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by: Lesley Castineiras


Marketplace > Miami Dade College > Sls1126 > SLS1125 WEEK ONE NOTES
Lesley Castineiras
Miami Dade College
GPA 3.9

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About this Document

Covers the beginning of what will be in the Midterm
Student Success
Professor Perez-Martin
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lesley Castineiras on Thursday September 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Sls1126 at Miami Dade College taught by Professor Perez-Martin in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views.

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Date Created: 09/29/16
The most frequent reason given by first-year college students for why they enrolled in college is to be able to get a better job.  By combining the concepts of preparation, organization, work, evaluation, and rethinking, students can achieve more in college and in life.  Prepare  Organize  Work = Five steps to achieve goals / success.  Evaluate  Rethink – involves… Considering alternatives rejected earlier Reconsidering your initial goals Identifying your underlying assumptions; then challenging them.  Students who possess a growth mindset believe that people can increase their abilities and do better through hard work. Motivation is the inner power and psychological energy that directs and fuels behavior.  Time Management –  Students need to get a hold of their time management so that they don’t lose in the “black hole”. The cellphone is often the source of lost time. A long, unexpected phone call is an example of a “black hole”.  The first step in improving your time management skills is to figure out how you’re managing your time right now.  Planning enough time for reading required course material involves knowing the length of the chapter, your speed reading, and determining your attention span.  Learning to make time an ally means time is used most efficiently.  Cramming is hurried, last-minute studying.  Although there may be times when you can’t study properly, in the long run it can also be said that cramming often takes up more time with worse results.  Reading fast is not necessarily what makes a good reader, but the degree which one understand the material.  When you explain the material you are trying to learn to others it helps you identify weak spots in your own understanding of the material.  Notes / Note Taking  If you have written down almost every work the professor has said you are taking too many notes.  An instructor’s objective is what he or she wants a student to learn in the class. A student is to write down the main points and summarize.  When taking study notes from the textbook it is best to highlight, annotate, circle & write notes on the margins.  A good rule for highlighting is to highlight topic sentences and key points.  Study Notes are notes taken for the purpose of reviewing material. The best practice for a student that need help grasping key ideas from class is to review the lecture notes immediately after class for 5-10 minutes.  According to the text, the best way to remember what you have read is be rethinking the material, rereading the more difficult or important parts.  By rereading assignment others one can identify weak spots in your understanding of the material.  Study Groups are small groups of students whose purpose is to help members work together & study for test.  Obviously, short answer and fill-in questions can be very difficult for some students because unlike matching and multiple choice test questions, the answers are not right on the page.


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