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hesc 220 ch 2

by: Sandy Myint

hesc 220 ch 2 HESC 220

Sandy Myint
Cal State Fullerton

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About this Document

ch 2
Concepts Health Science
A. Ransons
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sandy Myint on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HESC 220 at California State University - Fullerton taught by A. Ransons in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 57 views.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
CH  2  Why  is  Public  Health  Controversial     • Can  be  viewed  as  a  broad  social  movement   • Beauchamp  (a  health  philosopher),  wrote  “public  health  should  be  a  way  of   doing  justice.  A  way  of  asserting  the  value  and  priority  of  all  human  life.”   • Social  Justice  vs.  Market  Justice     • Social  Justice  –  “suggests  the  minimal  levels  of  income,  housing,  employment,   education  and  health  care  should  all  be  basic  fundamental  rights.”   • Market  Justice  –  “emphasizes  individual  responsibility,  minimal  obligation  to   the  common  good”     • The  broad  view  of  PH  creates  controversy  in  our  country,  as  Americans  place   a  heavy  value  on  individualism  and  a  market-­‐oriented  society.   • Many  Americans  oppose  being  told  what  to  do  (e.g.  wear  a  seatbelt).   • Moralists  oppose  discussing  health  issues  that  address  personal  unhealthy   behaviors  (adolescent  sexuality,  unsafe  sex  practices)     The  Debate   • Economic  –  just  about  every  PH  measure  will  have  a  negative  economic   impact  on  some  group  (lost  jobs,  increased  taxes,  lost  income,  increased  price   of  product)   • Specific  Examples  ???   • The  cost  of  PH  measures  are  usually  easier  to  calculate  than  the  benefits  (ex.   LA  smog).  It  is  very  difficult  to  put  a  dollar  value  on  life  and  health.     • Individual  Liberty  –  The  U.S.  Constitution  lists  “promote  the  general  welfare”   as  one  of  the  gov’ts  primary  purposes.   • The  controversy  comes  as  we  have  to  decide  to  what  extent  the  gov’t  can  and   should  restrict  individual  freedom  for  the  purposes  of  improving  the  public’s   health.   • Most  controversial  are  restrictions  on  people’s  freedom  to  harm  themselves.     • Moral  and  Religious  Opposition  –  Public  Health  often  arouses  controversy  on   moral  grounds,  most  often  when  it  confronts  sexual  and  reproductive  issues.   • Sex  education,  provision  of  contraception,  teaching  safer  sex  practices,   abortion   • While  regulating  for  the  common  good,  basing  legislation  on  morality  has   proven  ineffective,  self-­‐defeating  and  a  threat  to  liberty,  in  part  because  we   differ  in  what  we  view  as  moral.          


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