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by: Katharine Anthony

INT296E_09_29_2016 INT 296 E

Katharine Anthony

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About this Document

Notes for the fourth week.
Holy Nationalism
Prof. Lundquist and Prof. Roland
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katharine Anthony on Friday September 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to INT 296 E at Pace University taught by Prof. Lundquist and Prof. Roland in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Holy Nationalism in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at Pace University.

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Date Created: 09/30/16
INT296E_09_29_2016 Thursday, September 29, 2016 2:27 PM Current events  Shimon Peres passed away o One of the founding fathers of Israel o Was prominent throughout o In the 1950's and 1960's  Helped build up their military strength  Helped Israel become a nuclear power  Promoted Jewish settlements on the East Bank o In Later years he was a strong promoter of peace with the Palestinians o President of Israel from 2007-2014  Only a ribbon cutter position no real power o Noble Peace Prize Winner  Oslo Talks - 1993  Rabin(Leader of Israel) and Yasir Arafat (Palestine leader) Shimon was foreign minister Judaism and Christianity  Cyrus 539 BCE o Becomes king (Persian) o Tolerant, visionary king who wasn't like other Mesopotamian rulers.  Didn't murder everyone, force people into exiles. o Ezra 1  G*d tells Cyrus to free the Israelites. o Cyrus Cylinder  Written as he ascending the throne  Marduk tells him to do these things  Bring a bunch of wealth o When the Jews returned they found the city in ruins. The temple was just in ruins.  Second Temple dedicated in 516 BCE o Zerubbabel  Theophric part is Bel  Alexander the Great d. 323 BCE in Babylon (Macedonian king) ruled to the Indus river . Considered the father of Hellenism. o Seleucids (Syria)  Took over Syria-Palestine area  Lasted close to the time of Jesus until Rome took over o Ptolemies (Egypt)  Ruled Egypt  Lasted close to the time of Jesus until Rome took over o They then fought over the rest of the empires.  Antiochus Epiphanies IV 175-164 BCE (Seleucid) o Directed their anger towards the Jews towards their sanctuaries  They transform the temple of Jerusalem into a temple of Zeus  They put pigs in there.  With the spread of Hellenistic culture, Greek men exercise nude (this was fashionable)  Greek men were not circumcised o Maccabes and Hasmonian  Maccabes (I-II)  Cannonical by Catholic tradition  Apocrhycal in Protestant tradition  History of the family is historic and valid  Neither Judaic nor Levites  Revolt against the Seleucids  Defeat the army and cleanse it and restore it  25th Chislev 164 BCE Hannukah o Hasmonian family becomes the ruling family  Johnathon usurps the high priesthood Second Temple (Zerubbabel)  The Romans conquer Judea in 63 BCE. o Pompey conquers Jerusalem and ends the Hasmonian reign(100 years about)  Romans want to placate the Jews who were rebellious and everything so they put in a Roman governor but also king of Israel o Herod  Edomite (intermarriage)  King of Israel  Massively extends the temple  Creates the temple mount  Herod's Temple o No Davidic person o No proper priesthood in the temple o No prophet  Last prophet of the Hebrew bible is Malachi (d. 450 BCE) o No Davier, no ark of the covenant, no cherubim  Kabbala o The book of Zohar o Holy place is divine couch, god's wife  The Shekinah, the Matrona o Intertestamental Period  Between the old and New testament  Myth cults  New categories of scripture (mystical)  Apocrypha  fake  Pseudepigrapha  Fault writing  Someone would write it and then say someone else older wrote it  Ex. Books of Enoch   Dead Sea Scrolls o Qumran o 1949 they began to be found o These scrolls depict a group of Jews who were super righteous and believed the Hassmonians, Herod, Romans and the second temple were wicked. They want to escape this destruction by God. Jesus  Numerous messianic saviors were around in his time and after his time.  Main source for the history of this period is the Jewish Historian Josephus  Josephus tells us at this time there were four major secs o Pharisees  Connected to the common people  Synagogue  Rabbi o Saducees  Elites  Temple o Essenses  Dead sea scroll people o Zealots  The revolters get the entire temple of Jerusalem destroyed  Samaritans o Cursed group who were disliked by the mainstream society  70 CE o Temple is completely destroyed o Essenes destroyed o Zealots destroyed o Saducees destroyed  135 resurgent revolt o Bar Kochba o Next Year in Jerusalem - Passover Seder  Jesus might have been an Essense o THE END (TIME)  Apocalypse  Reveals how the world will end  Bible o The Testaments ( what happened)  Old Testament  New Testament  Fulfillment through Jesus  The Gospels o Jesus Minstering/his life  Matthew  Mark  Luke  John  Acts of the Apostles o After Jesus' death  Letters/ Epistles  Revelations o Apocalypse of John


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