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CS: Amy Rothman

by: Micah Haji-Sheikh

CS: Amy Rothman EDU 202-2001

Micah Haji-Sheikh

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About this Document

Notes from the Amy Rothman case study
Introduction to Secondary Education
Robert Shkorupa
Class Notes
Teaching, Pedagogy
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Micah Haji-Sheikh on Monday October 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EDU 202-2001 at College of Southern Nevada taught by Robert Shkorupa in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Secondary Education in Education at College of Southern Nevada.

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Date Created: 10/03/16
“A resource room teacher is confronted by a parent during a staffing meeting about a student for whom the parent wants a service not provided by the school district.” Amy Rothman ​- Resource teacher for seven years, previously an English teacher who ___________ g ​ ot her Special Education certification Nathan Worth​ - Student, gets picked on alot, Autistic & Gifted, spends time in the __________ _R ​ esource Room to help him get organized and focused. Marian Worth ​- Nathan’s mother, wants to enroll him in a college physics course, she ___________ ​also wants the school to pay for it, as well as accommodate Nathan’s ___________ ​schedule around the college course. Donna Caldwell ​- Special Ed teacher Amy was working with several students in the Resource Room, when she discovered a letter from Nathan’s mom - addressed to herself as well as the Special Education teacher, Donna Caldwell. The letter states that Marian Worth, (Nathan’s mother) is planning on enrolling Nathan in a college level physics course, but she wants his school to pay for the college tuition needed to take the class, and she wants them to accommodate his class schedule so that Nathan can attend. Donna and Amy talk, and they agree to meet with Marian on that Thursday. Marian calls Amy at home that evening, and asks for Amy’s support in enrolling Nathan in the physics class. Marian tells Amy “they” are counting on her to be a strong advocate for Nathan in their case. At Thursday’s meeting, Marian brings her lawyer with her. Marian starts speaking about how Nathan’s giftedness is just as important as his autism, if not more so. She feels as if Nathan’s gifted needs are being set aside in favor of addressing his autistic needs. Marian says that the school should provide this service based on the fact that Nathan is entitled to a free, appropriate education. Donna replies very quietly to Marian. Donna tells her that while Autism is covered under Special Education laws, giftedness is not. Programs for gifted and talented schools are not mandated. Donna says that while parents are welcome to enroll a child in a college or special services course, the school is happy to accommodate the student's schedule to fit the specifications. However, Donna also informs her “we don’t for college tuition for any of our students.” Marian angrily replies that because Nathan is gifted & disabled, his IEP does not fit his needs and is therefore inappropriate. When Amy asks Marian for a bit more information about the course, Marian tells her Nathan would have to drop Resource in order to take the college class. Amy says Nathan has made real progress in Resource, Donna says that while Nathan’s IEP may not be Ideal, it is appropriate. The school psychologist suggests that instead of changing Nathan’s IEP, they find another way for Nathan to take the class. Marian’s lawyer states any other option is not acceptable to the Worth’s. Because of Nathan’s unique disability, he should be entitled to fulltime aide, whereas Nathan is currently only getting halftime aide. With fulltime aide, Nathan would be able to take the course, and his IEP would need to be amended. No other situation will do. The group comes to an inconclusive end.


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