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2B - Part 2 Notes

by: Nico M.

2B - Part 2 Notes SPN 1120

Nico M.
GPA 3.3

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About this Document

-Directions -Locations -Culture -Using the verb ESTAR -Conjugating verbs in action
Elementary Spanish 1
Jamile Forcelini
Class Notes
SPN, spanish
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nico M. on Sunday October 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to SPN 1120 at Florida State University taught by Jamile Forcelini in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Elementary Spanish 1 in Foreign Language at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 10/02/16
2B - Part 2 Directions - Direcciones 
 encima de (above; on top of) detras de (behind) a la a la izquierda derecha de de (to the left (to the of) right of) delante de (in front of) enfrente de (opposite of; across from) debajo de (below) 
 lejos de (far from) cerca de (close to) alrededor de (around) al norte de (to the north of) al oeste de al este de (to the west of) (to the east of) al sur de (to the south of) Locations - Lugares • the library - la biblioteca • the chapel - la capilla • the student center/union - el centro estudiantil • the stadium - el estadio • (dorm) room - la habitación • the bookstore - la librería • the dormitory - la residencia estudiantil • the tower - la torre the bar - el bar • • the gymnasium - el gimnasio 
 la bibliboteca la capilla el centro estudiantil el estadio la habitación la librería la residencia estudiantil la torre el bar el gimnasio Culture • In Mexico and other Spanish-speaking nations, it is common for universities not to have student housing or dormitories like many universities in the United States do. Many students will live in houses or apartments away from campus and commute to school each day. • City parks in the Spanish-speaking world are often used to socialize, especially on Sundays when families go for afternoon strolls. Parks are often filled with various vendors and entertainers. Taking a jog through the park is not the norm for most Spanish-speaking countries. Using the verb ESTAR Two common uses of ESTAR: • expressing the location of people, objects, or places People: Mike está afuera. = Mike is outside. Objects: Mi mochilla está debajo del escritorio. = My backpack is under the desk. Places: El estadio está lejos de mi casa. = The stadium is far from my house. • expressing an action in progress Karen está cocinando la cena. = Karen is cooking dinner. Conjugating verbs expressing actions in progress (much like the -ing ending in English) -AR verbs: to express an -AR verb that is in progress, drop the -ar ending and add -ando. Mathew is practicing soccer. = Mathew está practicando el fútbol. -ER and -IR verbs: to express an -ER or -IR verb in progress, drop the -er/-ir ending and add -iendo. correr: Sasha is running in the park. = Sasha está corriendo en el parque. escribir: Terry is writing a text message. = Terry está escribiendo un mensaje de texto. For the verb leer (to read), the -iendo ending is switched for the -yendo ending so that there are not three consecutive vowels. So, Robert is reading in the library. = Roberto está leyendo en la biblioteca.


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