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Jour 374 Advertising and Marketing Marketing correctly to the right group

by: Rebel_Athlete

Jour 374 Advertising and Marketing Marketing correctly to the right group Jour 374

Marketplace > University of Nevada - Las Vegas > Journalism > Jour 374 > Jour 374 Advertising and Marketing Marketing correctly to the right group

GPA 3.2

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About this Document

Marketing to the correct group is of utmost importance when it comes to other cultures. Looking at the way other cultures function when it comes to societal issues is key to making the correct mark...
Advertising Copywriting
Maria Marinch
Class Notes
Advertising, and, Marketing, journalism
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rebel_Athlete on Sunday October 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Jour 374 at University of Nevada - Las Vegas taught by Maria Marinch in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Advertising Copywriting in Journalism at University of Nevada - Las Vegas.


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Date Created: 10/02/16
Monday, October 3, y Jour 374 Advertising and Copywriting SUMMARY  Marketing to the correct group is of utmost importance when it comes to other cultures. Looking  at the way other cultures function when it comes to societal issues is key to making the correct  marketing decisions. When translating copy it is also important to recognize that cultures say  sayings differently than the straight translation. Throughout this weeks’ notes we covered the  importance of marketing to women simply because they make majority of the purchasing  decisions.  Multicultural Strategy ­ You must be able to distinguish consumer segments by different cultures. It is  important for marketers to be able to leverage your cultural insight.  This chapter focuses on three large ethnic groups: ­ African Americans ­ Hispanics ­ Asian Americans ­ It also covers LGBTQ community, Children and Women.  ­ “Niche Market” Women ­ women are a very influential market segment for marketers. They are the primary  influence in all aspects of buying when it comes to food, bank accounts, cars,  personal wealth, etc.  Generational Marketing ­ Boomers 1 Monday, October 3, y ­ They like to think of themselves as younger people. They have a strong work ethic  and are typically loyal and appreciate good value.  ­ Gen X ­ They are independent and tend to hate rules. They are very suspicious types of  people.  ­ Millennial ­ They aren’t very attached to religion and are linked to social media.  ­ They delay big purchases.  ­ They tend to be optimistic and idealistic. They also tend to be political  independents.  The times are changing ­ Do not make assumptions based on your own prejudices.  ­ Make sure to take to the people in your target audience.  ­ Remember that within your market segment there can be a huge variation.  ­ Always get more than one opinion because it is always different when it comes to a  whole market.  ­ Market segments are culturally bound like subcultures.  ­ Remember that social context matters. ­ Act globally and think locally and above all be respectful! Global Context ­ local ­ national ­ regional—region clusters 2 Monday, October 3, y ­ international ­ global The Power of Culture ­ High vs. Low Context ­ high context comes from cultures that go around the bush a million times. ­ outsiders would never know unless they know about it. ­ there are common symbolism or indirect verbal expressions.   ­ Low context cultures are very direct. (aka americans) ­ emphasis on use of words versus symbolism Cultural Dimensions ­ Power Distance ­ the less powerful members of society accept and expect that there is a degree of  inequality. ­ The higher the power distance the higher the acceptance. ­ Individualism vs. Collectivism  ­ individualism is when there is a loosely­knit social framework in which the  individuals are expected to take care of only themselves and their immediate  families.  ­ Masculinity vs. Femininity ­ masculinity ­ characteristics contain achievement, heroism, assertiveness and material  rewards for success. ­ Femininity 3 Monday, October 3, y ­ Characteristics of cooperation. modesty, caring for the weak and quality of life.  Society at large is more consensus oriented. ­ Uncertainty Avoidance Index ­ The degree to which the members of a society feel uncomfortable with uncertainty  and ambiguity. ­ Long Term vs. Short Term Orientation ­ Societies who score low on this dimension prefer to maintain time honored  traditions and norms while viewing societal change wearily.  ­ Indulgence vs. Restraint ­ when people decide to have more fun than others and give in to natural human  drives. Restraint stands for a society that suppresses this drive. Things that are lost in Translation ­ translation takes a long process and it is hard to achieve certain objectives in another language. There are chances for misuse of certain words especially with grammar  and spelling. The translation could also be out of context as well—very easily. ­ Be careful with slang! One word can mean something different in another subgroup.  4


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