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COMM 150, Week 1 Notes

by: Serena Notetaker

COMM 150, Week 1 Notes Comm 150

Serena Notetaker
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About this Document

An introduction to interpersonal communication, some upcoming assignments, and spiritual thoughts from Brother Bean.
Interpersonal Theory and Practice
Brent Bean
Class Notes
interpersonal communication




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Serena Notetaker on Thursday September 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Comm 150 at Brigham Young University - Idaho taught by Brent Bean in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Interpersonal Theory and Practice in Journalism and Mass Communications at Brigham Young University - Idaho.

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Date Created: 09/29/16
Serena Maxwell COMM 150 Notes Sept. 12, 2016 Intro Week, Day 1 - IT IS A SCIENCE - Print out assignments as you go - Schedule an entry level / easy course - SHOULD take this class to be successful - ONLY university in USA that does not require COMM course for graduation - These are skills that will get you promoted - Bro. Bean - office #227 - Right before the communication office - 208-496-3696, MWF 10-11 a.m., TR 1-2 p.m. (office hours) - Download the Remind app - Text @BYUICOMM150 to 81010 - The textbook industry has very strong MAFIA ties . . . Just pay and walk away ;) - *Julia Wood - We need to learn TOLERANCE, not promotion - Doctrine & Covenants - a guidebook for how to be a Mormon - Commandments and doctrines, not necessarily a testament of Jesus Christ - 1st capture due on Monday - Etc, etc, then test - Unit 1: chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 - 3 exams total - 100 pts each, in testing center - Half vocabulary - Half principle based stuff - I AM A MEDIUM OF COMMUNICATION - What are we doing to build a relationship with Heavenly Father? - What is the purpose/principle of the story (that Brother Bean tells)? - JUST KEEP UP, will do fine - Capture: by Walter Gong - Every chapter in the book - 10 required, but 11 chapters - When you give someone the silent treatment, you want them to die - Communication: VITAL for life - No quizzes - All assignments due @ the beginning of class - Get hooked up with PHAROS (printing station outside of classroom) - 5 papers - 1: A Name Acronym - Take your name (10-13 letters) - Descriptive word, then explain - Single space - Portfolio - Reverence - a DEEP respect for God Sept. 14, 2016 - Positive priming - Especially in the morning - Find something that gets you up and energized in the morning - Sacagawea - brought back to her home tribe by Lewis + Clark - Camp Fortunate in Montana - A DIVINE SIGNATURE - The Lord is in charge - Important to recognize tender mercies - To praise God - To build testimonies of people around us - Our experiences may even be MORE powerful than scripture (???) - TENDER MERCIES ARE NOT FOR YOU AND I. THEY’RE TO SHARE. - All paintings in the Rome, Italy temple were painted in Rexburg Sept. 16, 2016 - You have to watch ME. (The Father) - Keep a daily journal - Track principles from class - Making a history - creating that treasure - Reflect on things from class - Write for Bro. Bean! - NOBODY LIVES A ONE-SENTENCE DAY. - Okay to write about personal life. MWF, write more about class. - Ideas for assignments: - No social media for a week - No makeup / primping for a week - Experience something unique about Rexburg / explore - What defines Rexburg? - Dress for corporate M-F - Photo Op: - Choose 3 pictures from your past that best define you - Visual symbols that represent you - Unusual pictures - portfolio cover, maybe? - 1 picture BEST describes you - Portfolio cover: laminated - Examples below: Pick one of the two ^ 3 each for past, present, and future


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