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Week 5 Notes

by: Maricela Castro
Maricela Castro


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About this Document

Here's the notes for week 5, please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns regarding the notes or if you need help on anything!
Western Civilization to Date
Bryan S. Glass
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Maricela Castro on Monday October 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 2320-001 at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months taught by Bryan S. Glass in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Western Civilization to Date in History at 1 MDSS-SGSLM-Langley AFB Advanced Education in General Dentistry 12 Months.

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Date Created: 10/03/16
HIST 2320.001 WESTERN CIVILIZATION 1715 TO PRESENT WEEK 5 9/26/16 CLASS CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS 9/28/16 Recap: Colonies and goods. Agriculture from the west to the west. Getting ready to discuss the Triangular Trade. Ø TRIANGULAR TRADE Ø Involves slaves o Importance of slaves by colonial possessions o What would go from Europe to Africa? Guns, trinkets. Africans that captured other Africans would sell slaves, then slaves would be taken from Africa to new-world. 90% would go to the Caribbean and Brazil, Brazil is the most. Only 10% to the Americas. How many slaves were on the notorious Middle Passage across the Atlantic? 11 million shipped. Only 9.5 million survived the journey. o On the Middle Passage there was 18 inches of space in height. o African coasts à America o Europeans are getting the agriculture: sugar, tobacco, rice, indigo (for dark blue dyes) etc. HIST 2320.001 WESTERN CIVILIZATION 1715 TO PRESENT WEEK 5 th o Barbados, 17 century, money that it raises off it’s sugar is half of the revenue for Britain. Sugar was the main crop from in the Caribbean. This image is a sugar cane field and a wind mill in the Barbados. o In Britain you weren’t supposed to own slaves. Fact; slaves would allow themselves to be sold in Britain knowing they would be able to declare their freedom when they got there. o Methodists, the middle working class, go on strike against sugar & against slavery. It was 500,000 people, the largest commercial boycott in history. Ø Glasses’ Fun Fact—Britain does not have pictures on their driver’s license, although I did my research and I think they may require photos for their license. I’m not sure, maybe it’s something new. I’ve attached a link below for their application if you’d like to see. "Photographic material for your driving license" Ø 1700 Britain was transporting 50% of all the world’s slaves to North America Ø Gives British Asiento o Part of the Treaty of Utrecht, which ends the War of Spanish Succession, gives the British a monopoly on the slave trade with Spanish colonies. If the Spanish want slaves they have to buy from the British. o REVISITING AND FINISHING OFF EIC: o The West isn’t only colonizing in the New World, it was also colonizing in the East, like India. The Seven Years War wasn’t just fought in the West and Africa, but also in India. The East India Company (EIC) monopoly on trade since 1600, and had taken by force, control over part of India. By the 1750’s, taking Bengal in the NE part of India. Then the French were also in India but in the South. During the Seven Years War, Pondicherry is seized by the French from the British. (Today: Puducherry is one of the most popular tourist spots for national and international tourists. It is nice to walk around in Puducherry’s French quarter as it is unusually calm and gives you a sense of peace and awareness of oneself. Click the link above to read more.) British take control over southern parts of India as well. Many of the British go to India and fall in love with Indian culture, language, and women. EIC stated to their employees if they went out to India found an Indian women and had children with her they paid the servant/employee for every child born known as affective knowledge gathering. § because you feel affection for one, you want to know everything about them • Ex. Language culture etc. HIST 2320.001 WESTERN CIVILIZATION 1715 TO PRESENT WEEK 5 § Children will be great sources for intelligence for imperial power. The children borne of mixed marriages will always think of themselves as superior to the Indians, but not quite as good as the British. Therefore, they would be constantly thriving for affirmation of the British, then giving them information for British control. § Affective knowledge gathering will only get EIC so far. § Because of this system set up, it was creating affection for indigenous cultures, and the content of orientalism culture comes up. • Orientalism: Affection for the culture • British said they needed more social distance, and no more marrying Indian women, and learning the Indian languages. This mindset leads to Indian mutiny 1857 • They get too close crossing cultural lines • Creates huge problems for them • There aren’t many British women, what do they do? • Ships full of English women were sent to India known as the fishing fleet. • Meanwhile, certain things start to catch on back in Europe. o Ex. Chinese gardens pop up all over Europe o Leading to more Chinese gardens put in Europe o Chinese porcelain o Porcelain and Pajamas are an import to the west o Porcelain from China o Pajamas come from India o In the West what were people wearing? Cotton. o Before it was cotton, then came silk. o Polo, taken from India. o Upper classes incorporate many things from the East into their everyday lives. Ø 18th Century Society and Culture Century of Enlightenment inspired revolutions in the west Ø what happens to these societies in the 1800s? Ø Aristocracy o Has been around since the time of the Romans o Invention of Ancient Rome & Greece o Aristocracy: derived from a Greek word: men best fit to rule o Who were the aristocrats? Own large tracks of land. o What is their profession? Warriors. Going to lead the men into battle. Whole existence is based around preparing for war. Ex. Jousting tournaments. Knights were aristocracy. Ø Aristocrats only class in Britain for the first of the 18 century. o Aristocracy § Based around maintaining power § 50,000 families, ~300,00 people § because their wealth is coming from the land, and not working for it HIST 2320.001 WESTERN CIVILIZATION 1715 TO PRESENT WEEK 5 o Peasants o These were the classes before the industrial revolution, before bourgeoisie o Bourgeoisie: § referred to aristocrats as parasites by the bourgeoisie § made up of a class of finance, skilled artisans (artistic, do something other people can’t do, ex. Jewelers, certain blacksmiths), merchants, lawyers, doctors § described aristocrats as: luxury, hedonism, idleness § accused the nobles of sexual promiscuity and immorality, and they were involved in deaconate international culture that ignored wholesome patriotic values of the bourgeoisie. § saw drinking as evil, the bourgeoisie weren’t drinkers J Thank you for reading! PLEASE CONTACT ME IF THERE’S ANY ERRORS OR MISSING POINTS I’D BE GLAD TO ADDRESS THEM. CONTACT ME IF YOU’D LIKE YOUR EMAIL ON FILE TO BE A DIFFERENT ONE. FEEL FREE TO RESPOND TO ME AT IF YOU’RE HAVING TROUBLE ACCESSING THE NOTES. J


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