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Vocab for Midterm

by: Abi Sommers

Vocab for Midterm CTCS 191

Abi Sommers

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About this Document

Here is the vocab we may need to know according to the study guide given
Intro to T.V and Video
Ellen Seiter
Class Notes
tv, video, vocab
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Abi Sommers on Monday October 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to CTCS 191 at University of Southern California taught by Ellen Seiter in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views.


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Date Created: 10/03/16
Page 1 ; Vocab The Unruly Woman : Female ​ comics historically have taken on the persona of an “ ​ unruly woman” Examples of this are: - Lucille Ball :​ I love Lucy - Gracie Allen​: Burns and Allen - The Carol Burnett Show ​1976-1978 - Phyllis Diller​ - 1963 - Rosanne - Tina Fey ​- SNL, Mean Girls, 30 Rock, Bossypants, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Kristen Wiig​ - SNL, Bridesmaids ^ Often written by men Hyperdiegesis : ​ Diegesis is a style of ​fiction​ storytelling that presents an interior view of a world in which: - details about the world itself and the experiences of its characters are revealed explicitly through narrative Hyperdiegesis​ is a term that equates a story – novel, television show, movie – to an iceberg; where the narrative presented represents the 10% visible above water, but is so well constructed that the audience can imagine the 90% that is still hidden. “the creation of a vast and detailed narrative space, only a fraction of which is ever directly seen or encountered within the text, but which nonetheless appears to operate according to principles of internal logic and extension.” Fantasy vs. Science Fiction genre : What is science fiction? - space opera - realistic but technologically based - machines and inventions Fantasy ? - Requires setup of whole world, most of work of show is setting up world - Unreal things can happen - Beings that don't exist ^ similar fan bases and expectations - Value of science fiction fans - Fantasy and science fiction dominate comic-con - Loyal fans and avid followers of news - Boost opening weekend box office numbers - Spread the word (and condemnation) avidly through social media - Repeat viewers, buyers of video games, boxed sets and merchandise, theme park attendees - Science fiction fans turned out to be first adopters of technology - Ancillary fan texts : - Fan practice of creating their own narrativea and dialogue based around a show - Fans produce a volimunous amount of original material - They create or pose their own alterior understanding, or alternate storyline based around what they watch and share with one another - Live event television : TV about TV - Television has power to manufacture televised cultural events - event/awards shows have proliferated in last two decades - Cultural prizes have long history but modern televised event emphasize :the nation: watching together across time zones - Emmys are a way of legitimizing television itself - Also a performance by the industry for the industry Value of Live - Appointment viewing, red carpet, live transmission - Tweeting, fb messaging and news feeds: substitute for “live appointment viewing “ or enhancement - Value in events seen live, to conquer time shifting , skipping commercials, how would you characterise ads shown during the Emmys? - Part horserace part runway show, fashion brands everywhere, swag, festivals of consumption - Mix of stand up, sketch and variety show- performed live - Watching for mistakes, drunkenness, dirty looks, poor sportsmanship - Drama of interrupted speeches Emmy Questions: - What status differences are apparent? - In what ways are the Emmys different from the Academy awards? Auteur tv : Television auteur (french for author) - Auteur Movement to identify hollywood directors as more than assembly line workers - more difficult in to define tv where director not more important person, can be misleading when talent is producer/writer/director Situation comedy is easiest to recognize and define. - Recognized by desired effect on audience. - remarkably stable since radio in 1930s and 40s Domestic situation comedy:​ “a family” biological or otherwise Workplace situation comedy:​ “family” of misfits , can follow worker's home or after hours, or remain in work space *Comedy feature Improvisational work by actors Demands by all networks/channels for changes in show Public interest standard : Federal oversight of all broadcasting has had two general goals:​ to foster the commercial development of the industry and to ensure that broadcasting serves the educational and informational needs of the American people. ​ In many respects, the two goals have been quite complementary, as seen in the development of network news operations and in the variety of cultural, educational, and public affairs programming aired over the years. In other respects, however, Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have sometimes concluded that the broadcast marketplace by itself is not adequately serving public needs. Accordingly, numerous efforts have been undertaken over the past 70 years to encourage or require programming or airtime to enhance the electoral process, governance, political discourse, local community affairs, and education. Some initiatives have sought to help underserved audience-constituencies such as children, minorities, and individuals with disabilities. In essence, ​the public interest standard in broadcasting has attempted to invigorate the political life and democratic culture of this Natio​ Commercial broadcasting has often performed this task superbly. But when it has fallen short, Congress and the FCC have developed new policy tools aimed at achieving those goals. Specific policies try to foster diversity of programming, ensure candidate access to the airwaves, provide diverse views on public issues, encourage news and public affairs programming, promote localism, develop quality programming for children, and sustain a separate realm of high-quality, noncommercial television programming. ( Upright citizens brigade : The Upright Citizens Brigade is an improvisational and sketch comedy group that emerged from Chicago's ImprovOlympic in 1990. The original incarnation of the group consisted of Matt Besser, ​ Syfy channel : Branding of SyFY Channel Science Fiction TV Syfy - why change names? - Wanted to rise above aliens and outer space niche - Encourage more light viewers versus diehards . WWE used to attract young fans and groom them to be sci fi fans - Have a brand for gaming online - Syfy/ big launch emphasizing rhyme with wi-fi Sci Fi - Begun in late 80s by a couple devoted fans reached 30 major markets - Bought by usa Networks - Usa bought universal vivendi 2001 - Then universal nbc 2004 - Global roll out to 50 global markets sesp. Latin america, russia, asia SYFY- a brand named after a genre - Other examples of channels named after genre? - Comedy - Cartoon network - Game Show network - Food network - Problems from a branding point of view? - Can't show outside the genre - Limiting audience ​ ​ ​ Villain vs anti hero : (Note: Villains must be evil). Therefore, a villain-protagonist is an evil protagonist. Considering these definitions, we see that both anti-heroes and villain-protagonists lack conventional heroic attributes. ... Roughly, the most extreme antihero (or "Heroin Name Only") is a Villain Protagonist. Showrunner: Who is the author of t.v? - Director less significant in t.v, primary goal is getting things done on time - Show runner has creative control Show runner for t.v is equivalent to director for film * Incredible pace of production Copyright vs trademark : The Difference Between Copyright and Trademark. While both offer intellectual property protection, they protect different types of assets. Copyright is geared toward literary and artistic works, such as books and videos. A trademark protects items that help define a company brand, such as its logo. ​


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