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A&P #1: Questions & Answers Practice Test Chp. 5

by: Sarah Meadows

A&P #1: Questions & Answers Practice Test Chp. 5 Bio 111

Marketplace > Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences > Biology > Bio 111 > A P 1 Questions Answers Practice Test Chp 5
Sarah Meadows


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About this Document

These are all the practice questions and correct answers through out the textbook for chapter five.
Anatomy & Physiology
Dr. Debbie Savignano
Class Notes
Skin, Membranes, barries, Environment
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Meadows on Monday October 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Bio 111 at Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences taught by Dr. Debbie Savignano in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see Anatomy & Physiology in Biology at Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences.


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Date Created: 10/03/16
Test #5 1.) True or False? Blood vessels dilation delivers warm blood to the body surface for cooling? True 2.) Which hormone does skin make only in the presence of enough sunlight? Cholecalciferol 3.) Which skin layer contains blood vessels? Dermis 4.) Which cell type evolves into keratinocytes? Keratin 5.) Name the epidermal layer where melanocytes are found? Stratum Basale 6.) Which dermal cell type synthesizes collagen and elastin fibers? Fibroblasts 7.) It is a hot day. Will the skin’s precapillary sphincter be open or closed? Open 8.) Name the portion of the nail bed that gives rise to the new nail cells? Nail Matrix 9.) Is the hair follicle formed of fibroblasts or epidermal cells? Epidermal Cells 10.) Name the sweat glands that produce an oily or waxy secretion? Sebaceous and Cerumen Glands 11.) Which protein is most abundant in a scar? Collagen 12.) Which process occurs first: Inflammation or scarring? Inflammation 13.) True or False? Injuries heal by either regeneration or scarring? True 14.) What is the difference between a superficial thickness burn and a superficial parietal-thickness burn? Superficial Thickness Burns are a 1 . degree burn, they tend to be red and it burns the epidermis layer. Superficial Parietal Thickness Burns are 2 . Degree burns that blisters and can have st pus. They burn the epidermis and papillary dermis ( 1 layer of dermis) layers. 15.) Does the lamina propria underlie mucosa or epidermis? Mucosa 16.) Mucosal cells contain large amounts of keratin. True or false? False 17.) Which of the following is not a function of skin? a. protects against water loss b. regulates heat loss c. defends against microbes d. synthesis of red blood cells Answer: D 18.) The epidermis and dermis are separated by the a. stratum corneum b. basement membrane c. subcutaneous layer d. matrix Answer: B 19.) Epidermis Contains a. blood vessels b. collagen fibers c. melanocytes d. fat cells Answer: C 20.) Which structure has stem cells a. nail matrix b. Basal layer c. Bulge of hair follicle d. All of the above Answer: B 21.) A beard has: a. Terminal hairs b. language hairs c. matrix hairs d. vellus hairs Answer: A 22.) Most scalp hairs are in the: a. Apoptic phase b. Transtional phase c. Resting phase d. Growth phase Answer: D 23.) The visible pores of the skin are the openings of a. eccrine sweat gland b. sebaceous glands c. hair follicles d. all of the above Answer: A 24.) A superficial parietal-thickness bun. a. Involves only the epidermis b. Not painful because pain receptors are burned away C. Never life threatening d. May involve the upper portion of the dermis Answer: D 25.) Mucous membranes are: a. Superior to the dermis b. Composed of epithelial tissue c. Prevent water loss d. Always composed of squamous cells Answer: B 26.) Someone ate to many carrots and they are a orange tint: They have ___caritenium__. 27.) Sebaceous glands secrete this oil ___sebum___. 28.) The low pH value of vaginal mucus act to discourage growth of harmful bacteria, true or false? ___True__. 29.) The action of blood vessels near the skin constricting to preserve heat is performed by ___Precappilary sphincter____. 30.) What protein are nails & hair made up of? __keratin___ 31.) What gland maintains body temp? ___eccrine ___ 32.) Hair sheath where the hair develops is the __follicle__.


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