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FRIT-F375 Un Village Francais Episode 9 Notes

by: Kathryn Brinser

FRIT-F375 Un Village Francais Episode 9 Notes FRIT-F375

Marketplace > Indiana University > French > FRIT-F375 > FRIT F375 Un Village Francais Episode 9 Notes
Kathryn Brinser
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Covers episode 9: La Lecon de Choses.
Literary Themes and Culture (Nazi Occupation of France)
Oana Panaite
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathryn Brinser on Sunday October 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FRIT-F375 at Indiana University taught by Oana Panaite in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see Literary Themes and Culture (Nazi Occupation of France) in French at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 10/02/16
Episode 9- La Leçon de Choses (le 12 février 2941)  German soldiers barge into classroom, rummage through cabinets and desks o Find gun wrapped up- arrest M. Bériot o Lucienne given 2 minutes to talk to M. Bériot- rector not expected to help o M. Bériot being treated “like a terrorist” for having his father’s inoperable gun o Asks Lucienne to find lawyer  Jean riding to Essarts in bus o Raymond having drinks with Marie and Lorrain- hear bus o Raymond had contract renewal (for sawmill?) o Lorrain steps out, Raymond immediately asks Marie to meet tomorrow o Jean watching people enter and exit bus  Jean walks into André’s office o Reports nothing happened on bus- Marie did not show up o Driver could spot him as spy o Suggests making news that would be sent to Essarts immediately- big arrest will be madein Essarts o Last chance to be “of use” to André  Lucienne on phone- being denied by lawyers o Possession of any gun punishable by death o Tells Kurt- angry even though she knows he didn’t do it  De Kervern listening in on Jean’s phone call about Essarts o Tells De Kervern arrest will be made- political offense (spy network) o Jean says he doesn’t believe there’s a network (lies) o De Kervern doesn’t believe him  Lucienne goes to Judith to ask about lawyer o Doesn’t know one, reminds Lucienne of cost o Henri comes back, scolds Lucienne for asking Judith- M. Bériot took her job o Sends her to see Daniel o Judith angry with Henri- no manners o Doesn’t care about Bériot- “spineless drum sergeant with slimy hands” o Henri thinks political Essarts arrest could be Marie  Marie tells Lorrain she is taking hens to sell in Bourg o Lorrain suggests going to black market buyers- Marie doesn’t want to  Hortense says hello to Jean in street o Planning to meet tomorrow- Daniel out all day o Hortense misses him o Daniel’s investigator saw conversation  Lucienne goes to see Daniel o Says there’s no point in lawyer- agrees he should never have had rifle o Will get German-appointed lawyer o Daniel calls von Ritter- want to transfer Bériot to Dijon o Von Ritter willing to meet Lucienne and Daniel- still not much hope  Raymond and Marie in bed o Marie went to see him instead of going to market o Raymond buys chickens o Marie worried Lorrain followed her o Raymond assumes Marie doesn’t love Lorrain- he doesn’t love Jeannine  Von Ritter not letting up about Bériot o Daniel begs him to investigate that rifle had no bullets, does not work o Denies other suggestions o Thinks Lucienne could convince S.D. (?) to investigate-emphasize rifle doesn’t work  Raymond sells chickens to man walking by road  Jean on bus again o Man gets on to go to Essarts  Marie gets back, gives Lorrain money from chickens o Lies that man from another town bought them  Bus honks 3 times, driver leaves o Jean follows driver, stays off bus o Finds envelope for Marie, looks inside, puts back  Marie goes out again for cigarettes, matches, and salt o Stopped by Raymond before picking up envelope; seen by Jean o “I love you” exchanged for first time  Lucienne meets with André o Argues that unusable gun can be made usable o Lucienne swears he isn’t political/is innocent o Touches/violates Lucienne  Lucienne back at school, crying o M. Bériot freed- says S.D. man (André) was convinced by Lucienne o Asks to be alone  Jean and André interrogating bus driver (M. Lanthier) o Went to urinal when bus stopped, no urine present there o After threats of cigarette burns in eyes, admits to dropping off letters in Essarts o Admits to having known 1 member of network- Alfred  De Kervern finds out no arrest was planned o Messages are known o Warned another contact in network by message o Doesn’t think he is suspected o Knows Marchetti is danger to network  Jean comes to Larchers’ house o Daniel answers, asks to talk in office o Jean mentions investigation of spy network o Daniel requested Jean’s transfer to security branch in Dijon o Tells him he had Hortense followed o Hortense sees Jean leaving  Lucienne almost crying, Kurt comes in o Kurt doesn’t notice, offers flower for Valentine’s Day o Lucienne breaks down, hugs Kurt


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