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Week 1 notes

by: Mary Bone

Week 1 notes Art 104B

Mary Bone
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About this Document

Covers basics to Dark and Bronze age of Greek Art
Ancient Art, CR # 41908
Jeanette Cooper
Class Notes
Art History




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mary Bone on Thursday September 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Art 104B at Humboldt State University taught by Jeanette Cooper in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see Ancient Art, CR # 41908 in Art at Humboldt State University.

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Date Created: 09/29/16
Week 1  Our Evidence o No written records until at least the 5  c. BC o Very few written records discuss artists, craftsmen, or their work o Art and artifacts o Necropolis—city of the dead, tombs  Archaeological Evidence o Building foundations  Some partial extent buildings o Wall paintings o Metal work o Bone and ivory o Charcoal o Earth o Ceramics  Prehistory of Greek Art o The Bronze Age o The Dark Age  Bronze Age Greece (3000­1100 BC) o Small independent city­states  Mycenae  One of the larger and best known o Architectural features o Wall paintings o Sculpture o Stone vessels and seals o Metal work: weapons, vessels, and personal adornments o Pottery  Late Bronze Age o Mycenaean’s—the culture evidenced in Mycenae and other sites on the Greek  mainland o Dominant in the Aegean  Cyclades  Crete  Knossos  Near Eastern Settlements  Al Mina o Mycenaean Metalwork: swords  Meillo—technique to make patterns on swords o Women are depicted in white pigment  Bronze Age Influences o Crete o The Cycladic islands o The near east  The “Dark Age” o Dark because of a lack of evidence o A period of transition and innovation o Many centers are abandoned o Some continue  Ex: Lefkandi on Euboea o Changes in Greek Art and Architecture o Ex: The Heron (10  c. BC)  Funerary building  In a large necrothlis  Graves mostly 9  c BC  50 m long  larger than templates built 250 years later  Dark Age Sculpture o Centaur o Ca. 9  c. BC o From the Necropolis at Lefkandi  Dark Age Pottery o Proto­geometric (1500­900 c. BC)  new style led by Athens  used Mycenaean shapes  decoration precisely drawn  circles and concentric circles  zigzags, triangles, panels, and cross­hatching o Geometric  New style led by Athens  Decoration expands  Human and animal’s forms in religious patterns  Krater used to mix wine  Transfer of Ideas o At the end of the Dark Age o East to West o Faience as a medium  The End of the Dark Age o The beginning of artistic flourishing o A time of exploration and colonization o A time of influential trade of things and ideas o A time of economic recovery


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