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week 5 U.S. History Notes

by: Becca Petersen

week 5 U.S. History Notes AMH2020 0003

Becca Petersen
University of Central Florida

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About this Document

U.S. History lecture notes from week 5
U.S. History 1877-Present
Dr. James Clark
Class Notes
U.S. History history hcc
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Becca Petersen on Tuesday October 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to AMH2020 0003 at University of Central Florida taught by Dr. James Clark in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see U.S. History 1877-Present in History at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/04/16
U.S. History Week5 1820’s Monroe Doctrine – tells the rest of the world to stay out of our business and our hemisphere. The rest of the world saw us as weak. France saw the civil war as an opportunity to take Mexico. It was a clear violation of the Monroe Doctrine but Lincoln ignored it because he is afraid France would get into the civil war on the South’s side. As soon as we won the civil war, Lincoln says, “get out.” And for the first time in history, a European nation listened to us. We just got done killing 600,000 of our own men, so imagine what we might do to another nation. We begin thinking of ourselves as a world power and we get involved in the race for land. The problem is that European nations have a 300 year head start on us. We get Guam, Alaska for 7.2 million – we bought it from Russia and no one really knows exactly why. Theories – a. Tsar in Russia really needed cash b. During the civil war he had been really helpful to the U.S. in the Pacific – he lets us use his bases for our ships c. There had long been a dream that we might acquire Canada or Mexico and then we would have all of north America if we bought Alaska. Hawaii Civilized people with a king and a queen. The hawaiin people assume captain cook must be a god because of his huge ships. So they stick around for a while and then they leave and run into a typhoon. And so they come back to Hawaii to avoid the storm. And the hawaiins ask him if he was a God, why didn’t he stop the storm… They cut off his head because he didn’t have an answer. His expedition turned into a mess. The guy who sponsored him has given so much to expeditions and most of them turned into failure so we don’t really credit him for adding the world’s knowledge. He was called the Earl of Sandwich. 1840’s missionaries begin going to Hawaii. The natives said that the missionaries came to do good and stayed to do well. The natives lacked the concept of land ownership – which is perfect for the white people who step in Sugar Pineapple Plantations 1890’s there’s a horrible depression in the U.S. – they ask congress for a tariff on sugar and pineapples because they are getting hit hard by the depression. This is going to ruin the Hawaiian pineapple and sugar crops. So the rich missionary families in Hawaii start plotting the queen become part of the U.S. and not have to pay the tariff. United States navy happens to be there while this revolution is taking place. They make it clear that they are not there to aid in the revolution, but they are there to protect the Americans. New president coming in – Grover Cleveland Baby Ruthe candy bars named for his daughter He tried to make a deal with the queen and give her the thrown back as long as she didn’t harm any of the Americans living there but she refused it because she didn’t want to be a ruler of the country and be told what to do. They had to wait out Hawaii, New Mexico, and Alaska, before adding them to become official states until enough white people got there Same with Utah and Arizona – because of Polygamy This is all part of the idea of Manifest Destiny. – that it is our god given destiny to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific Spanish American War When Cuba tried to overthrow Spain they attack American holdings They stir up more fever against the Spanish and get more monetary support this way The U.S.S. Maine is sent down to the Havannah Harbor and blows up and kills like 200 people Turns out the boiler blew the ship up but we blame it on the Spanish because i t gets people more upset Florida was highly opposed to a war against Cuba. For obvious reasons Cuba’s economy is very similar to Florida’s. And they can do it cheaper than florida does. If they become part of the U.S. they would destroy Florida’s economy. So the U.S. gov promises to not acquire Cuba if they win the war. The headquarters for the war is over in Tampa 123 days, 5,000 people killed, almost all from disease. Lakeland Florida- station for troops and also heavy disease area Teddy Roosevelt – going up the hill on a horde under underbrush. At the top of the hill are people firing down on them. He leads his calvary up the hill and they win the battle against all odds Except what the history books leave out are the buffalo soldiers – a team of African American soldiers – who go ahead of him and clear out the Spanish Phillipines- U.S. Navy shows up Admiral Dewey sails into the harbor and starts firing on the Spanish fort He sees this row boat rowing out with a Spanish offi cer standing up in the boat. The Spanish officer comes on board and says thanks for honoring our commedant with your 21 gun solute, but at the moment we have no ammunition to honor yours back. ….. soooo that ended quickly they wanted to send missionaries to convert Catholics to protestantism gorilla warfare, waterboarding, water torture we remain in the Philipines for half a century Americans fighting with Nicaraguan troops The U.S. navy shows up and the dictator flees and there is no government So now these companies sort of rule the country Book keeper becomes president because they need someone who is Nicaraguan to lead. Adolpho - former book keeper There is another revolution to throw adolpho out of power. Iran – Contra Affair We keep sending troops there for years and years and they remain there until the 1980’s By 1900 the threat of Europe is no longer military but financial – we are worried about them loaning money to latin American countries and seizing their customs house. Haiti is a republic 200 years later it is still in the courts “Haiti vs France” 1801 we offer France financial help (secretly) to retake a colony – we want to put down a slave revolt before it comes to fruition so the African americans currently slaves in the U.S don’t get any ideas Yellow fever – makes the French leave Haiti, but they strip Haiti of everything of value before they leave. Navy goes there as a military presence to keep other European nations out – from getting ahold of the Haitian customs house FDR – Wilson asks him to write a new constitution for Haiti Wrote the Haitian constitution on a bar napkin Panama Canal French build Suez Canal in the mid east – it’s a simple task because there is nothing in the way but they made a fortune off of it. They start looking for other places to build a canal. They negotiate with Columbia to acquire rights to build a canal but it is a disaster- it’s a terrible place to try to build a canal. There is malaria and a million and one engineering obstacles. – era before gasoline power – so you are relying on steam power in a jungle. French company goes bankrupt after a few years. The U.S. votes to build a canal across Nicaragua In panama, the pacific is higher than the atlantic so you cant just dig a ditch. In Nicaragua you don’t have this problem so it’s a larger piece of land but it doesn’t have as many locks. The French company hears about this and thinks that they can sell the U.S. that piece of Panama and get some money out of the deal. They get congress to change their mind. (because of bribes) Pay French company 40 million in cash up front for nothing and Columbia 40 million for the rights to the land over the course of one hundred years. The U.S. navy shows up and blocks the Columbians from being able to enter panama – the result is that we recognize the Panamanian government, which was established by the French. They want to negotiate a treaty. Dictator in Mexico – begins selling Mexico’s wealth to Americans and taking bribes so Americans don’t have to pay taxes. Cruel to natives Revolution springs up and he is driven from office and is forced to leav e the country Francisco Madero comes along and he is a constitutionalist. He believes that Mexico’s wealth should belong to Mexico. Both the constitutionalists and Huerta reject us. Wilson looks for an excuse to send troops into Mexico because he’s angry about this. He sends ships to dock off the port of Vera Cruz and they sit there week after week after week. The sailors are getting bored. And they are sitting there right off the port so they can see the bars and restaurants and the harbor… You aren’t supposed to leave the ship when you leave the navy – called dissertation 2 sailors steal a little rowboat and they row ashore and start hitting the bars and are found the next morning in a Mexican whore-house. They are arrested by Mexican police and thrown into jail. Wilson calls them prisoners of war. Theyre not druken idiots but heroes – they get a medal out of it. He uses it as an excuse to send troops to Mexico. Battle of Vera Cruz. Mexicans fought to the last man. WWI has started in Europe and the world is shocked that we have done this. The rest of the world thinks Wilson is crazy. He withdraws after this condemnation from the world. Key Terms: Purchase of Alaska Queen Liliuokalai Grover Cleveland Admiral Dewey Remember the Maine U.S. Filipino War Monroe Doctrine Dollar Diplomacy William Howard Taft Francisco Madero Vera Cruz Pancho Villa USS Maine  


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