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History 12 Week 4 Notes

by: Serena

History 12 Week 4 Notes Hist 12

California State University, Fresno
GPA 3.2

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About this Document

These notes cover Reconstruction and the Gilded Age.
American History from 1877
Joseph Orbock
Class Notes
history, The Gilded Age, Reconstruction
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Serena on Monday October 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 12 at California State University, Fresno taught by Joseph Orbock in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 3 views. For similar materials see American History from 1877 in History at California State University, Fresno.

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Date Created: 10/03/16
American History from 1877 Prof. Joseph Orbock • Definition Wed. 6pm • Important Wednesday, September 14, 2016 Main Topic: Reconstruction& The Gilded Age Important Points: Mexican-AmericanWar lit the fire under the Today's Topics: slavery issue Compromisesof 1820 & 1850 were about how  Mexican-AmericanWar  Compromisesof 1820 & 1850 much slavery would be allowed in the west  Fugitive Slave Law Fugitive Slave Law required northerners turn in  Dredd Scott fugitive slaves  Uncle Tom's Cabin Dredd Scott- Legislating from the Bench Civil War began when the South opens fire on US  Civil War  "Other" North & "Other" Souths soldiers  ReconstructionAmendments ReconstructionAmendments 13-15only passed  Bargain of 1877 because 15 Southern States couldn’t vote on them  Black Legislators Gilded Age: Named for having a coat of gold over  Radical Republicans  Resistance to Reconstruction something that isn't gold underneath  Trusts Bargain of 1877-South agrees to accept the Hayes as President if Reconstructionends  The Octopus Horizontal Integration vs. Vertical Integration  Machine Politics The Octopus was the Big 4 in California that  Consolidation of the American Elite controlled the railroad industry Trickledown Economics Reconstruction Topic #1: Mexican-AmericanWar: Preview to the CivilWar? • Lights the fire under slavery issue • Politics get increasingly volatile • Certain parties weren't on certain ballots • A lot of technology& officers would be used again in civil war  Many who fought together would be opposing Topic #2: Compromiseof 1820 & 1850 • How much would westward expansion involve slavery? Topic #4: FugitiveSlave Law • National law passed by Congress • Required northerners turn in fugitive slaves • Most northern officials may have turned a blind eye but federal official heavily enforced it Topic #5: Dredd Scott • Enslavementof Northern black man • Mason-Dixonline separates north from south • Supreme court case to help decide what would happen to a slave being brought from an eastern territoryto a free western territory • Many justices had southern sympathies • Many justices had southern sympathies • Ruling from Roger Taney, wrote the opinion • Legislating from the bench  Dredd Scott had no standing to bring a case at all  He is not free  Black people are not citizens at all & never could be  Meant that even free black people were not citizens and had no rights Topic #6: Uncle Tom's Cabin • Fiction novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe • Slave act • "Uncle Tom" is black who sympathizes with whites and wants to be a good slave Topic #7: CivilWar • Starts when South opens fire on US soldiers @ Fort Sumpter • Official land fighting started near Bull Run (Manassas) • North was wiped out • A lot of debate about how North should deal with it • One dude came up with what was called the Anaconda plan  Blockade southern water routes so they get strangled out and would give up • Presidential Reconstruction Topic #8: "Other" Norths & "Other" Souths • Many slaves in north, just much fewer numbers than in the South • "Free State of Jones" • Constitutional Union Party  Sam Houston  Father of Texas  Western Part of Texas  Wanted to stay in the Union  Did not want to Secede  Kicked out of office • Northern manufacturers • Northern Merchants  Trade cotton from south through New York to be sold to Europe Topic #9: ReconstructionAmendments • 13th, 14th, 15th • Only passed because 15 Southern States couldn’t vote on them • North imposed their vision on south • Post war • People in south tried to oppose that and create their own rules Gilded Age • 1870s-1890s • Coined by Mark Twain • Gilded=coveredin gold • What is inside isn't gold Topic #10: Bargain of 1877 • Rutherford B Hayes wins by 1 electoralvote • Reconstructionends because South disagrees with presidential election • Tells the North that they will accept the president if Reconstructionends Topic #11: Black Legislators • Military would protect legislators at the Topic #12: Radical Republicans • pissed that the war was so bloody and disastrous • Impeached Johnson Topic #13: Resistance to Reconstruction Sub-Topic #1: Redeemers  Wanted to redeem the souths honor  Reinforce white supremacy idea  Minimize reconstruction effect on southern culture  Any change in Southern politics, society, etc that came from the North would be challenged by these guys  Wanted South to run on their own  "Carpet Badgers" Northerners moving to South to exploits the South's destitute position  Attacked a lot of black legislators Sub-Topic #2: KKK  Developedbecause South didn’t like what North was imposing on them  Feel they are under negro rule  1870s-1940slynching Topic #14: Trusts • Monopoly • Industry has been locked down • Teddy Rooseveltwas a Trust Buster, wealthy & powerful enough to take on Trusts to destroy them • Political parties where built around Trust busting • Reformshad to take place • Horizontal Integration: Own all companies within a market (all the railroads) • Vertical Integration: Own all the pieces of one type of company (all the supply companies to create railroads) Topic #15: The Octopus • Big 4 in California that controlled the railroad industry • Had their hands in politics and had a lot of influence Topic #16: Machine Politics • TammanyHall Topic #17: Consolidation of the American Elite • Trickledown Economics  Let rich people keep getting richer, the wealth will trickle down  Least governmentalregulation & interference  The most disparity between rich & poor  Rich people spend money in ways that help poor people  Create jobs • Theory of the Leisure Class  1899 Thorstein Veblen  Trickledown economics  Conspicuous consumption  Conspicuous consumption  People are rich enough to not work & spend money on ridiculous unnecessary things  Show off wealth by spending conspicuously US Map Wednesday, September 14, 207:02 PM Class Notes Page 1


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