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PSYC 2400 Week 6 Notes

by: Liana Sandell

PSYC 2400 Week 6 Notes Psych 2400

Liana Sandell

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About this Document

Notes cover what will be on exam two
Developmental Psychology
Dr. Letitia Naigles
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Liana Sandell on Friday September 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 2400 at University of Connecticut taught by Dr. Letitia Naigles in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Developmental Psychology in Psychology at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/30/16
PSYC 2400 Exam Two Notes Preschoolerhood continued Gender: A social Account • What they learn: gender roles, gender traits • Mechanisms (how): imitation and shaping Gender of this child slide A social account 1. Study with newborns: 1. Same babies wrapped in white cloths: 1. If told female, people described the baby as “small, soft, ▯inely featured” 2. If told male, people described the baby as “alert, big, strong” Shaping 1. Usually guided by parents but also media, society, peers, etc. Social Account cont. 1. Langlois and downs, 3-5 year olds 1. Child told to play with contra-gender type toys (boys with dolls, girls with trucks) 2. First comment behind mirror, then in room to child 1. Moms: few comments, join in play regardless 2. Dads: more negative comments, attempt to redirect play 3. Peers: negative comments toward all cross-sex behaviors 4. Which means by this time they not only have LEARNED/ have been SHAPED, but they are also trying to pass on what they know 2. Rust et al.: observation of toy play at home at 3 years of age (as one might expect) 1. Boys with OLDER brothers and girls with OLDER sisters showed the most sex-typed play 2. Boys with sister and girls with brothers were least sex-typed . 3 Children without siblings were in the middle A cognitive account 1. Gender identity 1. Mechanism (how): categorization and labeling, LANGUAGE IS POWERFUL 2-3: learn “boy”, “girl” 1. 1. Earlier in Hebrew and Russian (verb suf▯ixes different for male vs. female saying the sentence) 2. Spanish 2-4 year olds use el or la as cues and also use adjective endings as cues to which noun someone is talking about (which includes self and other kids/people) 3-4: caregivers assign stereotypic labels to things 3. 1. “Blocks are for boys”, “cooking is for girls” 2. Stereotypes video 3. Gender constancy, if you wore a dress…? 4. 3-4 they know that their own gender is constant but not always other people’s gender 5. 5-7: assert a stable identity, unchanging 6. Transgender Evidence for cognitive in▯luences: Ruble studie s 1. Did study involving a TV ad Toy commercials (4 year olds): 2. 1. Watch either male child or female child play with pretested toy 1. Boys play longer with the toy if they watched a male child rather than a female child 2. Girls play longer with the toy if they watched a female child rather than a male child Imitation is selective 3. 2. Video distortion: ses run dna s ro t cod f o sp i l c hc t a W . 1 2. Female doctor-male nurse, female doctor-female nurse, male doctor- female nurse, male doctor-male nurse 3. When asked to identify pictures, all choose male doctor/female nurse combination 3. Recent videos: girl upset about girl and boy clothing choices in a store, differences between girls and boys on Jimmy Kimmel


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