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9/26 - 9/28

by: Elizabeth

9/26 - 9/28

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Suffolk University

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About this Document

Federal Rules of Evidence 403, 413, 414, 415
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elizabeth on Friday September 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to at Suffolk University taught by Cavallaro in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Evidence in Law at Suffolk University.


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Date Created: 09/30/16
September 26, 2016 Proof of Modus Operandi P181 United States v. Stevens  D said another robbery happened and it was exactly the same as this one and that supports that the defendant should be excluded because he didn’t commit that robbery  The d cant use character / trait therefore  The other robber (other act) cant be used to show that the d is/ is not the kind of person who is a robber (trait) to show that he is guilty of this crime (This robbery)  Instead use signature or identity  D just has to raise a reasonable doubt and show that there are similarities between the two robberies o Both used military ID o Checks o Both showed up on or near a military base  403 Prejudice against the d but the d is the proponent offering evidence against the government  what about unfair prejudice against the government? They have all the cards, this information invites reasonable doubt and it is not that unfair then not as similar doesn’t matter  balance the equation #3.9 Misreading Stevens - straight propensity = character theory 4. Narrative Integrity / Non propensity theory #3.10 Russian Roulette - The Russian roulette game cant be used to prove that he is the kind of person who is a gun user, a psycho, a monster (trait) in order to show that he is guilty of owning this gun - But you could use narrative integrity, the victim should be able to narrate this story to show how she knows that the gun is his, because she was a part of this russian roulette game and it really scared her so she would never forget the gun that was used - Gov: the purposes of the narrative is to identify the gun, the RR episode is engraved in her memory because it was a scary moment, she’ll never forget - Creates credibility of the circumstances why she would never forget - How probative 403 versus unfair prejudice (substantially outweighs the need for narrative integrity?) 5. Absence of Accident / Lack of Accident #3.11 Cleaning His Gun - D claimed he was cleaning his gun when he shot Wife #1 Accident (other act ) cant be used to show that he is a wife murderer (trait) to prove that he is guilty of killing Wife #2 (this act) when cleaning his gun - But you could argue Absence of Accident o If this was accidental, would you be super careful in cleaning a gun or extremely unlikely you would clean your gun in front of anyone #3.12 Cruelty to dogs - This act d prosecuted for road rage, threw dog into road and said dog bit me as defense to the accident - however the prior act was not an accident when he beat a dog and killed the dog purposefully - since the first act was not an accident it is a character trait, he is the kind of person who kills dogs 6. Doctrine of Chance The Huddleston Standard Huddleston v. United States  ex: tranqler case (2 bombs in different states) o assume no prosecution on Quincy bomb but want to prosecute Rosendale bomb, the same person built the bombs, but we don’t know how o Conditional Relevance  IF Tranqler built the Quincy bomb THEN Tranqler built the Rosendale bomb o FIRST you have to prove that Tranqler built the FIRST bomb o 404(b) is a 104(b) o FIRST SATISFY 104(b) because 404(b) is CONDITIONAL RELEVANCE p.206 GUIDE 1) What is the none propensity theory? 404(b) 2) How do we know the defendant preformed the conditional evidence? The Huddleston Question 104(b) 3) How probative versus unfair prejudice is it on 404(b) evidence (eg motive) 403 September 28, 2016 404 REVIEW 1) What is the none propensity theory? a. Motive, intent, knowledge, identity, lack of accident  important other acts b. 404(b) 2) how do we know the defendant preformed the conditional evidence? a. Huddleston b. 104(b) 3) how probative is the 404(b) evidence versus unfair prejudice? a. 403 b. what kind? Usually the other act is not yet proven (104 (b) ) - evidence sufficient to support a finding that this person did the other act - find to a preponderance (more probable than not, then you may consider that as evidence) pg. 205 FN 6 403 – Factors for weighing unfair prejudice - risk of confusing the jury - weakness of the evidence - risk that the jury will find for propensity (prohibited character trait) and will be prejudicial towards the defendant #3.13 Past Acquittal 2. if that other act ended in an acquittal and it was beyond a reasonable doubt - what happens in this case? If it is just preponderance of the evidence - you could still find for a preponderance because it is a lower standard that beyond a reasonable doubt Burden of Proof - other act BRD is a higher standard than this trial which is a lower standard with a preponderance of the evidence - just because we couldn’t convict to BRD doesn’t mean whether or not we could get to a preponderance - prior acquittal doesn’t mean we cant try for 404(b) We can overlay Burdens of Proof Propensity evidence in sexual assault FRE 413, 414, 415 : YOU CAN GO THROUGH PROPENSITY YOU CAN USE CHARACTER TRAITS FRE 413: Criminal charge on sexual assault FRE 414: Criminal charge on child sexual assault FRE 415: Civil charge with underlying sexual or child sexual assault FRE 413 Sexual Assault  criminal case the d is accused of SA – court may admit evidence that the d committed ANY OTHER SA o Other crime is SA - - - - - Character trait - - - - to prove this SA crime  Considered on ANY matter of relevance 401 P220 Push out of character into “Mental Disease” Compelling public interest, substantial corroboration, illumine the credibility Just because he SA other child does that mean he SA this child? BEFORE 413 & 414 p. 208 Lannan v. State Child molestation is different than 404 of character because defendant cant stop thesmevlves. Instead of 413 and 414 there was 1) Recidivist Rational a. Child sex is more likely to always want child sex b. Falls upon scrutiny because that’s the same with drugs? Its also recidivist c. This is sickness / predictiveness is not persuasive 2) Bolstering the testimony of the victim State v. Kirsch  Motive / intent / common plan / scheme are used to let in other victims’ testimonies Prosecutor must left defendant know at least 15 days before trial that they are using 413 Don’t need step (1) propensity theory because 413 Steps (2) 104(b) conditional evidence and step (3) 403 risk of using for propensity danger? Cant be because propensity is the probativeness so the 403 risk / factors could be , the strength of the evidence, wasting time, confusing the jury / misleading p. 266 United States v. Guardia  Gynecologist touching beyond professionally appropriate?


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