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AGLS 101 for September

by: Rachel Notetaker

AGLS 101 for September 101

Marketplace > Texas A&M University > AGLS > 101 > AGLS 101 for September
Rachel Notetaker
Texas A&M
GPA 3.0

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About this Document

These notes are just what seemed important in class. I will do an overall study guide before the final
Introduction to Agriculture and Life Science
Dr. Chris Skaggs
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rachel Notetaker on Friday September 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 101 at Texas A&M University taught by Dr. Chris Skaggs in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Agriculture and Life Science in AGLS at Texas A&M University.


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Date Created: 09/30/16
AGLS 101-501 Texas A&M created in the Morril Act of 1862 which established colleges Then called AMC, Became a college on October 4, 1876 In 1963 name changed to Texas A&M University AGLS Departments: Ag Econ Ag Leadership, etc. etc. Most in the top of their field in the country 1914 got Smith-Lever Extension then became Texas A&M Agrilife Extension To get ring need 45 A&M hours, 90 total. DON’T take 24 hours in one semester to get your ring. Breathe and take some time. It will still mean the same thing if it takes you 4 years to get as 3 To graduate in the 120 hours required by law, A&M requires that 36 hours be in 300 to 400 level course and 12 hours in your specified major. st University scholarships open October 15, 2016 and close Feburary 1 , 2017 To find grade point average, A=4 B = 3 C = 2 D = 1 Then multiply by the hours of the class, add together and divide over total number of hours Resumes Go to All black, no color, Business casual to career fair on the 22nd Remember that after your freshman year all activities from high school have to come off of your resume. Only exception: If it ties into what you want to do. Ex. Want to be a veterinarian and worked at a vet clinic throughout high school 19 September 2016 WEEK 4: Study Strategies Reminders: Thursday Career fair, bring ID, Business casual In high school, don’t really HAVE to start studying for exam in advance: Retakes, do­overs, more things graded (quizzes, extra credit, daily work), in class every  day, study guide, teachers who teach have studied how to be teachers Go get help as soon as you realize you are struggling. Do not wait until Thanksgiving Rule: Unless you are earning 100%, not option is off the table for you getting study help:  Study groups  SI  Tutor Unless you are getting 80 or higher you should get help asap because you need certain GPA for  transfers is you want  Can’t take higher level classes unless you have a certain GPA in your core classes Notetaking Written version of what we hear, because only retain about 30% of what we hear at the end of  the day. Taking notes is critical!!!! Laptop notes: students who take notes on laptop don’t perform as well as pen and paper,  something about pen and paper help us to paraphrase and actually get the jist of what the  professor is saying. Don’t transcribe. Conceptualize!! Read textbooks, ask question, and read. Don’t highlight everything, make sure you’re actually  reading and not just going through motion 2­3 hour Rule: for every hour you are in class, spend 2 to 3 hour studying for that class outside of class. Can include reading and practice questions, and even homework.  Chaos  Stability  Flexibility  Mastery Find stability Have calendar: Regular Wake­up time and bed time Specific times when you study, do chores, etc. Work out 2 or 3 times a week, plenty of sleep, naps don’t replace 7­8 hours of uninterrupted  sleep that you need a night Don’t do an all nighter to study because you will forget a lot of what you studied Flexibility – for procrastinators, try not to be so flexible with moving study time around. “Don’t  say I’ll do it later” Mastery – use experience to know how long it takes to do something Use the 5 day study technique, and for the classes that test on the same day you don’t have to  study for one and keep fingers crossed for the other one Break material into 4 parts, 2­5 review material day before Day 5 review Underlying assumption: know material, all you do is review 2­21/2 hours a day Doesn’t have to be in a row, can be inbetween classes, or in the evening, in between  classes Need to rehearse the information, and the way your brain brings it back to the forefront of your  mind.  Do it out loud!! Talk through information out loud with someone Office to teach students to study and tutoring opportunites STLC 101 and 102 Workshops: Wednesday 3 and 4:10 go to website   and see the schedule Study Hub Be able to search for different types of support all across campus Whether it be tutoring or something else 26 September 2016 Week 5 – Internships and Careers Grades can be a stumbling block of building block for future GPR Learn When to have fun!!!!!! And when to get to WORK!!!! Get to know your teachers as mentors Build your plan your first year and then execute it over the next three years Dr. Kerry Litzberg Career Awareness Measure interest level in these potential careers Evaluate how well this career path fits you What are your Evaluation Criteria? Building your network Email something about yourself to people Meet many professionals in your career area: Industry Faculty Get business card Keep in contact with your network Give to your network Use your network Internships Start looking now Helps you with career and with resume GO SEE HIM TO HELP LAUNCH YOUR CAREER!!


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