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History and Appreciation of Music 10/3/2016 (Week 7)

by: Jennica Prophete

History and Appreciation of Music 10/3/2016 (Week 7) MUL 2010

Marketplace > Florida Atlantic University > MUL 2010 > History and Appreciation of Music 10 3 2016 Week 7
Jennica Prophete

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About this Document

These are one days worth of detailed notes
History & Appreciation of Music
Kristina Timofeeva
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennica Prophete on Monday October 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to MUL 2010 at Florida Atlantic University taught by Kristina Timofeeva in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 78 views.


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Date Created: 10/03/16
Chapter 6: The Classical Period (1750-1809) Classical Period ● Beginning of classical period was marked by the death of J.S. Bach ● Classical style was a rejection of the old Baroque style ● Ending of classical period was marked by the death of Franz Joseph Hayden ● Classical = simple ● Baroque music began to seem too complicated ● Age of Reason/Enlightenment ○ Encyclopedia ■ Written with the help of Denis Diderot ○ The Wealth of Nations ■ Written by Adam Smith ○ Critique of Pure Reason ■ Written by Emanuel Kant ● Principles of Ancient Greek civilization ○ Emphasized logic and order, grace, symmetry, restraint, repose ○ Classical period values simplicity ● Pre-classical period ○ Prefigures: ■ Handel (wrote tuneful melodies; homophobic textures) ■ Vivaldi ■ Scarlatti (used two contrasting themes at the same time; contrasting to baroque) ■ Sons of Bach ○ Form of classical period based on two contrasting themes Characteristics of the Classic Style ● SIMPLE ● Texture: mostly homophonic ● Harmony: simpler ○ slower changes in harmonies ● Melody: more prominent ○ easier to remember and sing ● Rhythm: less driving, more varied ● Dynamics: greater use of crescendo and decrescendo ○ remember crescendo=gradually raising sound; decrescendo=gradually lowering sound ● Timbre: new instruments ○ Pianoforte, clarinet, valve trumpet Sonata-Allegro Form ● Exposition (usually repeated) [Part 1] ○ Theme I, Key I (tonic) ○ Transition ○ Theme II, Key II ○ Closing section in the key of the second theme ● Development [Part 2] ○ Theme I&II ○ Various keys ○ New treatment of the themes ● Recapitulation [Part 3] ○ Theme I, Key I ○ Transition ○ Theme II, Key I ○ *Notice theme I & Theme II are both in tonic key* ● Coda [Similar to a conclusion] ○ Tonic key The Sonata Cycle ● Serenade No. 13 for Strings in G major, K. 525 Eine kleine Nachtmusik ○ First movement ■ Sonata form, dramatic ○ Second movement ■ Slow, lyrical, in another key ○ Third movement ■ Meneut & Trio (18th century) ■ Scherzo & Trio (19th century) ● AABB CCDD AB ○ Fourth movement ■ Sonata form, rondo, variations ■ Playful or heroic mood Classical Genres based on the Sonata cycle ● Symphony ○ Usually has 4 movements ● Concerto ○ Usually in 3 movements ○ Has a cadenza [used to show a soloist’s ability] ● Chamber music ○ String quartet ○ 2 violins, viola, cello ● Piano trio ○ NOT 3 pianos ○ Piano, violin, cello ● Solo instrumental Sonata


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