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Texas Culture and History

by: Robin W.

Texas Culture and History Pols 2312 (Political Science, Dr. Allen Saxe)

Robin W.
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About this Document

This document covers important dates in the history and development of Texas as a republic and as a state. This spans from 1836 to the early 20th century. It covers wars, elections, and important p...
State and Local Government
Allen Saxe
Class Notes
Government, texas, history, state, War, Election, Governor




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Robin W. on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Pols 2312 (Political Science, Dr. Allen Saxe) at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Allen Saxe in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see State and Local Government in Government at University of Texas at Arlington.

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Date Created: 10/01/16
Texas Culture and History o 1836-1838 o lots of sparse prairie, Native Americans, and a small population  27 million people in Texas today  7.5 million people in North Texas  at the time the Mexican government wanted people to settle in Texas  Sam Houston came from Tennessee  Stephen F. Austin was also originally from Virginia o when Texas gained independence from Mexico the battles were landmarks in the march to Texas history o Texas is the only state that for a short period of time was its own nation  1836-1845  The only thing that would have come close is California being known as bear republic o 1845 o Texas Annexes into the U.S.  This was not uniformly popular  It came economic problems  Many people did not was to enter  This was a trigger point for the Mexican American War o 1846-1848 o Mexican-American War  Easy war  Mainly stemmed from border disputes  Many soldiers in the war were graduates of West Point and would go on to fight in the Civil War  Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant o James K. Polk was president  He added a lot of land to the U.S.  This includes California New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Oklahoma o 1861-1865 o civil war  this involved the same generals (listed above) from the Mexican-American war, but they were on opposite sides  many say this war defined America as much as the American Revolution  People didn’t view themselves as American at the time, rather they saw themselves as Virginians ,Texans, ect. o 1865 o more people died in the Civil War than any other U.S. war o the North outnumbered the South 4:3  the north also possessed more industry like railroads and steel  although the south almost won the war  capital of the confederacy was located at Montgomery, Alabama but was eventually moved to Richmond, Virginia  Sam Houston warned Texans not to join the confederacy o He knew that Texas would be on the losing side  Federal troops eventually moved into Texas and occupied the south o They brought the republican party with them  They took former slaves and put them into office  Many African Americans were Republican, not Democratic o 1865-1876 o this was known as the reconstruction era  this is when the South was occupied o in 1876 there was a deal at the national level  during the Hayes-Tilden Election an ethical battle took place in the electoral college  get troops out of the South and we will vote for your party o Democratic Party reemerges  This leads to segregation and Jim Crow Laws  Reconstruction ended in 1876 o 1876 o republicans and federal troops left the south o the democratic party was like a religion  it was emotional and determined other aspects of life like jobs  9/10 Texans in the south were democrats  republicans were scorned o Lincoln wanted slaves to be repatriated to Africa o Segregation continues for about 125 years o After the civil war and reconstruction, Texas returned to the U>S. o Many Native Americans were still on reservations  Some are even located in Texas o Texas also wanted railroads, so they gave the government land for railroad construction o Abatement: tax break o Texas Enterprise Fund: government has commission at their discretion they can give money to companies  Thth is where government mistrust began o End of the 19 century o The Texas Railroad commission was established  Its main responsibility was oil and gas o Banking  State banking board is responsible for regulating banks o The Texas Department of Insurance  The insurance board regulates the cost of insurance o Early 20 Century o The south is known for having poorer states o Football was like a psychological boost to citizen morale  Many field hands were given spots on football teams o Elections  Around WWI  Jim Ferguson (“Pa”) was the governor and was married to Miriam Ferguson (“Ma”) o They were like the bush family of that era o The main argument was that Texas needed to be more economically sound o Jim is now known for being a crook  He sold things out of the capitol, which eventually led to his impeachment o Later on Miriam runs for governor around the 1920s and 1930s  Known for the slogan “Two governors for the price of one”  She won her political campaign o Texas has 150 members in the House of Representatives o They get together and decide on one vote for elections and decisions


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