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FRIT-F375 Un Village Francais Episode 10 Notes

by: Kathryn Brinser

FRIT-F375 Un Village Francais Episode 10 Notes FRIT-F375

Marketplace > Indiana University > French > FRIT-F375 > FRIT F375 Un Village Francais Episode 10 Notes
Kathryn Brinser
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Covers episode 10: Le Coup de Grace.
Literary Themes and Culture (Nazi Occupation of France)
Oana Panaite
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kathryn Brinser on Sunday October 2, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to FRIT-F375 at Indiana University taught by Oana Panaite in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 4 views. For similar materials see Literary Themes and Culture (Nazi Occupation of France) in French at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 10/02/16
Episode 10- Votre Nom Fait un Peu Juif (le 4 mars 1941)  Raymond drinking with von Ritter o Start frienshi of sorts o Von Ritter leaves- car stopped outside sawmill  “Schwartz Dirty Jew” graffiti on boxes o Jeannine thinks employees not involved o Filing complaint would attract attention  Kurt offers to fix Lucienne’s radio in evening  Judith took in Jewish family from streets without Henri’s permission o No papers, want to get them across line  Raymond meeting with M. Mazaret at sawmill about contracts o Withdraws order because of rumor of Judaism o Servier (deputy prefect) won’t help o Suggested to submit dispute papers  M. Bériot makes dinner date with Lucienne- before Kurt will fix radio  Marie frustrated at inconvenient ways she must meet De Kervern o Marchetti transferred, takes him off their case o Wants Marie to help indirectly transfer Jewish family over line- suggests Lorrain  Jeannine called her father (owner of business)- thinks they should file denial o Said Jeannine should become manager of mill-if Raymond taken away based on rumors, she would be backup  Marie tries to persuade Lorrain to take family o Penalty for being caught is forced labor o Guesses she’s involved in Resistance o Mentions their children are gone o Agrees to take family across  Lucienne at dinner with Bériot- trying to leave to meet Kurt o Offers engagement ring, Lucienne declines and leaves quickly o Finds flowers in front of fixed radio  Raymond at doctor to be certified non-Jewish o Gets quickly frustrated with physical measurements o Demeaning, pointless  Marie arrives to meet family  Jeannine gets fed up with Sarah o Missing ration cards o Officially dismisses her on accusation of stealing o Gustave and Marceau playing with cards outside  Sarah back at police station o Recognized by de Kervern o Don’t believe her about rations o De Kervern decides to help her cross line to try to find family  Jeannine tells Raymond she fired Sarah o Raymond says he left doctor- will think he’s Jewish  Kurt comes to Lucienne’s room o Asks to listen to music with her on radio o Kiss!! (yay)  Sarah winds up with Marie o Lorrain takes family and Sarah  Bériot fell off bike on way out of town o Comes back to Lucienne’s room- with Kurt still o Kurt sneaks out after Bériot leaves  Lorrain meets Hubert (black market) in woods o Tells Lorrain market Marie was supposed to go to was canceled o Schwartz sold him chickens o Quickly figures out affair  Raymond asks to let von Ritter know he wants to talk o Jewish family and Sarah come in, someone on stretcher  M. Louis Caberni (from Aryanization office) tells Raymond Jews cannot run businesses o Report of doctor makes claims more substantial o Claims to not know about graffiti o Wants to take sawmill, house, money, etc. o Von Ritter defends Raymond, Caberni leaves  Asks favor- more wood for trenches, etc.  De Kervern tells Marie family was arrested, child shot o Says Lorrain abandoned them- considered traitor o Marie says it’s her fault- affair


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