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by: Taylor Usry
Taylor Usry

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About this Document

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Unity of Life 1: Cell Life
Dr. Melissa Schonouer
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Usry on Tuesday October 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 181 at Northern Arizona University taught by Dr. Melissa Schonouer in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see Unity of Life 1: Cell Life in Biological Sciences at Northern Arizona University.

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Date Created: 10/04/16
T KS ) T I W. AY X D BETO - O E.CO EN NAVE. N R TAGE W . ( . ) AVE. .BTL S T S A ERAV RS - E. V NE Drury Inn A E.EB ( B NTONA T. . High Country S V. O S Parking Information 58A Conf. Center S I YS CI SS W UPO R W.UT A G $ NTAV H T LERAV F . Year round, a vehicle must display a valid permit P E 58 MS E. N S DuPont . . to park on campus excluding weekends, when 2 S S RD. 3A 3 P2B 57 P1A the university is closed, or designated by special O 5 Parking Services E. B IL P3 N UTLE signage. SM 1 S. KNOLES DR. L. 4 R VE U I . C C 6 91 ED M U ONT ST North Quad 88 P1B AV. I Weekdays (Monday - Friday) a permit is required W.ROUTE66 TP2 . S S S A in all lots or as posted. Resident lots are 12 E O . 11 AV IS S restricted 24 hours. P3B .B N P4 10 8 17 S A ED T 9 20 F UPONT ORMEYD P5 19 WELLE A AV. Weekdays (after 4:30 p.m.) commuter and most R(ON YAV .S 15 EWAY) E. S employee lots are open to all permits unless D. P8 16 NR P13A 21 $ otherwise posted. LO P6 P .M 16A P S Y 18 ) EFR 27 -A 36 L ANK I N . Weekends (Friday 4:30 p.m. - Sunday) P9 (NE O AVE. S T R 21B S I E a permit is not required in commuter and E P10 18A S SS D P13C RN P12 ( G E O Y P S S most employee lots unless otherwise posted. P13D P15A 14 26 SB 23A W EF O 24 23 I i. RA KL NS T IAVE . 27A P11 22 RA COS P7A W P13B 92 T 86 P7 NCIS .RI MCCREAR D .(ONE WY) E NFRA OD T .A Visitor Parking ANR S S D. P16 E 28 AV 31 B 55 (hourly/daily options) P 30 T 32 P19 25 S i P13 S. KNOLES DR. 30C 33 I 55 T Kiosk - purchase a permit here 33A Field N i P17 O Max Spilsbury . W $$ 30B P28B S Parking garage R PP 30A 30D P28E P28A P96C O 37 Y P28D (96A, 96B) RD N P AN P16A P22 SO MOUN TINVE WDR RD S 35 i . U Public parking - purchase a permit 37A ( A at nearby kiosk - P S P P A (2 hour max) R60 96B Visitor Parking Visitor Parking 40 T 39 E Pay by space - purchase a permit T 38 S P at nearby kiosk E A S. MILTON RD. 96A EB P31 . (2 hour max) 44 S O $ 42 I P P29B S. KNOLES DR. 43 C Meter (2 hour max) 29 A F 54 N 90 S Central Quad S Bus stop P29 46 54B P30 Patient parking Observation 45 Intramural (P28A, P48A, and P49 only) 56 Fields UN VIR TIDR. Parking and Shuttle Services 48 50 i P33 University Police 50B 47 Hilltop Townhouses P32 P39 P33A S. MILTON RD. P32C 47A 49 50B Informational Only W .N ERST YD. 50A P38 S. KNOLES DR. P32A (not on map) P32B 15 minute parking no permit required DR. RUNKE stalls are located throughout campus. 15 52 Sports Activity Practice Fields Sports Activity ADA accessible parking is located in Practice Fields proximity to all campus buildings and if unavailable, parking is permitted in any S. MILTON RD. 53 . A non-reserved stall with a valid NR AN CS NAU permit. O S T. P68 S. KNOLES DR. Motorcycle parking in designated stalls P60 73 E. MCCONNELL DR. (ONE-WAY) i or white hashed areas not adjacent to MC 51 ADA stalls or fire hydrants. S. LONE TREE RD. 75 A) EW P40 95 (N P P65 DR P41 Enterprise CarShare EL 75 E.CC OP42 P66 (P16A, P32B, P45) $ P41 P P40 61 P66A Car charging stations E 81 V (P16A, P60, P96B) P43 62 LDR. 75 NAU Police CONNEL W.C i South E. PINE KNOLL DR 65 Quad 64 S. MILTON RD. 70 63 98F 98A 98C 67 P44 P64 Parking Zones R $ OLD P P64 P 98D BTEL 69 66 P63 98B Employee 1NNN P45 S. LONE TREE RD. E ICO 96 P61 P47 P49 MC P70 P69A P69 P69 NC North Commuter (P13, 13B) P48 68 79 P62 72 74 76 83 E. PINE KNOLL DR EKD RO L L P69 77 80B 96A Knoles Garage P US Forest P62A Service 82 78 P69 P46 84 80 San Francisco Garage 96B P62B 77A 82B Disc Golf Challenge/Ropes 96C Mtn.View Residents Only Course E.NEKN OLLDR. Course Athletic 97 Throwing S Residence parking Field HU R1 F South Recreation Field R P53 LN . Residence parking S. LONE TREE RD. R2 P51 P50 85 71 R3 Residence parking 7NBTOI-W0B South Recreation Field I1 P54 R4 Residence parking P54 R5 Residence parking 71 I P52 R6 Residence parking -0WB I1NBTO I 0 B TO17SB 4I 0 TO I17 SC South Commuter ITERSTATE4 NOTE:This campus map is current as of August 1, 2016. For the most current version visit I-7NBTOI40E ITERSTAE40 Parking areas are subject to closure for maintenance and special events.


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