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Week 5 Notes

by: Mary Bone

Week 5 Notes Art 104B

Mary Bone

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About this Document

Moving past the High Classical period focusing on the 4th century, mainly with sculpture.
Ancient Art, CR # 41908
Jeanette Cooper
Class Notes
Art History
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mary Bone on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Art 104B at Humboldt State University taught by Jeanette Cooper in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Ancient Art, CR # 41908 in Art at Humboldt State University.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
Week 5  Attic Red Figure o Style first introduced in the Transitional Period o Ex: Attic Red figure amphora by the Achilles Painters, c 440 BC o Ex: attic red­figure attributed to the Medias Painter  Bottom: Herakles in the garden of the Hesperides  Top: rape of the daughters of Leucippus  Shoulder: horse groups with a cult state of Aphrodite  South Italian Red­Figure o South Italian red­figure Krater by Cyclops Painter, c 420­440 BC  Attic White­Ground Style o Ex: White­ground Krater from Volci, c440­430 BC  Dionysus and Hermes  “The Fostering Dionysus”  white­ground oinoche  Brygos Painter  Woman spinning   C. 490­480 BC  Most common vessel type is Lekythoi  Used for funerals  Greek Art—the 4  Century BC o Ex: Temple of Apollo Bassae c.430­390 BC  Has Doric, ionic, and Corinthian columns  Continuous frieze on interior of Cella  Greeks vs. Amazon  Lapiths vs. Centaurs  Theolos at Epidaurus o Approached by a ramp o Diameter of 72 ft. o 3 concentric circles o Corinthian columns  Capital  Double row of acanthus leaves  Choragic Monument of Lysikrates o Athsts  o 1  example of Corinthian columns on an exterior  Town Planning and Domestic Architecture o Town planning  Organic and irregular in older cities  Grid system at new sites  “Hippodamian” o domestic Architecture  Pastas house style   Prostas house style  Pastas House Type o Narrow doorway o Passage o Courtyard  With columns o Pastas to the North  Open portico o Andrion o Kitchen o Bathroom/latrine o 2  floor  bedrooms  Sculpture o Interest in  More naturalistic representation  Growing interest in emotion, character, age, mood  Smaller heads  A nascent interest in depicting children  Sculpture in­the­round o Comparing high classical to 4  c. sculpture th o 4  c, sculpture  ex: Antikythera Bronze, “Perseus”  c. 350 BC, 6ft, 11in  originally holding o Medusa’s head o Sword  New things o Small head o Outstretched arm o Left wood swaying pose o Tilting head  High Classical Sculpture o Ex: “Diadoumenos” by Polykleitos  Youth trying to tie ribbon  4  c. Sculpture o Ex: “Sauroktonos”  Lizard slayer  C. 275 BC o Ex: Bronze Athena  From Piraeus  C. 350 BC  New  Dense drapery o More realistic hanging and folding o Head tilt o Ex: Eirene holding the Puloutos  By Kephisodotos  Roman copy of a c. 370 BC Greek Bronze  6ft 6 ½ in   right hand held a scepter  drapery  realistic density and texture o Ex: Hermes and Dionysus, Olympia  By Praxiteles  C. 340 BC  Marble  7ft 1in  new  tilting head  smaller head  long, lean thighs  expression, interested, intimate o ex: Aphrodite of Knidos  by Praxiteles  roman copy of a Greek marble  c. 350 BC  6ft 8in  1  full scale female nude  Pottery o High classical o Attic red­figure cup  By the Meleager Painter  Dionysus, Eros, and a woman  C. 390­380 BC o Ex: Attic red­figure pelike  By the Marsyas Painter  Peleus, Thetis, Eros, and nymphs  C. 360­350 BC  Twisting bodies of Thetis and the fleeing Nereid  Use of color white, gold, blue, green o Ex: South Italian red figure Krater  By the Iliouspersis Painter  C. 380­370 BC  Funerary  Dead youth leans on a water basin in a temple  Varied viewpoints  Attempts at spatial depth  Color­white  Ornate o Ex: South Italian red­figure Krater  By Assateas  Phlyax play scene  C. 350 BC  Actors on stage  Wearing masks  Odd clothes  On a platform  Wearing stockings  Mosaics o Greek  Material—pebbles  Greek colors­ black, white, some red o Macedonian  Material—pebbles  Use od diagonal lines and contours  Use of more colors and shading  Attempts to show depth, mass, and space


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