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CIS 105 Week One notes

by: Lbiador

CIS 105 Week One notes CIS 105

Marketplace > Arizona State University > Business > CIS 105 > CIS 105 Week One notes

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About this Document

covers both prometheus and application information system
Computer Appls&Info Technology
Class Notes
Computer Science
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lbiador on Friday September 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CIS 105 at Arizona State University taught by Staff in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Computer Appls&Info Technology in Business at Arizona State University.


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Date Created: 09/30/16
Everything changes 1903: Orville and Wilbur Wright invent the airplane 1953: Watson, Crick, Wilkens discover the double helix Look up Crisper on Youtube** 1969: Armstrong & Aldrin walk on the moon 2004: SpaceShipOne goes to space 2012: Unmanned SpaceX Dragon supplies the ISS 20XX: Google Live goes online 20XX: Space Elevator goes online How fast does information technology change? 1999: MP3 player cost $450 and held 10 songs Why is it important to understand that technology changes? 1965: Moore’s Law What’s coming along next? Internet killed everything: music, entertainment, shopping, banks, movie industry, airline industry, post offices, etc. Business Information Technology – Study Designs Implementation Support Management …of a computer based information system particularly software and hardware Consider the following in Business Information Systems: People*** Competency Attitude Critical Thinking Best Practice – best way to do something in business  Cloud Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel Moore’s Law: Computer processing power will double every eighteen months or so, includes Internet size. Imagine a car maker manufacturing a vehicle that doubles its gas mileage very eighteen month Why is Moore’s Law important in business computing? You are in charge of 1,000 sales representatives and much choose a phone plan for all of them. iPhones? Google Phones? VOIP Phones? Get this wrong and you affect your business profoundly. Leader- Buy the newest technology and get an edge Follower- wait to see what works and lose the edge Which one is better? Leader or follower? It depends on the technology you are buying. Business Computing Hardware Tangible and physical aspects of computing hardware Mainframe: for big companies Midrange: if you can’t afford mainframes Microcomputer Laptops Desktops Handheld System Software Among other things, system software makes hardware work. Collection of computer programs that accomplish a specific task Enables operating system Operating Systems (Platforms) Collection of computer programs that work together to manage hardware and software and makes sure the computer is working correctly File management Multitasking Memory Management Disk Management FAT – file allocation table- table of contents for a hard drive Common Business Operating Systems Microsoft windows – dominates the space Mac OS Linux (free) – used the exact same thing as Windows Unix – typically used in mainframes What nationality of people are the best Linux programmers? Mexicans because its free. You never turn on system software as opposed to application software, which is your choice Application Software Performs particular tasks like creating budgets, resumes, professional presentations Chances of an application software not meeting an end-user’s needs are remote Common Application Software Email Word Processor Spreadsheet Database Presentation Software Project Management Software Productivity Suites Collection of business computer application programs of associated functionality that share a common graphical use interface Main advantage is sharing data Also called software suites or application suites Allows smooth data exchange Learning Application software: attitude 3 ways to share data Copy and paste Embedding Linking Responsible for reading and writing: operating system Spreadsheet Geography Excel workbooks contain multiple worksheets Sheet tabs Excel worksheet = spreadsheet Each worksheet consists of rows and columns Contain cells labeled A1 Column A Row 1 Address or Reference Tells you where a cell is located on a worksheet Four ways you can reference a cell Relative reference – A1 Mixed Reference - $A1 or A$1 Absolute reference - $A$1 Named reference – Right there ***Knowing this helps you create a worksheet easily Ex: You are here in BAC. How do you get to the Walmart over on Apache Boulevard? Relative (relative to where you are)– Go there Mixed (work anywhere along the “road”) Absolute (works from everywhere) Named (tells you where you’re going) File Management Some issues Moving your files from one platform to another How to Store/Move Files? Flashdrive Nike network Email attachments The cloud


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