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Week Five Notes

by: Maya Silver-Isenstadt

Week Five Notes PSYC298D

Maya Silver-Isenstadt

GPA 4.0
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About this Document

Cover week five lectures
Living the Good Life: The Psychology of Happiness
Dylan Selterman
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maya Silver-Isenstadt on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC298D at University of Maryland - College Park taught by Dylan Selterman in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 122 views.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
Week Five Notes Positive Affect ● Genetics and environment can predict positive affect. Some people have a higher happiness set-point but that doesn’t mean it can’t change. ● The field of psychopathology comes from a chronic lack of positive affect ● Types ○ Joy (elation) ○ Gratitude ○ Serenity ○ Hope ○ Interest ○ Pride ○ Amusement ○ Inspiration ○ Awe ■ **Love is a motivation not an emotion** ● Positive affect and negative affect are independent of each other and both evolved separately. Pleasure ● It is an experience and not an emotion. ● Types ○ Raw Feels (sensory experience) ■ Associated mostly with the skin and orifices (mouth, notes, genitals) ■ Has to do with the exchange of substances. It can lower disgust sensitivity ■ It protects bad things from entering the body. It serves survival. ○ High Mental Fulfillment (listening to music) ■ Builds psychological skills ■ Strengthen mind’s capacity for creativity Disgust ● It helps keep you clean and healthy and in society it promotes moral sanctity ● Pleasure and disgust are “yin yang” of the body -Selterman Rough and Tumble Play ● Helps challenge mind. It helps with intimacy and bonding. Helps navigate environment. Pleasure Biases ● Peak-end theory ○ Evaluate pleasantness throughout and summary (avg) ■ Peak extreme and most recent ○ Duration neglect. ■ Length is less important ● Mere-exposure effect ● Endowment effect ○ You like something more if it is related to you ■ Yours is better even if it is the same ● Interruption ○ Enhances pleasure. Delayed Gratification ■ Saturday > Friday > Sunday Affective Forecasting ● Humans can predict how they will feel but can’t predict the intensity or duration of feelings. ● Adaptation ○ Hedonic treadmill. Lottery winners and accident victims adapt back to baseline happiness level ○ It allows for a changing environment and saves resources for new stimul. ○ Relationship status is conducive to adaptation more than severe loss or disability ○ Change is less common than stability ■ Reappraisal vs. suppression Broaden and Build ● Positive Emotions ○ Focus on global configuration ○ Broader visual search patterns (eye-tracking) ○ Enhance thought-action connectivity ■ Flexibility and creative thinking ■ Openness and inclusivity ■ Variety in action responses ■ Better for Brainstorming ■ Alcohol helps a little ○ IOS (Inclusion of other in the self) closeness ■ Imaginative and attentive to fiends ■ Honesty and self disclosure ■ Prejudice toward out-group members ■ Builds enduring relationships ■ Less pain / bad health ● Negative Emotions ○ Focus on specifics ○ Narrow Visual Field ○ Details ■ Better for Proofreading Mindset ● Optimism ○ Expectation that good things will happen ○ Agency (you can control outcome) ○ Little optimism “ I will find a good parking spot” ○ Big optimism “ The world is on the right track” ○ Dispositional optimism is from personality trait. ○ Attribution style ■ Positive = explanatory ■ Negative = accusatory


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