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Week 3

by: Eric Doman
Eric Doman
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Latent heat
Physics 2
Kenneth Voss
Class Notes
Specific heat
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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eric Doman on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PHY206 at University of Miami taught by Kenneth Voss in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Physics 2 in Education, Physics at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
1/29/16 Today we learn the principal behind: Physics 205
 (adding heat to get work Friday 1/29/16
 18.5 1 law of thermodynamics Engines: over all change internal energy get work…in part of the get heat added (constantergy to volume). More details in a later lecture though. Lecture 8 Thermodynamics A rigid, constant volume container containing a mass that could be solid, liquid and/or gas is In the closed thermodynamic cycle shown in brought into contact with a much hotter object. the P-V diagram, the work done by the gas The temperature of the contents: A) Always increases is: B) Always decreases C) Always increases or remains the same D) Could increase, decrease or remain the a) positive P same. b) zero c) negative V 1 1/29/16 Thermodynamics Worked Problem A gas is contained in a sealed, frictionless, piston-cylinder arrangement, where the piston An ideal gas follows the three part mass and the atmospheric pressure above process shown below. After one cycle the piston remain constant. The gas is heated find (a) net work done by system and expands in the cylinder. In this process: (b) net change in internal energy (c) net heat absorbed by the system A) Work is done on the gas B) Work is done by the gas C) No work is done D) Insufficient information Thermal processes If the direction of this process were reversed what would change? A) ΔE i B) Q C) W A) This situation violates the First Law of Thermodynamics D) Q & W B) The First Law is satisfied, the internal energy in the box is E) ΔE &iW C) The First Law is satisfied, the internal energy in the box is decreasing D) The First Law is satisfied, the internal energy in the box is constant 2 1/29/16 Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Air is contained in a sealed tank of fixed An ice cube is placed in a cup containing some volume. The air in the tank is initially at 20 °C liquid water. The water and ice exchange energy and 1 atm (101.3 kPa). It is then heated to Consider the following possibility: After awhile, we 250 °C. What will happen to the energy of the find that the water has increased in temperature and air in the container? ice has gotten colder. A) Yes, this still satisfies the 1 Law of Thermo and A) Energy will decrease happens in Nature. B) Energy will not change B) No, this process violates the 1 Law and cannot C) Energy will increase happen. D) Insufficient information C) No, this process satisfies the 1 Law, but still does not happen in Nature. Reading Assignment Monday 2/1/16 18.6 Wednesday 2/3/16 19.1-19.2 3 2/1/16 Today’s lecture will explain How to calculate the heat transfer through insulation in your house: Physics 206
 Monday 2/1/16 18.6 Heat Transfer How the whole pot of water gets hot Lecture 9 Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Air is contained in a sealed tank of fixed TCOLD. The thermal conductivity of bar A is three times that of bar B. The cross-sectional area of bar A is one-half that of bar B. There is no heat loss from volume. The air in the tank is initially at 20 °C the sides of the bars. Which one of the following statements correctly describes and 1 atm (101.3 kPa). It is then heated to the heat conducted by the two bars in a time interval t? 250 °C. What will happen to the energy of the a) The amount of heat conducted by bar A air in the container? is 3 times that conducted by bar B. b) The amount of heat conducted by bar A is 3/2 times that conducted by bar B. A) Energy will decrease c) The amount of heat conducted by bar A is the same as that conducted by bar B) Energy will not change B. C) Energy will increase d) The amount of heat conducted by bar A is 2/3 times that conducted by bar B. D) Insufficient information e) The amount of heat conducted by bar A is 1/3 times that conducted by bar B. 1 2/1/16 Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Randy has placed 10 thermometers at different depths and radii within a pot of water on an electric stove. He then turns on the heating element under the pot Consider the following substances all at room temperature: (1) aluminum, and watches the thermometers. He notices that the temperature of the water at (2) copper, (3) steel, and (4) wood. Which one would feel the coolest if the ten locations is approximately the same as the temperature increases from room temperature to 100 °C. Which one of the flowing statements best held in your hand (which is at a temperature above room temperature)? describes the nearly uniform temperature throughout the pot? a) 1 a) Convection currents appear that evenly distribute heat throughout the pot. b) 2 b) Heat is rapidly conducted from the bottom of the pot to the top because of the temperature gradient that exists between the bottom of the pot and the top. c) 3 c) The pressure at a given depth in the water must remain constant. d) 4 d) The water is heated via radiation. The bottom of the pot is hotter than the e) All would feel the same temperature water and all water molecules are irradiated equally. e) The water molecules near the bottom receive energy from the pot and transfer that energy as they collide with other water molecules throughout the pot. Reading Assignment Wednesday 2/3/16 19.1-19.2 Friday 2/5/16 19.3-19.5 2 1/27/16 Today’s lecture explains why: •  Timing cooking in boiling water works so well Physics 206
 (universally). Wednesday 1/27/16 18.4 Latent heat, •  Ice cools drinks so well Specific heat calculations Absorption of heat Lecture 7 If you add some heat to a substance, is Will potatoes cook faster if the water is boiling faster? it possible for the temperature of the substance to remain unchanged? a) yes b) no a) yes b) no 1 1/27/16 Worked example, Silver pellets with a mass of 1.0 g and a You put 1 kg of ice at 0°C together with 1 kg of temperature of 85 C are added to 220 g of water at 14 C. How many pellets must be added to increase water at 50°C. What is the final temperature? – L = 80 cal/g the equilibrium temperature of the system to 25 C? F If copper were used instead, would it require more – cwater= 1 cal/g °C pellets or less? a) 0°C b) between 0°C and 50°C c) 50°C d) greater than 50°C Worked example You put 1 kg of ice at 0 C together with 1 kg of steam at 100 C. What is the final To help keep a barn warm on cold days, a farmer stores 900 kg of warm water in the temperature? barn. How many hours would a 2.0 kW – LF = 80 cal/g, vL = 540 cal/g electric heater have to operate to provide the ° – cwater= 1 cal/g C same amount of heat as is given off by the a) between 0 C and 50 C ° water as it cools from 20 C to 0 C then ° freezes? b) 50 C ° ° c) between 50 C and 100 C d) 100 C ° e) greater than 100 C ° 2 1/27/16 Reading Assignment Friday 1/29/16 18.5 Monday 2/1/16 18.6 3


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