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Week 5 notes

by: Katlyn Palka

Week 5 notes HTH 231

Katlyn Palka

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About this Document

Notes from Monday 9/26 and Friday 9/30
Population Health Determinants
Timothy Howley
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katlyn Palka on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HTH 231 at James Madison University taught by Timothy Howley in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Population Health Determinants in Health science at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
9/30 Unnatural Causes: Place Matters ● Richmond, Ca ● World War 2 ended and the economy plummeted ○ The people that could move out (white people) did ■ They could get loans to buy houses (90% of the  loans went to white people) ■ They had good education opportunities  ○ The people left in Richmond California suffered, because they lost their jobs (the shipyard wasn’t needed anymore) ■ High unemployment ■ High poverty rates ■ No one wanted to teach there, the schools weren’t  getting funded (from taxes), crowded schools, run down schools ■ They wanted to leave but they didn’t have the  opportunity to leave ● This causes the cycles to continue High Point ● Breathe easy units ● Rebuilding process that generated funds (federal and local grants) ○ Included the people that were going to live there in the rebuilding  process (empowers the people that live there) ● Community gardens ● Mixed income ● Sidewalks and more greenspace Both ● High asthma ● Environmental toxins (cheaper to live near these) ● Chronic stress ● Similar history ● General poverty tax ○ Certain things cost more than if you were high income ■ Cars, houses ○ Pay more money to have access to other things that people have  access to (public transportation) ○ To cash their checks  Richmond ● High crime rate/violence ● Food dessert ● Low quality schooling ● Poor indoor housing  ● Marginalized population 9/26/16 ● Comic Strip class reflection  ● Lack of wealth and education can affect your life ● It is a portrayal of reality ● Lack of empathy­ people don’t see the barriers that others have to overcome (some people have a harder, tougher life than others)  ○ People don’t understand what others have to go  through  ● It is hard to break the cycle that you are born into ● Reading levels ○ Students that don’t read proficiently by 3rd grade are 4 times more likely to leave school without a diploma from high school compared to proficient  readers. The number rises when those kids also come from poverty. ■ This study was released by The Annie E. Casey  Foundation ■ Lower income families may not have the time to  work with their children, they might not have as well of preschool options,  they might not have books in their home, etc.  ● Societal Factors ○ Income and poverty ○ Income inequality ○ Education ○ Employment ○ Social mobility ■ The ability to move up and down the social classes ○ Household composition ■ Is it single parent? Two parent household? ■ How many dependents live in the house? How  many children? ■ Income of the household ○ Race and ethnic identification ● Upstream and midstream factors  ○ Box 6­1from shorter lives, poorer health  ○ Upstream societal factors: laws, policies, and underlying values  that shape the following: (root cause) ■ Income and wealth ■ Education ■ Employment ■ Household composition ■ Experiences based on race or ethnic group ■ Social mobility ■ Stressful experiences related to any of the above ■ Income inequality ○ Midstream societal factors: factors that are strongly influenced  by upstream factors and that are likely to affect health: ■ Housing ■ Transportation ■ Other conditions in homes, schools, workplaces,  neighborhoods, and communities, including conditions that produce  stress and family disruptions (parenting styles, parenting stress, leisure  time, quality of schooling, physical and psychosocial working conditions) ○ Midstream societal factors are impacted by the upstream societal  factors.  ○ Upstream societal factors stay with you where you go, whereas  the midstream factors can change ● Hopelessness and powerlessness ○ Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies ■ Hope gives people something to believe in and  creates an optimistic mindset ■ Hope can help alleviate some stress (especially in  poverty) ● Epigenetic ○ Social factors may also influence health by interacting with a  person’s genotype ○ Genes that may be related to obesity, heart and lung disease,  diabetes, and cancer ○ Living under chronic stress can be changing our genetic structure, which makes us more prone to disease Due Wed. 9/28 Watch the second episode of unnatural causes (30 mins)


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