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History 201 Chapter 5 Notes

by: Lauren Krahling

History 201 Chapter 5 Notes Hist 201

Marketplace > Coastal Carolina University > History > Hist 201 > History 201 Chapter 5 Notes
Lauren Krahling
GPA 3.9
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About this Document

This Chapter includes British Military Strategies and the welfare of America.
U.S. History
John Navin
Class Notes
u.s., history




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Krahling on Wednesday September 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 201 at Coastal Carolina University taught by John Navin in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see U.S. History in History at Coastal Carolina University.


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Date Created: 09/28/16
Chapter  5     British  Military  Strategy:     -­‐British  have  moved  to  Nova  Scotia,  now  having  no  military  presence  in  New  England       -­‐John  Burgoyneà  tries  to  lead  troops  and  Indian  allies  from  Quebec  to  New  England   because  he  believes  if  he  can  conquer  the  colony  that  started  all  the  problems  the  war  will  end,   making  them  victorious     -­‐John  Adams  (Mass)  nominates  George  Washington  (Virginia)  to  be  the  leader  of  the   army  (Colonial  Army)  to  defeat  the  British     -­‐He  has  experience  and  would  help  bring  Virginia  into  the  war     -­‐His  army  was  comprised  of  20%  Black  slaves,  militia  men,  enlisters,  small,  young,  and   poor     -­‐Washington  knows  he  has  to  start  moving  south  because  British  are  recovering  and  re-­‐ gathering  troops     -­‐British  want  to  capture  Philadelphia  (Later  do)  but  go  for  NY  because  its  easier  for  them   to  get  to,  has  more  Tories,  and  deep  sea  ports       -­‐32,000  British  troops  are  sent  to  Long  Island       -­‐British  overtake  2  American  forts:  Washington  and  Lee     -­‐States  are  in  need  of  foreign  aid  and  weapons  because  obviously  Great  Britain  doesn’t   like  them  right  now     -­‐French  secretly  send  weapons  to  the  Caribbean  for  Americansà  don’t  want  to  get   involved  until  they  know  Americans  can  win     -­‐Washington  realizes  he  can’t  defeat  the  British  toe  to  toe  so  he  runs  with  his  armyà   Fighting  Selectively:  Washington’s  Strategy       -­‐1776-­‐  Morristown-­‐  Washington  still  hasn’t  won-­‐  spirits  are  low       -­‐Its  customary  for  fighting  to  stop  during  the  winter  so  men  can  rest-­‐  Winter  Quarrel     -­‐1776-­‐  Washington  launches  a  surprise  attack  on  Trenton,  NJ-­‐  occupied  by  hessian   missionaries-­‐  silent  defeat     -­‐Boost  American  morale,  then  they  attack  British  supply  at  Princeton  and  win       -­‐Big  wins  for  the  Americans     -­‐British  have  a  plan  to  cut  off  New  England  from  the  rest  of  the  colonies       -­‐John  Burgoyne  goes  South  with  troops,  General  Howe  was  supposed  to  move  North   and  overtake  colonies  but  he’s  chasing  Washington  and  doesn’t  go  North     -­‐General  is  captured  and  defeated     -­‐Was  a  3  day  battleà  Battle  of  Saratogaà  Americans  win  causing  the  French  to  going   the  Revolutionary  War     -­‐Americans  now  have  the  help  of  French  Navy,  British  withdraw  from  Philadelphia       -­‐Spain  enters  as  Frances  ally  and  the  Dutch  help  as  well     -­‐Southern  Strategy:  British  want  to  go  far  south  then  start  working  there  way  back  up   overtaking  colonies  and  giving  the  land  to  the  tories     -­‐Leads  to  the  capture  of  Charleston  in  1780à  worst  defeat  for  the  Americans  in  the   whole  war     -­‐Rochambeau-­‐  Commander  of  the  French  troops  who  came  to  America  to  help     -­‐Admiral  DeGrasse-­‐  French  Fleetà  sailing  to  the  Caribbean  stealing  sugar  from  the   British       -­‐**French  are  not  allowed  to  try  to  gain  any  land  in  America     -­‐Southern  Campaign-­‐  same  as  the  Southern  Strategy       -­‐Americans  are  trying  to  rebuild  their  army  inland  and  British  Commander  Cornwallis   defeats  them  at  Camden     -­‐Kings  Mountains-­‐  Patriots  vs.  Toriesà  Patriots  win     -­‐Cowpens-­‐  American  forces  lure  British  troops  into  an  ambushà  Great  victory  for  the   Americans       -­‐Cornwallis  goes  back  to  the  coastà  Virginia  to  Yorktown  hoping  for  more  supplies  and   troops     -­‐Washington  hears  that  some  of  his  men  are  surrounding  Yorktown  and  DeGrasse  is   sending  his  Fleets  that  way  by  water  and  can  have  Cornwallis  trapped       -­‐Washington  creates  a  ploy  where  he  sends  a  few  troops  to  NY  and  sends  a  majority  or   his  men  to  Yorktown     -­‐start  a  siegeàbuilding  trench’s  bringing  in  the  cannonà  the  British  are  forced  to   surrender       -­‐October  1781-­‐  Americans  win  Yorktown     -­‐Peace  of  Parisà  1783  ends  the  warà  Spain,  France  and  Dutch  were  working  towards   other  things  which  delayed  the  treaty     -­‐U.S.  owns  up  to  the  Mississippi  River  and  loses  Florida  to  Spain       -­‐England  has  Canada       -­‐Spain  has  western  the  Mississippi  River  and  Mexico     -­‐States  drafted  their  own  constitutions:         Free  States  (Northern)       Slave  States  (Southern)     -­‐Continental  Congress  has  acted  like  the  Government  all  throughout  the  war  and  wants   it  to  be  official  so  they  draft  the  Articles  of  Confederationà  It  leaves  most  of  the  power  with   the  states  leading  to  a  weak  government       -­‐It  needs  to  be  approved  by  the  states  and  Maryland  says  no  unless  other  states  give  up   their  western  territories       -­‐Takes  4  years  but  they  finally  agree         -­‐Disease  kills  more  than  any  bullet  or  riffle       -­‐Native  Americansàthose  that  helped  the  British  had  land  ceased  from  them     -­‐African  Americansà  British  told  them  they’d  get  freedom  so  many  were  taken  to   Canada  and  left  thereà  Africans  who  fought  with  Americans  were  freed                  


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