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Test 101, Week 1 Notes

by: Carly Notetaker

Test 101, Week 1 Notes Test 101

Marketplace > University of South Carolina > Test 101 > Test 101 Week 1 Notes
Carly Notetaker

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About this Document

This is the test upload.
Test Webinar Session
Carly Kwitchoff
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carly Notetaker on Tuesday October 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Test 101 at University of South Carolina taught by Carly Kwitchoff in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 10/04/16
UNIV 101: The Student in the University Section 106, Fall, 2016 Tuesday, Thursday, 11:40 AM – 12:55 PM Columbia Hall 107 ______________________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTOR PEER LEADER Lauren Wright Erin Ruskey 803-777-7644 (Office) 609-408-9450 (cell) Leiber College Office 106 Office Hours: Due to the nature of our roles on campus, we cannot maintain regular office hours. However, we are both happy to meet with you anytime we are available. Please call, text, or e-mail to schedule a time. ______________________________________________________________________________ Required Text(s): Weigel, D.S. & Friedman, D.B. (Eds.) (2016). Transitions. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina. Required Materials: The Daily Gamecock Newspaper The State Newspaper The New York Times ______________________________________________________________________________ COURSE DESCRIPTION University 101 is designed to help first-year students adjust to the university, develop a better understanding of the learning process, and acquire essential academic success skills. The course provides a general orientation to the functions and resources of the university and also provides a support group for students transitioning to college by examining problems common to the first-year experience. Attaining an appropriate balance between personal freedom and social responsibility underlies all University 101 activities. COURSE GOALS AND LEARNING OUTCOMES Foster Academic Success As a result of this course, students will… a) Adapt and apply appropriate academic strategies to their courses and learning experiences. b) Identify and apply strategies to effectively manage time and priorities. c) Identify relevant academic policies, processes, and resources related to their academic success and timely attainment of degree requirements. II. Discover and Connect with the University of South Carolina As a result of this course, students will… a) Identify and use appropriate campus resources and engage in opportunities that contribute to their learning within and beyond the classroom. b) Develop positive relationships with peers, staff, and faculty. c) Describe the history, purpose, and traditions of the University of South Carolina. III. Promote personal development, wellbeing, and social responsibility As a result of this course, students will… a) Clarify their values and identity and articulate how these shape their perspectives and relationships with people who are similar to and different from themselves. b) Explore the tenants of the Carolinian Creed. c) Examine and develop strategies that promote wellbeing and explain how wellness impacts their academic and personal success. d) Initiate a process toward the attainment of personal and professional goals and articulate potential pathways to employability. POINTS BREAKDOWN AND ASSIGNMENT EXPECTATIONS Assignments Percentage Class Attendance & Participation 15% Journal Reflections 10% Resident Expert Presentation 15% Mid Term 15% Assignments & Quizzes 10% Beyond the Classroom 15% Final Presentation 15% Article Presentation 5% GRADING SCALE 90-100 A 87-89 B+ 80-86B 77-79C+ 70-76C 67-69D+ 60-66D 0-59 F DESCRIPTION OF ASSIGNMENTS, EXAMS, AND PROJECTS 1-on-1 Meeting: As a part of your class participation, an individual meeting is required with Erin or I. These meetings will be scheduled sometime mid-semester and will take place outside of class. This meeting will give you the opportunity to talk with us about any concerns or questions you may have regarding the U101 class and your college experience thus far. Article Discussion: Each student will lead a 5-10 minute class discussion on one article from The New York Times, The State Newspaper, or The Daily Gamecock. The article can be related to a particular area of interest, related to your major, a hot news item, related to today’s culture, etc. During your presentation, you will need to summarize the article, why you thought it was interesting, ask the class discussion questions based on looking at the article from multiple perspectives, and evaluate the authority and reliability of the sources addressed in the article. One student will present each class meeting. Dates will be selected in September. Class Participation: This class will be boring, ineffective, and impossible without your regular participation in discussions, activities, icebreakers, and the like. We will all be challenged during this semester to break out of our comfort zones, your instructor and peer leader included. Both quantity and quality of contributions will be taken into account. Blackboard Journals: Throughout the semester, you will be required to submit FOUR journal entries via Blackboard. These will either be in anticipation of an upcoming topic, a response to something we have already discussed, or a provided prompt. Journals should be 2-3 paragraphs and will be based on effort, content, and grammar. Journal deadlines and directions for submissions will be discussed in length prior to the first due date. All journals will be submitted via Blackboard. Midterm Reflection: The midterm will focus on identifying your strengths and reflecting on the semester thus far. You will be expected to respond to a number of prompts and submit the midterm by 11:59 PM on October 6, 2016 via Blackboard. Beyond the Classroom Learning (USC CONNECT): In order to foster your ability to integrate your learning (make connections between your coursework and what you are learning beyond the classroom), you will be asked to attend at least one beyond the classroom learning opportunity (cultural event such as a play, recital, or dance; campus lecture, etc.) and write a 1- 2 page reflection that addresses the following components: 1. Describe the experience (key components) 2. Describe something you learned from this experience. (150 – 200 words) 3. Describe how the beyond the classroom experience connects to a larger topic, issue, or UNIV 101 outcome (such as diversity, wellness, academic success, etc.) and/ or to specific aspects of an area of study (history, math, science, etc.). Be specific as to how your experience reinforced, contradicted, or provided a concrete example related to the large concept you identified. (200 words or more). Resident Expert Research Presentation: To further explore the course learning outcomes, particularly information literacy, you will develop a research presentation that contributes to our learning in this course. This project will be your opportunity to enhance and practice your research, writing, group work, and presentation skills. In small groups, you will develop a research question, collect information, and create an informative and engaging presentation for your classmates. Each member of the group will also be responsible for submitting 2 summaries and evaluations (2 annotated bibliographies) of articles being considered for the project. Possible topics might include (but are not limited to):  Can college students (or people in general) effectively multitask?  How much sleep do we really need?  Is the freshman 15 a real thing?  What do we know about the effects (physical, ethical) of ADHD medication for those without ADHD? Other Assignments: There will be several in class and short out of class assignments. These will include: in class quizzes, short reflection paragraphs, and other similar activities. Final Exam: You will be asked to create a 3-minute media presentation (movie, slide show, art collage etc.), and write a letter to your self that synthesizes your first semester of college. More information will be provided later in the semester. Course Policies ATTENDANCE POLICY University 101 is a course where regular class attendance and active participation are of critical importance to your learning and to the experience of your classmates. Additionally, research has shown that regular attendance is a strong predictor of your academic success. Therefore, you are expected to be in class, on time, each day. Per University policy, for each absence after three (excused or unexcused), your course grade will be penalized by 5% (a half letter grade). If you are absent, you are responsible for learning the material covered in class and for completing assignments that were due or assigned in your absence. Students who will be absent due to participation in University-sponsored events must meet with us early in the semester to discuss a plan for those absences. Due to the importance of attendance for academic success, this class participates in the Success Connect initiative through the Student Success Center. Two unexcused absences will result in your referral to Success Connect, through which you will be contacted by a Student Success Center staff member to discuss the support resources available to you. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY AND RESPONSIBILITY It is the responsibility of every student at the University of South Carolina to adhere steadfastly to truthfulness and to avoid dishonesty, fraud, or deceit of any type in connection with any academic program. Any student who violates this Honor Code or who knowingly assists another to violate this Honor Code shall be subject to discipline. Each member of the University community has an obligation to report violations of the Honor Code to the Office of Academic Integrity. Any student who is believed to have engaged in any form of academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism, lying, bribery, etc.) will be referred to the Office of Academic Integrity per the procedures set forth in the Code of Academic Responsibility ( and their actions will result in an academic penalty (which could include failure of an assignment or the course). EXPECTATIONS FOR CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR To ensure an enjoyable, inclusive, and engaging learning environment, you are expected to openly share your ideas and express your opinions in class; respect the opinions, values, and identities of your classmates, instructors, and guests; and honor the open environment of the class by respecting confidentiality when appropriate. You are expected to do your best work, meet assignment deadlines, engage regularly in class discussion and activities, and treat other members of the class with courtesy and respect. Please be respectful of others by avoiding disruptive behaviors such as side conversations, cell phone or laptop use, arriving late, and/or leaving early, etc. COURSE ACCOMODATIONS The University of South Carolina provides high-quality services to students with disabilities, and we encourage you to take advantage of them. Students with disabilities needing academic accommodations should: (1) Register with and provide documentation to the Office of Student Disability Services in LeConte College Room 112A, and (2) Discuss with the instructor the type of academic or physical accommodations you need. Please do this as soon as possible. *All course materials are available in alternative format upon request* SYLLABUS CLAUSE AND CONTRACT This syllabus may be revised and adapted throughout the semester to better serve the needs of the class. The instructor may assign additional reading and assignments and alter the course calendar as necessary. Students will be notified of any changes to the syllabus via email. Course Calendar Dat Class Topic Assignments Notes e 8/18 Welcome/Syllabus/Comm Read Transitions Chapter Classes begin unity Building 1 8/23 Lifeline Presentations 8/24 Student Organization Fair on Greene Street & Last day to drop a course without a grade of a “W” Lifeline Presentations 8/25 8/30 High School vs. College: How to navigate your new environment 9/1 Discovering Carolina: Read Transitions Chapter History and Traditions 7 9/6 Scavenger Hunt 9/8 Involvement & Student Read Transitions Chapter Organizations 5 9/13 Campus Partner Meet in Russell House Presentation: Campus University Union Theatre Safety Presentation 9/15 Alcohol EDU Journal #1 due by 11:59PM via Blackboard 9/20 Academic Integrity 9/22 Academic Skills Read Transitions Chapter 2 Campus Partner 9/27 Presentation: Time Management and Prioritization 9/29 Advising & Registration Read Transitions Chapter 4 10/4 Wellness: Healthy Complete Wellness Choices and Wellness Inventory wheel 10/6 True Colors Midterm by 11:59 PM via 10/10 last day to drop a Blackboard course without a grade of “WF” 10/1 Campus Partner 1 Presentation: Stacking the D.E.C.K (Diversity Education & Community Knowledge) Presentation 10/1 NO CLASS Fall Break 3 Class Choice 10/1 8 10/2 Digital Identities Journal # 2 due by 11:59PM via Blackboard 0 10/2 My 30 Values Activity Read Transitions Chapter 5 8 Career Planning Read Transitions Chapter 10/2 7 11 11/1 Group Project Work Day 11/3 Campus Partner Beyond the classroom Presentation: Seizing paper due by 11:59PM Civility: Between Conflictvia Blackboard and Community Presentation


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