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Lecture 9 - Presentation Skills

by: Leslie Ogu

Lecture 9 - Presentation Skills COMM 1041

Marketplace > George Washington University > Communication > COMM 1041 > Lecture 9 Presentation Skills
Leslie Ogu
GPA 3.01

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About this Document

The professor shared information on what makes a good presentation, and what to specifically watch for in terms of the movie presentation.
Interpersonal Communication
Dona Louise Coultice-Christian
Class Notes
Interpersonal, communication, organization, information, delivery, intro, body, conclusion, points, recap, graded, movie, assignment, PREPARE, breathe, phobias, speaking, notes, presentation, concepts, reflect, research, engage, confidence, questions, jokes, attention, qualification
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leslie Ogu on Wednesday September 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 1041 at George Washington University taught by Dona Louise Coultice-Christian in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Interpersonal Communication in Communication at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 09/28/16
Leslie Ogu COMM 1041 09/27/2016 -​ Public Speaking Question of the Day What’s the best kind of pet to have and why? Homework ❏ Self concept and comm article ❏ Listening name and topic due by Thursday - email it to me ❏ Movie papers and presentations (Marni, Billy, Hana, Ariel, Victoria, Visha, Sam, Laura, Zoe, Jordan) 3 Things to Consider When Public Speaking ➢ Organization ○ You have to repeat your point numerous times to ensure your audience remembers it ➢ Information ➢ Delivery Organization ➢ Intro ○ 3 Goals ■ Grab audience’s attention ■ Preview what you are going to say ■ Engage them - why does it matter? ➢ Body ○ 3-5 Main Points ○ Structured ○ (for movie presentation) Add research (and cite it) ○ Be clear about your transitions ➢ Conclusion ○ Recap what you said ○ Finish with a clincher or impactful statement ➢ Graded on... ➢ Clear and effective organization ➢ Intro previews points; recaps points ➢ Body is organized and flows ➢ Conclusion has a clincher Information - Movie Assignment Specific ➢ Enough explanation of scene to ensure the audience understands; not so much you run out of time ➢ Explain and apply concepts ➢ Reflect on research ➢ Graded on ... ○ Accuracy and thoughtfulness of information ○ Concepts are clear and well-applied ○ Foundations of scene and theories are understood Delivery ➢ Speaking apprehension ○ Prepare ... prepare ... prepare ○ Use speaking notes - not entire speech ○ Breathe Top 10 Biggest Public Speaking Phobias And How to Overcome Them ​(in descending order) ➢ My voice sounds shakes / I become breathless (10) ○ Breathing ➢ I forget what I’m going to say (9) ○ Practice ○ Do NOT memorize (brain-friendly) ■ Make it interesting ■ Use visuals ■ Stories matter more than facts ➢ I have a technical glitch and my visuals don’t work (8) ○ Test the equipment ○ Be prepared to do your presentation without technology ■ Handouts? ➢ I get a heckler (7) ○ NOT going to happen here - class is supportive ○ Elsewhere? ■ Validate ■ Acknowledge ➢ No one laughs at my jokes / audience is not engaged ○ Relinquish control of that ○ Design an interesting presentation ○ Asl questions ➢ The audience doesn’t understand what I am presenting ○ Do your audience analysis - this speech is for them, not you ○ Watch the nonverbals ○ Ask them ➢ People will think I am not qualified (4) ○ Don’t give in to the “Imposter Syndrome” ○ Prepare ○ Use that Speaker Credibility Statement to assure the audience ➢ I go way too quickly or way too slowly (3) ○ Practice ■ Out loud ■ With your visuals ■ With an audience ➢ Someone asks a question I don’t know the answer to (2) ○ Anticipate and get answers ○ No one knows all the answers - offer to get back to that person ○ Things sound better coming out of your mouth than they do in your head ○ Ask them - what do they think? ○ Don’t “tapdance” (fake it0 ➢ I sweat too much, my face turns red (1) ○ MOST physical symptoms are not evident ○ Identify you personal issue and find a way to deal with it ■ E.g. sweat - wear dark clothes; use lots of antiperspirant Delivery ➢ What makes a good delivery? ○ Voice ■ Volume (projection) ■ Speed (fast/slow) ● Having a variety of modulations to grab attention ■ Use of pauses ● Adds drama ● Grabs attention ■ Emphasis ■ Articulation ■ A good pace ■ Avoid use of “um’s” and “like’s” ■ Enthusiasm ○ Body ■ Positioning ■ Movement ■ Eye contact ■ Posture ■ Energy ○ Graded on ... ■ Eye contact - looking at everyone and not reading ■ Articulate - good word choices, avoid “like”, “um” ■ Enthusiasm, energy ■ Nonverbals - gestures, movement, vocalizations ■ Volume ○ Presentational Aids ■ 6x6 rule ● No more than 6 bullets on a slide; no more than 6 words in a bullet ■ Watch color choices ■ Limit fonts ■ Questions ○ Tips to specific movie presentation ■ 4-5 min. With 30 second over / under rule ■ Divide your sections: intro, body, conclusion ■ Do NOT say, “My scene is ...”. Use an attention grabber ■ Preview what you will cover ■ Conclusion is how to improve communication ■ Use a clincher


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