adult  Force, threat, or intimidation  Juvenile  w/o parental permission  MN statues for kidnapping o Nonconsensual removal or confinement with intent:  To hold for ransom  To facilitate a felony  To commit great bodily harm  To hold in involuntary servitude o Parental kidnapping is another thing  Offender-Victim Relationship o 73% parent o 26% friend o <1% other


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