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J 201 - Week 1 Notes

by: Alex Tucker

J 201 - Week 1 Notes J 201

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Journalism > J 201 > J 201 Week 1 Notes
Alex Tucker
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About this Document

Here are the notes from Week 1.
Media And Society
Peter Alilunas
Class Notes
Syllabus, CriticalTheory




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alex Tucker on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to J 201 at University of Oregon taught by Peter Alilunas in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 197 views. For similar materials see Media And Society in Journalism at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
Syllabus Day (Day 1) 9/26/16 - Blac Chyna - Model / reality star / ex stripper / mom / wife - Dating Rob Kardashian - Has their own show called Rob & Chyna - 1991 - (Sept. 24 1991) - Nirvana releases “Nevermind” - Takes over #1 album (Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous”) - Overtook Pearl Jam & other grunge artists - Rick Marin - NY Times journalist - Boss told him to find out more about grunge in Seattle - Calls up Megan Jasper (Caroline Records) - MJ made up slang & sent it to the reporter - People think the made-up words are actually used - Is being pop cultured important? - Yes, to carry out a conversation with others. - About Me: Prof. Peter Alilunas (Dr. Pete) - Al-uh-loo-nus - PhD UMich - MA Texas - BA UO - What is this course? - Analyzing media - Question everything! - **Be Intellectually Curious** - who - what - where - why - when - how - Our primary learning outcomes: 1. Understand, analyze, and critique historical media and the industries that make them. 2. Understand, analyze, and critique the relationships between power, hegemony, and media. 3. Understand, analyze, and critique the ways in which meaning is Syllabus Day (Day 1) 9/26/16 manufactured, reproduced, and managed by the media industries. 4. Communicate intelligibly and thoughtfully, in both verbal and written forms, about media and media theories. 5. Conduct research on topics related to media. - Ultimately, our primary Learning Outcome will be to understand the histories and contexts of various media and the industries that make them, and to think critically about their roles, functions, and impacts on society. - Questions: - Making & maintaining power depends in part on the capacity to control meaning. - Three concepts that are critical in examining relationship between meaning & power: discourse. Critical Theory (Day 2) 9/28/16 - Critical Theory gives us tools to understand the world around us beyond a superficial level. - “The Cocktail Party” - we will go to events where you will talk to others professionally; “smart talk” - Ideology - Framework of ideas upon which people make decisions & act - Democracy - Capitalism - Discourse - System of ideas that inform the rules, procedures, & practices of society & its institutions - Newspapers - Social media - Graffiti - Classroom lectures - What is presented - Room setup - Colin Kaepernick @ football game - Music videos - Movies - **Discourse delivers ideology** - Meaning - What is meant by a word, text, conception, or action - Meaning is fixed (permanent) - Ferdinand De Saussure – linguist - “We are socialized in a prison-house of language” - images are also a language; languages have fixed meanings - created system for signs - signifier = image, word, sound … - signified = concept / meaning - examples: Cat, Stop sign, Turn signs - Louis Althusser – also linguist - Agrees w/ Saussure; goes beyond w/ ideologies being fixed also - Ideological State Apparatuses - Cultural institutions w/ power (position us w/ fixed meanings / cultural positions through ideology) Critical Theory (Day 2) 9/28/16 - Family - Government - Religion - Politics - Media - In fact, consciousness itself is a product of the way a person relates w/ ISAs. - Structuralism - Meaning & culture is fixed - Do we have any say of our lives? - Michael Foucault - Meaning is temporarily fixed - We are positioned within discourse - Discourse is subject to constant struggle - Can we escape discourse? - Foucault believes we are post-structuralism - Jacques Derrida - Meaning is never fixed - Discourse is never fixed & is always changing - Post-modernism - question everything even reality itself - “Matrix”; based off of Post-modernism - example of a device is smartphones - Timeline (Structuralism  Post-structuralism  Post-modernism) - Power - Ability to realize your will against the will of others - Making & maintaining power depends in part on capacity to control meaning - Hegemony - Cultural condition where a particular way of life & its ideas, identities, & meanings are accepted as “common sense” by a population - Wearing suit to job - Sexual desire - **hegemonic legitimacy is granted when dominated groups consent to domination by more powerful groups** - Antonio Gramsci (Italian) Critical Theory (Day 2) 9/28/16 - First, professional communicators help convince public to support interests of the powerful & accept them as normal - Requires constant maintenance & is in a permanent state of tension / change - Those in power will alter definitions & boundaries of hegemony for their favor - “the more legitimacy dominant groups have, less violence is needed to employ” consent to domination - Do we have any say about how we interpret the media? - Encoding / decoding


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