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CS: Chris Kettering

by: Micah Haji-Sheikh

CS: Chris Kettering EDU 202-2001

Micah Haji-Sheikh

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About this Document

The notes from the Chris Kettering case study
Introduction to Secondary Education
Robert Shkorupa
Class Notes
Teaching, Pedagogy
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Micah Haji-Sheikh on Monday October 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to EDU 202-2001 at College of Southern Nevada taught by Robert Shkorupa in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 2 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Secondary Education in Education at College of Southern Nevada.


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Date Created: 10/03/16
“A teacher finds to his dismay that his white, middle-class students are not interested in social activism and he is unable to promote awareness in them.” Chris Kettering ​ Teacher of a High School senior class Steve Helms​ - School Principal Larry Timber ​- Union rep, close friend of Chris As class begins, Chris addresses his students by asking them if they know of anyone who has died from AIDS. After it has been established that none of his students have even met anyone with AIDS, he tells his class that “This is when you start participating in ‘Participation in Government’.” Chris tells his students he wants to form a team to participate in an AIDS walk as a possible project for the class, among others - and his class replies with silence. Chris spends the next 25 minutes talking about the other possible projects his students could do. After everyone has made their choice, Chris realizes no one has chosen the AIDS walk. After his class, Chris meets with the school's principal - Steve Helms, to get the student’s projects approved. The school district Chris teaches in is 98% white, middle-class, Republican, and very religious. There were not many options for anyone of a different race, ethnicity, religion, or background. Chris, (a black man) was born and raised in Brooklyn. He received his BA in Washington, DC and a graduate degree in New York. Before teaching, he was a reporter for a newspaper; but felt he could have a bigger impact by becoming a teacher. He had known several people diagnosed with AIDS and was passionate about the subject. Steve is quick to tell Chris a hard “No” to the AIDS walk. Steve has a multitude of reasons, and won’t go out of his way to make anything happen. Additionally he tells Chris that neither the board members or the parents will support the walk. Later, Chris has lunch with Larry Timber - the union rep and a close friend. Larry informs him that as important as Chris thinks this walk is, he won’t be offered tenure if he continues down this path. Chris leaves lunch with too much resolve to back down on the issue, and goes back to his class rejuvenated and hopeful. Chris has his students read an article in class about a man whose brother died from AIDS. After the story, the students at first seem interested, but as soon as Chris tries to get his class to volunteer, their enthusiasm dwindles. The students say they don’t want to participate because people with AIDS are sinners, and walking next to someone with AIDS could transfer the disease. Chris explains that homosexuals and drug addicts are not the only people who suffer from AIDS. He passes out an AIDS walk pamphlet for the class to read. His students get stuck on the fact the pamphlet says “Gay Men’s Health Crisis.” The kids don’t want to support the walk because of the affiliation with gay people. Two or three students are highly against the walk, one is for it - but only to support hemophiliacs and children with AIDS, and the rest of the class is silent. Chris ends his class ultimately defeated, and moves on with the students projects without the AIDS walk.


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