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hesc 220 ch 3

by: Sandy Myint

hesc 220 ch 3 HESC 220

Sandy Myint
Cal State Fullerton

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About this Document

ch 3
Concepts Health Science
A. Ransons
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sandy Myint on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HESC 220 at California State University - Fullerton taught by A. Ransons in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 49 views.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
CH  3  Powers  and  Responsibilities  of  Government     Government  and  Public  Health   § Government’s  role  in  public  health  is  determined  by  law.   § Government’s  activities  must  be  authorized  by  legislation  at  the  federal,  state   or  local  levels.   § Public  Health  law  can  be  further  defined  by  decisions  of  the  courts  at  the   various  levels  of  government.   § The  federal  role  in  public  health  is  based  on  the  Constitution’s  statement  “to   promote  the  general  welfare”   § Examples:   § Dept  of  Health  and  Human  Services  -­‐  FDA,  CDC,  NIH,   Medicaid/Medicare   § Other  federal  departments/agencies  -­‐  Dept  of  Labor,  OSHA;  EPA;  Dept   of  Agriculture;  Dept.  of  Education,  etc…   § Helmets  for  motorcyclists   § Since  the  1980’s  there  has  been  a  strong  push  by  Congress  to  cut  government   regulation  and  move  powers  back  to  the  States.   § The  Constitution  does  not  mention  health.   § Because  the  Tenth  Amendment  states  “the  powers  not  delegated  to  the   United  States  by  the  Constitution…are  reserved  to  the  States  respectively,”   public  health  has  been  a  responsibility  primarily  of  the  states.   § Most  state  constitutions  provide  for  the  protection  of  public  health.     § Responsibility  for  some  public  health  activities  may  be  delegated  by  the  state   to  local  governments.     How  the  Law  Works   § Police  Powers  –  government's  broad  power  to  act  to  protect  the  public’s   welfare/health.   § Police  powers  evoked  for  3  reasons:   § To  prevent  one  from  harming  another   § To  protect  the  common  good   § In  some  cases  to  protect  a  person  from  harming  himself/herself   § At  any  level  of  gov’t  a  legislature  perceiving  a  need,  passes  a  statute.   § The  statute  may  be  challenged  in  court,  and  the  decision  of  the  court  may  be   appealed  to  higher  courts.   § On  issues  of  constitutionality,  a  state  court  may  overturn  a  local  law  or  court   decision,  and  a  federal  court  may  overturn  a  state  law  or  court  decision.   § 1905,  Smallpox  Vaccine  example     Nongovernmental  Role  in  Public  Health   § Govt.  may  play  the  primary  role  in  public  health,  however  nongovernmental   organizations  play  important  roles,  especially  in  education,  lobbying  and   research.   § Amer.  Heart  Assoc;  Amer.  Cancer  Assoc,  Amer.  Diabetes  Assoc   § Professional  membership  organizations,  APHA,  AMA   § Associations:  Amer.  Assoc  of  Schools  or  Public  Health   § Foundations:  Robert  Wood  Johnson,  Kaiser  Family  Foundation   § Consumer  Groups    


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