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Week 10: Edward Bernays

by: Kylie Kreischer

Week 10: Edward Bernays JMC:1200:0AAA

Kylie Kreischer
GPA 3.96
Media History and Culture
Frank Durham

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About this Document

Lecture 15 & 16: Edward Bernays
Media History and Culture
Frank Durham
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kylie Kreischer on Tuesday March 31, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JMC:1200:0AAA at University of Iowa taught by Frank Durham in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Media History and Culture in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 03/31/15
Lecture 15 Edward Bernays Outline Timeline Wartime propaganda WWI The crux of propaganda as persuasion Private propaganda becomes public relations Today s Questions How did wartime propaganda lead to the mergence of PR after WWI Why did Edward Bern s assume that public relations was necessary to form valid public opinion According to Bern s how could PR produce a stable democratic society and maintain a capitalist economy Timeline 1914 War begins in Europe 1917 US enters the war 0 lsolationism was a dominent political attitude prior 0 Oct 1917 Russian Revolution Bolsheviks 0 Committee on Public Information CPI or Creel Commission 0 1917 The Espionage Act war time Patriotism law 0 1918 The Alien Act war time Deport immigrants without due process 1918 Sedition Act peace time Crime to insult congress or president 1917 American Protective League 0 Part of Wilson s Administration 0 Private organization 0 Resistance to US entry in WI Socialists vs imperialist capital Recent immigrants 0 Irish vs British as allies 0 German vs war with their own homeland Second greatest immigrant population 0 Wilson s Progressive morality until 0 Wilson s 1916 promise broken Cartoon on Imperialism White Man s Burden Germany was our imperial peer not our enemy President Woodrow Wilson 19131921 He kept us out of war Democrat Lusitania Sunk May 7 1915 The Committee on Public Information Wartime propaganda George Creel director Goal to create one hot mess of prowar public opinion CPI news items were accepted freely by the press 0 Context of national crisis CPI Strategy Fear Appeals Striking fear of foreigners immigrants Aform of nativism Media used 0 Pamphlets see example in text The Kaiserite in America One hundred and one lies 0 News releases Printed freely and unedited 0 Four minute men 0 Posters like broadsides see examples The Crux of Propaganda as Persuasion Most difficult thing to change is a belief system Old cultural beliefs represented as new beliefs 0 Nativist fear of foreigners gt antiGerman views 0 Racializing the Germans o The rape myth Protection of white womenhood Dehumanizing the enemy Reusing cultural beliefs or frames by including existing beliefs in new contexts Bernays framed issues like this for business and profit 0 PR marketing byproducts of this I want YOU for US Army Private Propaganda Becomes PR Edward Bernays 0 Uncle Sigmund Freud o Coined the term PR 0 People were irrational decision makers Her behavior Self destructive tendencies o Believed it was important to manipulate the public to produce a stable tolerant society 0 People needed the topdown direction of propaganda o Believed of the importance of national unity o Propaganda 1928 Where business takes over from progressivism Capitalism is the solution Look at passage in text Wartime propaganda le to the practice of PR Lucky Strike Edward Bernays Cigarettes are quotTorches of Freedom to women 0 Taboo for women to smoke in public or even at home 0 Said if they purchased this product they would gain political and social power with men and excel themselves Summary Similarities between wartime propaganda and PR both offered 0 New beliefs fears based on old beliefs fears to produce A unified version of the truth in wartime and in peacetime to business in advertising and PR 0 Based on mass mediabased campaigns 0 Kind of topdown unified Lecture 16 Edward Bernays Says people are incapable of making decisions themselves and need to be told what to do Herd mentality Led to commercialism NOT social movement NOT muckraking NOT fourth estate IS capitalism o In order to participate in this liberating feminist stand they had to purchase a product Video Freud s nephew was Edward Bernays Torches of freedom 0 Like Lady Liberty 0 Plays on emotions 0 Made them feel more independent quotMust shift from a needs to a desire countryquot 0 Desires must overshadow needs 0 New mentality Edit Herd Instinct Bernays NOT Lippmann o Comes from propaganda from WI 0 Bernays capitalism consumerism selling product propaganda Product placement Pseudo events Manufactured events Marketing notjournalism Role forjournalism is the journalists who unmask the pseudo nature of the event Every company NEED PR to format communication 0 Lippmann journalism was the means to accomplish democracy Once you go PR you can t come back No longer pure Described reporters as the priests of American culture 0 Can t escape each other need both Strategic communications campaigning classes


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