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World Geography Russia Notes

by: alb1081

World Geography Russia Notes GR1123

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > Geoscience > GR1123 > World Geography Russia Notes
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

Notes covered over Russia. Test this Thursday, Oct 6.
World Geography
Shatrughan Singh
Class Notes
world, geography
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by alb1081 on Tuesday October 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GR1123 at Mississippi State University taught by Shatrughan Singh in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see World Geography in Geoscience at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 10/04/16
I. Russia A. Basic Facts 1. European lowlands on west side of Russia 2. Higher elevations on east side (Siberian Plateau) 3. Ural mountains separate Europe from Asia B. Physical Geography 1. Not much access to oceans a. Port at Vladivostock 2. Small and concentrated population 3. Spans 9 time zones 4. “Siberia” means sleeping land 5. Climate – average weather conditions over extended time 6. Weather – atmospheric conditions at a specific place and time 7. Climatology – branch of physical geography a. Russian climate affected by 3 natural conditions i. Latitude (cold) ii. Altitude (colder as it increases) iii. Continentality (dry climate) b. Coldest place on Earth – Oymyukon, Siberia c. Missing A type (tropical) climate 8. Settlement concentrated because it lowers heating costs 9. Transportation is an expensive upkeep a. Railroad is the main transportation i. Trans Siberian Railroad 1. Connects Moscow in the west 2. Vladivostock in east C. Population 1. Population mainly in the west, near Europe 2. The pattern follows the railroad line D. The Soviet Union 1. Lenin – Soviet Revolution 2. Removed kings from power 3. Forward capital – movement of headquarters closer to borders to show strength and power i. St. Petersburg established by Peter the Great 4. Moscow is now the capital 5. USSR – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1924 – 1991 6. Russification – the idea of replacing ethic i. Stalin used this for indirect genocide 1. Moved natives in Crimea to Siberia E. Economy 1. Command economy – governed by government policy i. Centrally planned F. Soviet Leaders 1. Lenin i. Revolution and Marxist 2. Stalin i. Dictator ii. Collectivized farming (sovkhoz) 3. Kruschev i. Emphasis on agriculture ii. Aral Sea environmental disaster 1. Not enough fresh water, polluted water dumped into sea instead 2. Aral Sea disappeared G. Brezhnev Legacy 1. Industrialization 2. 3 Primary: i. Central industrial region, around Moscow ii. Volga Region, around Ukraine and Volga River iii. Urals region H. Spread of the Soviet Influence 1. Cold War 2. Communism spread into Eastern Europe 3. Domino effect – spread of communism 4. Leaders: i. Gorbachev – Perestroika (political) and Glastov (economic reforms) ii. Economy dropped, end of the USSR I. Contemporary Russia 1. Irridentism – government concern for Russians outside its borders i. Ex. Crimea 2. Chechnya i. Asking for independence, but Russia not granting it ii. Chechyns deported, Muslim population iii. Not granted independence because: 1. Fear of the domino effect 2. Natural resources 3. Russian Federation i. Presidents: Yeltsin, Putin, Medvedev, then Putin again 4. Gas and oil in the western and southern part i. Pipe lines


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