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JPN 101 notes days 3-6

by: Cassandra Lawton

JPN 101 notes days 3-6 JPN 101

Marketplace > Michigan State University > JPN 101 > JPN 101 notes days 3 6
Cassandra Lawton

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About this Document

These notes extensively cover pronunciation and spelling. The focus is on pitch accent, double consonants, and long vowels. I use a lot of external sources and bring them all together to help bette...
Elementary Japanese I
Class Notes
Japanese, First Year Japanese 1, time, pronunciation, beginner
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cassandra Lawton on Wednesday September 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to JPN 101 at Michigan State University taught by Uheara in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views.


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Date Created: 09/28/16
Notes days 3-6 Pronunciation/spelling Notes Pitch The pitch of Japanese words is very important because it can change meaning. ???????? Ex: ???????????? = rain ???? = candy So it’s really hard to tell you what they sound like since this is paper notes. So if you need more help with this I found an awesome video explaining pitch accent: (Please skip to 6:15) Double Consonants: Use little tsu っ to mark where two consonants are the same Ex: Long vowels Long vowels are where two vowels follow each other or a vowel follows a syllable. Pronounced as one long sound rather than separate ones. Spelling: In hiragana spelling can be tricky for this, but basically: Long A is added あ Long I is added い Long U is added う Long E is added え or う Long O is う or お Here is a chart I found that explains the possible sounds and gives examples: POSSIBLE VOWEL SOUND EXTENDED BY EXAMPLE PRONUNCIATION / a / あ まあ maa / i / い いい ii / u / う くう kuu / e / い せい sei / e / え ねえ nee う とう / o / too / o / お とお too Table 1.6. Extending Vowel Sounds Chart retrieved from a helpful website: sound/ Time Vocab words Ji= o clock Nanji: what time Ima= now Gozen= AM Gogo= pm Han= half Ichiji= 1 o clock Yoji= 4 o clock Dialogue: A: Ima nanji desu ka? What time is it? B: (Ima) gogo ichijihan desu Now it is 1:30 pm A: Arigato gozaimasu Thank you B: iie No problem Asking for time for another place Vocabulary: Tookyoo= Tokyo Doo irashimaste= No problem Dialogue: A: Sumimasen. Tookyoo wa ima nanji desu ka? A:What time is it in Tokyo right now? B: Gozen sanji desu. B: 3:00 AM A: Gozen sanji desu ne? A: 3:00 AM right? B: Hai, soo desu. B: Yes, that’s correct. A: Arigatoo gozaimasu A: Thank you B: Doo irashimaste B: No problem


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