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History 1311 10/03/16-10/07/16

by: Elizabeth Vielma

History 1311 10/03/16-10/07/16 HIST 1311

Marketplace > University of Texas at Arlington > HIST 1311 > History 1311 10 03 16 10 07 16
Elizabeth Vielma
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About this Document

These notes cover the material we went over this past week and it will most likely be on the exam this friday
Dr. Wendell A. Hunnicutt
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elizabeth Vielma on Monday October 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1311 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Dr. Wendell A. Hunnicutt in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 35 views.


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Date Created: 10/03/16
Monday oct. 3  Necessary and proper clause -necessary for the gov to funtion  Whiskey rebellion -tax on whiskey -rebellion fails and does not repeat  Foreign policy issues -lots of issues -british are messing with america-> to stay a contry, America protects against them  Battle of Timbers Aug 4 1794 -indians are not American citizens -Americans win-> they found a lot of british guns in the reserves  French Revolution 1789-1799 -either for or against the rev. -Thomas Jefferson said Ame. Should have a rev. every 20-30 yrs. -Rev. Pushes people against each other -Ame. Fighting in making decisions about the french rev.  The Division -Federalist (not a party) -Jefferson and Madison -> adm. Loudest critic *democratic- republican party  Washington isolation *election of 1792 -Washington is re-elected -does not trust anyone  John jay -chief justice diplomat- gets send to france  Jay's treaty -sets Canadian borders -takes out troops from Ame.  Neutrality Act of 1794 -US will not get involved w/any European affairs  Pickney's Treaty 1795 -settle the border w/Spanish Florida  Federalist w/o Washington= Reynold's affairs 1791-1795 -war-profiteered -Hamilton is forced to is forced to resign --Burr-Hamilton Duel 1804-> Hamilton is killed  Election of 1796 -Adams president\ not the best idea -Jefferson vice / * shows tension btw federalist and democrats federalist Demo-republican power liberty Strong central gov Weak central gov Loose construction Strict construction Close relations w/ Britain Close relations w/ France Man, trade, urban lookout Agrarian lookout practical idealistic Northern Southern  XYZ 1797 -Adams appoint ambassadors to France -bribe Ame. To see Talleyrand (french minister) st -1 foreing policy scandal -led to Quast war 1798-1809)  Alien and Sedition act 1798 -gives power to the gov to throw French out of country -crime to criticize the gov in public *only demo. Were arrested*  Compact theory -states formed the gov -states had the right to nullify federal laws -states could leave or dissolve the fed gov  Election of 1800 -Jefferson wins -adam passes the Judiiciary act of 1801- midnight judges  "The Revolution of 1800" -Ame. Acknowledges the need of parties and different ideas Rise of American Slavery (1600's-1800's) 10/6/16 Ancient Slavery  Greece and Rome depended on slavery  America adapted to shuttle slavery Slavery also means: impressment, death, forced participation, covey Islamic Slave Trade  Ottoman Empire- controlled trade  They were happy to sale slaves and own them as well Spoils  Slavery through out history ws not racial Serfs  98% of Europe lived like this  Peasant farmers  King owned the labor not the workers Equality  Slavery always been unequal Great chain of being  inanimate value= animate value  Humans were divided by economic ties and religion Slave trade difference 1500's  Brasil got a lot of slaves  Usually slaves were "disposable"  European start exporting million of slaves from Africa->Africa already had a slavery system  1% of African exported from Africa ended up in Ame. Denture servitude -sign a contract to serve the person for 7 yrs and everything goes to the owner (not shuttle slavery) -there were laws and was usually a win-win situation -ended b/c bads were greater than the goods  1 type of slavery in Ame. Cotton-ball  Main crop  Reason why slaves were needed *to differentiate from slaves they mostly looked at differences = race/color*  Slavery was not only a southern necessity but a gov basis  Poor white people were the stronger supporters of slavery Jefferson and the Growing Nation (1800-1808) 10/7/16 Thomas Jefferson  Inventor and polymath(good at everything)  Engineer and architect  Excellent writer  1 unmarried president->wife died Sally Hemmings  Jefferson's slave with whom he had a relationship for the rest of his life Jeffersonian Idealism  America's future was set in the land  Generational type of wealth (ex. If you owned land it will go to your son ans so on) *Jefferson lead republicans to the view of politics they have today* Marbury vs Madison  Madison gets rid of stack of nominations for judges that were from the midnight judges  Marbury sues the gov b/c he never got his letter John Marshall- Chief justice  Longest chief justice in US history  In charge of Marbury vs Madison case *The case fills in the last part of the constitution* -judicial Review-> ultimate check for congress choices -makes central gov to have more power


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