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by: Taija Pryor
Taija Pryor
GPA 3.1
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About this Document

Introductory Concepts in Biology
Ms. Margaret Hood
Class Notes
Biology, Syllabus




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taija Pryor on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to RCO 252-01 at University of North Carolina - Greensboro taught by Ms. Margaret Hood in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Introductory Concepts in Biology in Biology at University of North Carolina - Greensboro.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
RCO 252-01 MWF 10-10:50 Fall 2016 Instructor: Ms. Margaret Hood Office: Sullivan Science 323 Telephone: 256-2738 E-mail: (please include “RCO” as the subject line so your message does not get ignored). Office hours: M 9-9:50am and 11:15-12:15, W 11:15-12:15, and by appointment Required Material: th 1. Human Biology, Sylvia S. Mader and Michael Windelspecht, 13 edition, McGraw-Hill Publishers. 2. 4 red, 200-item scantron sheets for exams. These will be the only way that your exams will be scored. I will NOT provide these during exams. You will need to fill these in with a #2 pencil. Objective: The objective of the course is to present some of the major concepts of biology, using human biology as the primary focus. Students will learn about the scientific method, the characteristics of life, human anatomy and physiology, reproduction, genetics, human diseases, and human impact on Earth. Learning Objectives: Students successfully completing the course should be able to explain how scientists formulate and test hypotheses, describe the structures and functions of human organ systems, explain the role of organ systems in maintaining homeostasis, understand the major concepts of genetics, and have a better understanding of human diseases and how humans impact the Earth. Attendance: You are expected to be in your seat and ready for class ON TIME. My exams will be taken almost exclusively from material covered in lecture, so ATTENDANCE IS ESSENTIAL. When you miss lectures, you are responsible for all material covered or announcements made during your absence. Students who miss a class must obtain the notes from a classmate; I do not supply copies of my notes nor do I re-teach any class for individual students. 5% of your overall grade is attendance and participation. You can only get these points if you are in class. You will receive 5 pts each class if you are on-time, have a good attitude, follow the policies, and participate. There are 36 class periods (not counting exams) so if you multiply 36 X 5 that equals 180 pts. I am going to only count these points out of 165 so that means you could miss 3 classes and still get all your points. Please save these absences for when you are sick because if you use them up then get sick and miss class, you will not get points for the days you were sick. Note: you cannot earn more than 165 pts. Classroom Demeanor: 1. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful of their instructor and classmates by:  arriving for class on time and staying for the entire period, because late arrivals and early departures are disruptive to others  refraining from conversation with others in the classroom or electronically with others outside the classroom  keeping your cell phones and other portable electronic devices turned off or in completely silent mode  using your laptop for taking lecture notes only and not for social activities or entertainment  not packing up before class is dismissed 2. Any student disregarding the above listed standards of conduct will be asked to leave immediately, and may be withdrawn from the course at the instructor’s discretion. 3. For information on the UNCG policy on disruptive behavior in the classroom, please read the policy online at Academic Integrity Policy: Students are required to review the academic integrity policy at the beginning of each semester. This policy can be found online at In all cases of suspected violations, Academic Integrity Procedures will be followed as outlined by the policy. Lecture Exams: 1. Each lecture exam will consist of approx. 30-50 questions based on lecture topics covered since the previous exam. Exams are not cumulative, but interpretation of questions on later exams may require knowledge of concepts and terminology learned earlier in the semester. 2. Exam questions will be in multiple-choice format and will require a scantron answer sheet to complete. 3. Students must provide their own scantron answer sheet and #2 pencil(s) for each exam. 4. It is the student’s responsibility to be present and on time for exams. If you arrive after someone has already left, you will receive a zero on the exam. 5. Use of headphones, earbuds, or other electronic devices during exams is strictly prohibited. 6. On exam days, hoods and baseball caps should not be worn. 7. Students asked to relocate during an exam should not be offended, as seating arrangements often make it easier to move an innocent person than a suspicious one. 8. If the University is closed for any reason on an exam day, the exam will be given during the next regularly scheduled class period. 9. Make-up exams will be given only in the event of an excused absence (see below): a. A student may be excused from an exam *only* in the case of documented illness, personal emergency or authorized University commitment. b. The student must contact the instructor prior to the scheduled time of the exam, either in person, by phone or by e-mail, and must provide adequate documentation, otherwise the absence will not be excused and no makeup will be given. c. The format of the make-up could be different than regular scheduled exams. 10. An unexcused absence on the day of an exam will result in a grade of zero for that exam. Grading: 1. The final grade for the course will be based on the following assessments: A). 4 lecture exams ……………………………………………………………………………………95% of grade  all exams are non-cumulative  no tests will be dropped or disregarded B). Attendance/Perticipation …………………………………………………………………………...5% of grade  Note: Attendance points cannot be made up! 2. Letter grades, including plus/minus designations, will be based a standard 10pt scale as follows: 100.00 – 97.00 =A+ 89.99 – 87.00 = B+ 79.99 – 77.00 = C+ 69.99 – 67.00 = D+ 59.99 or below = F 96.99 – 93.00 = A 86.99 – 83.00 = B 76.99 – 73.00 = C 66.99 – 63.00 = D 92.99 – 90.00 = A- 82.99 – 80.00 = B- 72.99 – 70.00 = C- 62.99 – 60.00 = D- 3. Grading Regulations  Scores on exams will be available within Canvas. Numerical values shown in the “Overall Grade” section will not be rounded up (see #2 above).  There will be no opportunities to earn extra credit, so please do not ask for this concession.  No tests will be curved and no final grades will be curved, so please do not ask for this concession.  Students will receive the grade they have earned, based on the information above, with no special consideration given under any circumstances. Please note: The course syllabus serves as a contract between the instructor and the students. Your continued presence in the class beyond the first lecture signifies that you understand and accept the course objectives and policies on attendance, demeanor, academic integrity, exams (including excused absences and make-up exams) and grading. Tentative Lecture Schedule (Margaret Hood RCO 252-01 Fall 2014) Period Date Topic Chapter (in textbook) 1 M 22 Aug. Exploring Life and Science 1 2 W 24 Exploring Life and Science 1 3 F 26 Exploring Life and Science 1 4 M 29 Aug. Chemistry of Life 2 5 W 31 Chemistry of Life 2 6 F 2 Sept. Chemistry of Life 2 M 5 Sept. No Classes Labor Day 7 W 7 Chemistry of Life 2 8 F 9 Cell Structure and Function (&DNA) 3 9 M 12 Sept. Cell Structure and Function (&DNA) 3 10 W 14 Cell Structure and Function (&DNA) 3 11 F 16 Organization and Regulation of Body Systems 4 12 M 19 Sept. EXAM 1 13 W 21 Cardiovascular System: Heart & Blood Vessels 5 14 F 23 Cardiovascular System: Heart & Blood Vessels 5 15 M 26 Sept. Cardiovascular System: Heart & Blood Vessels 5 16 W 28 Cardiovascular System: Heart & Blood Vessels 5 17 F 30 Cardiovascular System: Blood 6 18 M 3 Oct. Cardiovascular System: Blood 6 19 W 5 Cardiovascular System: Blood 6 20 F 7 Digestive System and Nutrition 8 21 M 10 Oct. Digestive System and Nutrition/Review 8 22 W 12 EXAM 2 F 14 No Class M 17 Oct. No Classes Fall Break 23 W 19 Respiratory System 9 24 F 21 Respiratory System 9 25 M 24 Oct. Urinary System 10 26 W 26 Skeletal System 11 27 F 28 Skeletal System 11 28 M 31 Oct. Muscular System 12 29 W 2 Nov. Muscular System 12 30 F 4 Muscular System/Review 12 31 M 7 Nov. EXAM 3 32 W 9 Nervous System 13 33 F 11 Nervous System 13 34 M 14 Nov. Senses 14 35 W 16 Senses 14 36 F 18 Senses 14 37 M 21 Nov. Reproductive System 16 W 23 No Class Thanksgiving Break F 25 No Class Thanksgiving Break 38 M 28 Nov. Human Population and Impact 24 39 W 30 Human Population and Impact 24 40 F 2 Dec. EXAM 4


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