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Overview of Chapter 4

by: Jourdin Bailey

Overview of Chapter 4 SOC 101G

Jourdin Bailey
GPA 3.93

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About this Document

Loconto goes over bits and pieces of Chapter 4, and gives us hints on what he may or may not put on the exam next week,
Introduction to Sociology
Dr. LoConto
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jourdin Bailey on Friday September 30, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 101G at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months taught by Dr. LoConto in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.


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Date Created: 09/30/16
9.29.2016 (Chapter 4) Division of Labor Society  Dissertation of Emile Durkheim: he studied the effects or social functions of increased division of labor on the social structure, and social solidarity. *******TWO FORMS OF SOLIDARITY 1. Mechanical: associated with PREINDUSTRIALIZATION. How people interacted and what kind of relationships they had... a society based on a strong collective consciences where people are alike and share normative behaviors. Individuality is not stressed, but conformity is.... a group of people that think the same, acted the same. 2. Organic: emerges as the division of labor increases. This encourages the development of individual differences, and the basis of social order is interdependence. Two sources of strain within organic solidarity:  Increased heterogeneity: This weakens the collective conscience and encourages individuals to identify with smaller groups and not the collective whole. EX: I identify more with New Mexico than the USA Heterogeneity= MORE DIVERSITY, people aren't coming together as an whole, so they don’t think the same. EX. Prior to WWII America was in its ethnic enclaves, interstates were built to promote less heterogeneity.  Excessive Individualism: Individuals see themselves as unique and different from others. This weakens social bonds and removes adequate anchorage. Super isolated from anyone. EXPLAIN THE 2 SOURCES OF STRAIN WITH ORGANIC SOLIDARITY. ON THE EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bureaucracy according to Max Weber: 1. High degree of division of labor: MORE SPECIALIZATION 2. Hierarchy of authority: PYRAMID OF POWER or CHAIN OF COMMAND 3. Rules and Regulations: HANDBOOK 4. Impersonal relationships: NO CLOSE TIES, EVERYBODY IS REPLACEABLE 5. Career Ladders: OPPORTUNITY TO BE PROMOTED 6. Efficiency: Problems with Bureaucracy: 1. Ritualism: BOREDOM 2. Alienation 3. Over-specialization McDONALDIZATION OF SOCIETY:  Society as fast food mentality. 1. Efficiency: Fastest way to get from point a to point b. 2. Calculability: large amount of product for less money.. Buy one get one 50% off 3. Predictability: You know what you're going to get 4. Control: things are often replicated Ethical Issues:  Objectivity in research, by bringing in all your experiences. o You have the responsibility to maintain objectivity in research to the best of your ability.


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