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by: Alison Bews

French_100A_Week_Four_and_Five_Notes.pdf FRENC-100A

Marketplace > San Diego State University > French > FRENC-100A > French_100A_Week_Four_and_Five_Notes pdf
Alison Bews
GPA 3.76

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About this Document

Here are the notes for weeks four and five from class.
Elementary French 1
Holly Ransom
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alison Bews on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FRENC-100A at San Diego State University taught by Holly Ransom in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Elementary French 1 in French at San Diego State University.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
French 100A Week Four and Five Notes Day Thirteen: Avoir- to have J'ai Tu as Il/Elle/On a Nous avons Vous avez Ils/Elles ont Les articles définis (un nom précise) Le/ L' (m) La/ L' (f) Les (p) Les articles indéfinis (un nom sans précise) Un (m) Une (f) Des (p) Day Fourteen: Les jours de la semaine (Days of the week) Lundi Monday Mardi Tuesday Mercredi Wednesday Jeudi Thursday Vendredi Friday Samedi Saturday Dimanche Sunday Mon jour préféré est le vendredi. My favorite day of the week is Friday. Je préfèré le lundi. I prefer Monday. Mon anniversaire est le onze octobre. My birthday is October eleventh. J'ai dix-neuf ans. I am nineteen. *We use the verb "avoir" to talk about how old people are. It's almost like you are saying how many years you "have"* Quel âge as-tu? How old are you? *Again, we are using "avoir" to ask how old someone is. In this case I am using an inversion of the verb and subject to form a question. We have not been taught this in class or in the book yet, but she often phrases questions like this when she is talking in class* ex) Comment t'appele-tu? What's your name? ex) As-tu un stylo? Do you have a pen? ex) Avons-nous un examen? Do we have a test? Les articles définis/indéfinis review *Definite articles are used for something specific, while indefinite articles are used for more general terms* ex) Voici des enfants. Ce sont les enfants de Marion. Here are some children. They are Marion's children/the children of Marion. ex) Voici une ville. C'est la ville de Besançon. Here is a town. This is the town of Besançon. ex) Voici un immeuble. C'est l'immeuble. Here is a building. This is the building. Day Fifteen: When talking about what we did on the weekend, we don't say "sur le week-end," we say: "Dans le week-end" or "Pendant le week-end" *Pendant means during Les adjectifs posséssifs My/mine Mon (m) Ma (f) Mes (p) Your/yours Ton (m) Ta (f) Tes (p) His/Her(s) Son (m) Sa (f) Ses (p) Our/ours Notre (m&f) Nos (p) Your/yours Votre (m&f) Vos Their/theirs Leur (m&f) Leurs (p) New words Une bague- a ring Une chose- a thing Des choses- things Des affaires- stuff Day Sixteen: Entendre = Écouter (to hear/listen) We most likely won't be tested on "entendre" because we haven't learned conjugations for verbs ending in "re" yet, but she sometimes uses this word in class. La famille (family) L'arbre généalogique (Family Tree) Mon grand-père + Ma grande-mère = Mes grands-parents Grandpa + Grandma = Grand-parents Mon père + Ma mère = Mes parents Father + Mother = Parents Mon frère Brother Ma sœur Sister Mon cousin + Ma cousine = Mes cousins/Mes cousines Boy cousin + Girl cousin = Cousins Mon oncle Uncle Ma tante Aunt Terms for used to describe people in a family: Célebrataire Unmarried L'époux Spouse Paternel Paternal Maternel Maternal Les enfants Children Les jumeaux Twins Un fils Son Une fille Daughter Un neveu Nephew Une nièce Niece Le beau-père Step-father/Father-in-law La belle-mère Step-mother/Mother-in-law Mort(e)(s) Dead Combiens de frères as-tu? How many brothers do you have? Venir- to come Je viens Tu viens Il/Elle/On vient Nous venons Vous venez Ils/Elles viennent Ex) Je suis canadienne. Je viens de Toronto. I am Canadian. I come from Toronto. D'où tu viens? Where are you from? Where do you come from? From where do you come? Je viens de Los Angeles. I am from Los Angeles. I come from Los Angeles. Day Seventeen: Les prépositions De + le = du C'est le chien du garçon. This is the boy's dog De + la = de la Les clés de la voiture sont dans son sac. The car's keys are in his/her bag. De + l '= de l' Nous écoutons les CD de l'oncle. We listen to the uncle's CDs. De + les = des C'est adresse des parents de Serge. This is Serge's parents' address. Day Eighteen: Les prépositions de lieu Entre Between Sur On Derrière Behind Devant In front Au-dessus de Above Au-dessous de Below Près de Near À côté de Next to En face de Facing/Across from Dans In Sous Under Loin de Far from *Prepositions that end in "de" contract with "le" and "les" as follows: La table est à côté du mur. The table is next to the wall La porte est près des fenêtres. The door is near the windows. *chez Alison -in Alison's house Higher numbers: Soixante 60 Soixante-dix 70 Quatre-vingt 80 Quatre-vingt dix 90 *Think of 70 as 60+10, 71 as 60+11, etc.h *Think of 80 as 4x20, 81 as (4x20)+1, etc. *Think of 90 as (4x20)+10, 91 as (4x20)+11, etc.


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